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Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Explains Why StreetFighter X Tekken Isn’t Coming Out For Wii U And 3DS

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono recently sat down with Gematsu to discuss his latest project Street Fighter X Tekken. The game is coming out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita but Capcom has yet to announce a version for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Here’s what Ono had to say:

Q: You’re bringing Street Fighter X Tekken to PS3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and now PC. Super Street Fighter IV came out on 3DS, so clearly Capcom knows how to create a fighting game on the Nintendo handheld. Is there a reason you’ve not announced a 3DS version? Or a Wii U version, for that matter?

A: There isn’t any reason in particular actually.

100 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Explains Why StreetFighter X Tekken Isn’t Coming Out For Wii U And 3DS”

    1. Imo tekkens the better fighter. Tekken 3d looks better than streetfighter4, and they already said tekken wiiU is happening, so capcom can fuck themselves. Sorry bastards…

      1. yh true being a gamer rather than fan boy is cool, but when theres potential to have a console that will have all 3rd party games and amazing 1st party then theres no need for a second console, instead that money could be spent on more wii u games. and now capcom is, for no reason at all, taking away that possibility of the perfect console.
        thats not even the most of my worries, its seeing the fact that a developer like capcom can have a personal preference (system wise) its soo unprofessional.

        1. I know. But it’s there descision if they’ll put it there or what. But it’s not fair at somepoint.. Cu’z i’m poor and i don’t have a money to buy Vita just to play it. LOL. bTW, well said.

          1. They’re not doing it because they can’t. Ono’s just being his usual girlishly coy self. The 3ds can’t handle the ram needed for storing multiple characters, like in Ultimate Mvc3 and Sf X Tekken. Not without a SERIOUS visual downgrade, anyway. 3ds owners have 2 options:get a Vita or get over it.

            1. As for why there’s no wii or wiiu version? They honestly don’t have any interest in doing so, so they didn’t and won’t.

  1. Title: Capcom Explains Why StreetFighter X Tekken Isn’t Coming Out For Wii U And 3DS

    Article: Capcom Doesn’t Explain Why StreetFighter X Tekken Isn’t Coming Out For Wii U And 3DS


  2. Y’know, I’m starting to think that Capcom really deserves the hate that it gets from fans. Then again, I don’t really care for SF X T outside of wanting to see Zangief piledrive Kuma.

  3. what a dick. stupid capcom should’ve learned from SF IV on PC that it flopped. they should scrap the PC version and do Wii U. and bring Captain Falcon in, Sony has too many stupid exclusives as it is.

    1. The reason Sony get so many exclusives is because they are the only ones who allow it. Take Mortal Kombat. Kratos from GoW was in it for ps3. They wanted to put master cheif in for the Xbox exclusive but microsoft refused to allow them to do it.

      1. Not to mention Sony makes a lot of its exclusives itself, either through first-party or strong, exclusive second-party support. Microsoft doesn’t buy companies, it licenses deals; this ultimately leads to them losing the franchise’s creators’ or the games themselves’ (Halo or Mass Effect) exclusivity.

      2. I hate it when i here this. Master cheif wasn’t on MK because its not owned by microsoft, its owned by bungie. Halo games are only exclusive on the X-Box and thats just it. like the guy from Madworld that game was exclusive to the Wii but you dont see him poping around games like mario sports mix. kratos was in MK because God Of War is owned by Sony.

        1. Ehhh…. sorta…. Hypothetically, they could develop for other systems(I.E, recieve a Dev kit. MS could not recieve a dev kit however.) In fact, bungie does have a dev kit for DS, and they did make a tech demo for a metroid prime hunters style halo game on DS.

  4. I’m not interested in playing tekken characters with street fighter gameplay anyway.

    now playing street fighter characters with tekken gameplay seems more interesting.

    Tekken X Street Fighter 3D, FTW!

  5. Because tekken x street fighter will be on wiiU and 3DS

    And I legit don’t lie they are 2 complete different games.

  6. Probably better since by the time the Wii U comes out it’ll be on to Super Street Fighter X Tekken Turbo Championship Edition Alpha Ex Arcade Edition

    1. Graphics? The Wii-U can run circles around the PS3 in terms of power so that’s obviously not the issue. Ntm, the game is coming out in the same year and just a few months apart whereas games like Batman Arkham City, which will probably be out for the Wii-U an entire year later than everybody else is actually coming out for the system.

      1. i thought the guy said “why are you guys not bringing it to the 3ds and wii version” not “…3ds and the WIIU version”, honest mistake. and no DUH the wiiu is stronger than the ps3, its a next-gen console. what, did you expected the wiiu to be weaker? lol, its not a fair comparing the ps3/360 to wiiu/nextbox/ps4 you now.

  7. What on Earth is Capcom doing :(

    Capcom hates Nintendo! they wont even release Lots of games here!

    Why should i buy Copycats consoles?

  8. Maybe is for the better. I love Tekken, but I hate Street Fighter’s style of gameplay. Tekken is coming to Wii U, and with Team Ninja’s relationship with Nintendo, Dead or Alive 5 is anything but confirmed at this point. Sorry Capcom; I live RE and other franchises from you, but you’re not the only one with fighters out there.

  9. fuck tekken and street fighter i like tekken but streetfighter is just bullshit i want mortak kombat vs killer instinct i would pay 100 bucks for a game like that

  10. gyes gyes.the answer to come is simple.capcom cooparates with sony sucks.they are traitors and the coopare with a cooparetion which steels fucking ideas.simple.any challenging questions?ladys?

    1. What idea, did Sony steal exactly? People say “Sony steals ideas” but never give any proof. When I ask, they google and find some answer that doesn’t even make any sense.

      1. The first PS controller, for starters is almost identical to the SNES controller, much better, yeah, but still… the sixaxis motion sensor was announced after nintendo unveiled the wii mote and well, the freaking move controller… what proof do you need when it’s so obvious to the naked eye?

        I love sony tho, they have the best controllers xD

      2. I’m a pretty big Sony fan, but there are a couple things Nintendo did that Sony copied (simply because it would be stupid not to); analog sticks, memory cards, motion control, and disc-based systems (disc-peripheral for the SNES, anyone?). It’s general progression in the gaming industry; Nintendo copied the NES controller from the Atari, for example.

  11. I’m getting tired of capcom… with their DLC plagued games and revisions that are released 8 months after the original game.

    The only series from them I care about is RE, and I’m sure as heck not buying any DLC or revisions

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  14. Ono trolling it up as usual. Still personally I’d like to see all of Capcoms current fighters ported to the Wii U and that they use Classic Controller. It would provide incentive for people to buy the Wii Madcatz Fightsticks.

  15. I really hope developers don’t start acting like this towards Nintendo in the next generation. They’ve been In the process if “beefing up” their latest hardware in hopes to appeal for stronger 3rd Party support, so why not bring them to Wii U and 3DS. Don’t get nonchalant in showing Multi-plat love.

  16. I don’t see how why everyone would want SFxT on the 3DS. There wouldn’t be a tournament scene for it. It would be cool to play on the road or whatever, but they should make it for the Wii U. Like, if there is multitouch on the Wii U, then the tablet could be used kind of like an arcade stick. Speaking of arcade sticks, they better make them for the Wii U.

  17. I think there stupid for not putting it on. The 3ds because people will buy 50 dollars on the 3ds I recently bought a 3ds n I was hoping they would put it out by the way I’m an eleven year old girl

  18. And I think like in super street fighteer 4 they should just make a touch screen for the 3ds at the bottom with 4 squares like they did that say ultra combo super combo and what ever regualar moves like cannon spik hoduken this is what they should have done I’m gonna write an angry letter to nintendo and sony

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