Nintendo: Super Mario 64 Was Originally Boring Says Shigeru Miyamoto

In the latest Iwata Asks segment legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto claims that the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64 became boring. According to Miyamoto the game initially felt fresh and fun and then suddenly it seemed boring which was something the team were extremely quick to rectify.

When I was working on Super Mario 64, I realised halfway through that it was getting boring. I don’t remember if it was when I watched someone playing it, but I was like, “Wait, a minute…” So I went around and asked everyone, “This game was really fun in the beginning, but now it doesn’t feel fun anymore, does it?” And just as I’d expected, they all said, “We agree


    1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
      the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

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      2. That’s odd, you said you just bought the limited edition yesterday, and the day before…

        I’m sure they would be sold out by now.

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      3. We’re supposed to be commenting about Mario 64, not what people like or dislike about Skyward Sword limited edition, which IMO I love it!

        And by the way, noname, Mario, Ryan Long; quit your trolling rants and your insults at each other and start acting more mature, would ya? Thanks.

          1. Oh, im sorry to stand up for a well developed game.
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          1. it says he thought it was boring HALF WAY through,,, At that point did he make changes to make it more fun? Seems like the story got cut off before telling what happened after they all agreed on it… just sayin.. did they change stuff after he realized they thought it was not fun? or did they leave it the same?

            1. the quote mark is not in the right spot is there more to this story? And why in the hell doesnt this site delete and ban people that cause trouble here? The rant above is worthless at best whats the point of creating a lie then commenting on the lie as “someone else” … Talk about maturity issues.

            2. And why in the hell doesnt this site delete and ban people that cause trouble here? The rant above is worthless at best whats the point of creating a lie then commenting on the lie as “someone else” … Talk about maturity issues.

      6. you again… the controller looks fine, the soundtrack is preformed by actual people which is a lot better then Sim soundtrack albums like most game soundtracks. and the game play is reminiscent to its root and offers more diversity later in the game just as the series always has. you know what i think feels allot like what I’ve played before: any sports game and most shooters go complain about them instead of something that takes more then half a brain to hash out.

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    2. Super Mario 64 was a VERY different game to me when I first played it. I couldn’t figure out where to go and what to do. Mind you, I was probably 8 and confused with the 3D aspect of it after playing 2D Mario games. I revisited it when I was older and it was quite fun, but somewhat repetitive playing a level over and over to get stars.

          1. Haven’t played the game. Wouldn’t know if it sucked or not. Not going to play the game. So take your opinions to a Sony Forum. Now….

            I only played SM64 on the DS. Is that basically the same or a remake?

  1. Well, I don’t see how this matters or affects any of us. It felt boring during production and they fixed it. Oookaayyy. Aaannndd???? The point???

    1. Exactly! I don’t get why people are complaining. Miyamoto was talking about DURING the game’s creation, not AFTER it was made. Some people on here lack comprehension. -_-

      1. same here, except mine was mario kart ds and that took both my brothers begging so we could play together without one of us being shy guy (my mom got it for my oldest brother and my other brother was given one from a friend.)

    1. You can’t deny that Super Mario 64 changed the world of gaming. It had immense impact, and it is no doubt a masterpiece. The only game that has had a bigger impact is none other than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time.

    2. I agree sorta
      I will admit Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary game, but I cannot just seem to get into it
      It’s the only 3D Mario Platformer I can never seem to get passed 30 stars, I just get bored of it
      I prefer Sunshine, Galaxy 1 and 2, and Mario 3D Land much more than 64 in my opinion.

  2. Even today, I play it in time intervals. Like, the week before SMG2 came out, I was obsessively playing it. In fact, the other day I was trying to get 100 coins on tick tock clock.
    Even as a die-hard Mario fan, I agree. Playing one game gets boring after a while. But if you wait a few weeks, it suddenly becomes fresh again! Fascinating!

  3. i just bought the game super mario 64 limited edition and is garbage
    the controller looks like crap the soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

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  4. Mario 64 is an epic game.. But my favorite always will be Mario Sunshine.. And it’s true, Mario after a long time play it gets bored, like me and SMG2 it turns bored after the 45 star.

  5. i have to agree, i never actually went around to finish it because i got bored, if i truly wanted too i could pick up my 3DS and do it or go to my n64 and do it, either way, i got the the room with the infinite staircase to bowser and got bored and never finished.

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    1. they said half way through they seen it was boring ,,, they changed it before releasing it, which is what they do with all games so the main story is basically pointless because they changed it before releasing it so we never seen the version he is referring to…

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    On a serious note, glad he said something. When Miyamoto usually speaks up about something, it gets fixed and wa-la, we have the revolutionary and amazing platformer that would be beloved, copied, and revamped (sequels!) for years to come.

    1. One of my friends says it’s a bad game because it’s too short and easy.

      I would wait to see if it gets a price drop like I am

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