Nintendo 3DS: Final Fantasy VII Or Dragon Quest VII Could Be Coming To Nintendo 3DS?

According to a poster at online gaming forum NeoGaf the seventh entry to a long-established JRPG series should be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Most people have placed their bets at the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII coming to the console or Dragon Quest VII. Which game would you like to see?


    1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
      the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

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      1. obviously your not a true zelda veteran if your bitching about controls i love the series no matter if its a remastered version or a completely new quest links adventures are a real joy to play the dungeons are tough but real enjoyable

  1. It seems that it would obviously be Dragon Quest. I believe most gamers would prefer a 3D Final Fantasy of the Fifth or Sixth persuation than anything in the seventh.

    1. I agree that the fifth or sixth final fantasy over the 7th, but if it had to be the 7th of either final fantasy or dragon quest- I’d choose dragon quest. ff7 seems so casual as you’re forced to do mini games, experience points don’t increase if you’re fighting solo, and you don’t really need to grind anything other than your magic.

  2. Dragon Quest VII

    Not betting on FFVII on this one… Remember the said FFVII for the PS3? :| Not gonna happen especially because Squaresoft became Square Enix :(

    1. I’m pretty sure that every remake/rerelease they’ve ever done was originally created by Square/Squaresoft (is there any difference?). It looks like FFXII was the first Square Enix Final Fantasy except for the dreaded XI or any spin-offs/remakes.

      Your argument is invalid

      1. In fact, Many Spinoffs and other games related to FFVII saw the day from Square Enix (Crisis Core, Before crisis, Dirge of cerberus, and even Dissidia and KH series)

        Squaresoft becoming SquareEnix has nothing to do with this.

    1. Doesn’t have to be remake,it can just be ported.(obviously bugs and glitches can be worked on first)

        1. Even though my last comment made some sense you shouldn’t take the time to answer me since I’m an annoying troll 80% of the time.

  3. Final Fantasy 7 would move a LOT of 3DS units. I would love either one, but I never played DQVII (or 1,2 & 8, i own the rest though in some incarnation).

  4. I want it to be be Final Fantasy 7, but I’m pretty sure it is Dragon Quest 7. Either way, it will sell a crap tonne in Japan.

  5. FF7 would be so awesome on the 3DS. And would be a giant middle finger to the Playstation crowd. But I’m agreeing with a lot of other people here, that it’ll be DQ7 instead

    1. @Keith
      see what I meant?

  6. DQVII makes much more sense since they made it up to VI on the DS, I’d rather have FFV and VI remakes on the 3ds

      1. Yea, Sony published FFVII, VIII and IX for Square in the Americas. That’s why we haven’t seen the digital releases of those games beyond the Playstation Network. Dragon Quest on the other hand is another story. I personally would rather Nintendo continue to get DQ releases. If FFVII is going to be remade it should be for PS3 or Vita. But with SquareEnix being so clearly out of touch these days, who knows what will happen.

  7. its going to be dqvii but i bet it on anything the majority of the public wants to see ffvii in 3d even the workers in nintendo. I however am still waiting on pokemon rainbow or lightning yellow and hope there is no seventh gen cuz their running out of ideas. As for the troll i say his hopes were a little to high… But the legend of zelda series is the only thing that has not manage. To disapointy me

    1. I would buy a FFVII remake but I almost don’t want it to be remade. SquareEnix have lost touch with gamers this generation. The original was such a masterpiece, I fear the new Square would just ruin it.

  8. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling together is episode 7 of the Ogre series, and Heroes of Mana was the 7th released Mana game that wasn’t a remake, just saying those are options too.

    I’d like both FF7 and DQ7, but honestly, DQ7 would be more likely, just looking at the DS DQ ports, FF7 may come to the Vita.

    1. Because 7 is a much bigger game than 4, and 4 on the PSP was a much quicker conversion than 7 would need to be on either system (Upgrading sprites is much easier than upgrading polygonal models, remaking all those pre-rendered background etc)

      Just saying, it’s probably not viable for them.

  9. I hope it’s Dragon Quest 7, extremely long game let down by it’s, at the time, bad graphics. A remake could fix that.

    On the other hand, the sooner FF7 gets a remake, the sooner fans can stop bitching about it.

  10. I believe both final fantasy VII and Dragon Quest VII should come out for 3Ds… however. I want DQ VII first…

  11. No, I want to see a full remake (a la Halo Anniversary or something akin to that; new graphics, remastered music, same everything else, maybe a few easter eggs) on an HD console, preferably Wii U.

  12. ffVI, then I can stop buying games after.
    dont care for FFVII, but dragon quest VII i never played. looking forward to it.

  13. Since I live in Europe, I would prefer Dragon Quest 7 since that was never released here and I would love to play it since I love Dragon Quest.

  14. Ummmmm……..did anybody else notice when they moved there cursor over the picture up top it said:

  15. FF7 Definitely. It poses the most good for both Nintendo and Square-Enix. Nintendo gets a rise in unit sales while Square-Enix resumes it’s place as the favorite 3rd party developer for Nintendo; a place its been absent from since the launch of the PS1. As for publishing rights interfering with Sony, so long as Square-Enix slaps the title on as “Final Fantasy 7 3D”, no publishing rights will be infringed as from a legal standpoint it will be considered in essence an entirely new game. Sony is no stranger to these bypasses, as due to a contract with Nintendo, if the PlayStation would have been named “Play Station” as originally planned (Notice the space between Play and Station), Sony would have been required to pay Nintendo revenue from the system. Square-Enix is poised to make a ton of money here (not that they have a shortage of it, lol) and from a business standpoint, they have the most to gain by a remake of FF7 for 3DS.

  16. Ok how about make them both problem fixed : D i would love to see them both go on 3DS but i would change the dragon quest to the 8th one because it was the better game and great story

  17. Final Fantasy 7!!! I heard it’s the best of the Final Fantasy franchise, I must know why!!!

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