Nintendo: Third Party Titles Now Include Club Nintendo Points In The United States

According to Nintendo World Report select third-party Nintendo titles now include Club Nintendo points. Previously it was only first party Nintendo games that included the points, so this will come as good to news to those that are feverishly collecting them. Europeans already have the privilege of getting Club Nintendo points in third-party games.


    1. Those were the first reward I redeemed for back when Club Nintendo first started up in the U.S. I don’t play with them. More of a collector’s item for me.

    1. This is possibly BECAUSE of the WiiU. The WiiU getting high amounts of 3rd party support (Sequels, really). High hopes for the WiiU!

    2. Hopefully. When I was a young boy during elementary school, I only got first-party titles since a) I trusted them more b/c I didn’t know any of the other companies and b) I wanted the Nintendo points. I didn’t start getting third-party games till the Wii era, and having Club Nintendo points with the Wii U and 3DS will definitely increase third-party sales.

      Only problem now is that I always surpass Platinum on Club Nintendo with only first-party titles, and with third-party titles having them too, I’ll be having more points than I can spend!

    3. Maybe you can use the points for in-game stuff, or from some WIIU ware or something, i don’t live in America or europe, so i can’t get prizes sent.

  1. Sweet…Although I have already a whole bunch and nothing worth it to buy. But if they put up Skyward Sword music I would put it all down in a second!

    1. Resident Evil Revelations?
      Tales of the Abyss?
      Phantom Thief?
      Beyond the Labyrinth?
      Monster Hunter Tri G?
      MGS: Snake Eater 3D?

      Plus the hundreds of movie games that are starting to emerge for the 3DS…

      1. movie games dont count as 3rd Party, because most movie games are junk therefore classified as Shovelware which the Wii is filled with.

        1. they maybe trash but they are still 3rd party games, wii is filled with shovel ware (sad) PS2 is filled with shovel ware (sad).
          “hey bob”
          “yes sam”
          “is that your garbage?”
          “no, because it is trash so it is not my garbage”
          “is it my garbage?”
          “no, because this garbage is trash so it is not yours”

  2. If only this happened at the start… Oh well, 70% of my Wii games and 75% of my 3DS games are 1st party anyways so it doesn’t effect me that much.

  3. Well I live in Holland (Europe) and never got any club Nintendo points for third party games! Only first party games. Better check the resources

  4. Nice….though I do agree. It’ll probably start with the family titles or Just Dance 3 or something.

    1. By the way I have 1300 (plus Skyward Sword when I get to registering it) points. Boo-yah! What to get? Hmmmm

    1. I’ve been doing that, I already have Elite for 2011 (ending June 30th 2012), and not going to register anything until then so I don’t overstock the coins. Unless I get something fancy like that OOT CD from OOT 3D.

      Just have to collect and save those register IDs and not lose them.

  5. I don’t know how this is “now” coming to the USA. I live here and was able to register Dragon Quest 6 and that’s definitely not 1st party… I think another title like DQ9 or DQ5 also had it.

  6. If your short just go to Gamestop and pull some of the Club Nintendo leaflets outta the game cases. I’ve done it once admittedly but it’s a low way of handling it.

      1. I really want to see Kirby in actual size, but Samus in real size would be epic! You see so much detail is on her even when she’s 3 inches tall!

  7. club nintendo is no good all there stuff is shit and thats a fact they need to give out some mario plush or something

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