Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To North America As A GameStop Exclusive?

The fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles may finally be getting a North American release according to a recent listing at GameStop. Xenoblade Chronicles features at the very bottom of a GameStop retail list and is titled “Xenoblade Chronicles GS Exclusive”. The game shows a release date of April 3rd 2012.



    1. pretty sure the exclusive part will be a bundle, if nintendo is bringing it over, they’ll wanna sell it everywhere to make that $$$$$$$$!


  1. Fingers crossed. Now if this does happen, so much for Skyward Sword being the Wii’s final act, and I like that. Wii U’s not far enough along (waiting for E3 2012) for the Wii to just be done IMO.


  2. I’m sure the listing just means that it’s a pack with a controller or something that’s exclusive to GameStop I’m sure the game itself isn’t. It was just interpreted wrong in this article. Here’s hoping it’s true though and we get the other two Operation Rainfall games as well!


  3. The Nintendo Facebook page just posted pictures from Xenoblade.

    Posted by Nintendo on Friday, December 2, 2011


    1. Yea but there are also RPGs Nintendo has released only in Japan getting re-released in the US as PS3 exclusive.

      Nintendo obviously believes Americans aren’t worth their time…..


  4. What does everyone have against Gamestop? Seriously. Only place besides the internet near me that I can buy “unpopular” games.


      1. When you trade in games.

        I know a guy who bought a 60 dollar game; played it once, and traded it back two days after he got it and was only offered 25-30 bucks.

        Aside from the trade in system, Gamestop is pretty good.


      2. It probably depends when the game came out. They give closer to full value back if you bought it on the day of release. If you buy a new game 6 months later, then return it days after you got it, you get less credit since others have already traded it in.

        It depends on how popular the game is and how many people already traded in copies. It’d be bad business to give out an equal credit just because you bought the game late. I’d say 25-30 was a good offer, compared to the 75 cents I got for one of my wife’s DS games. Then again that game has been out for years, and it was only a $20 original title.


  5. If it’s true, then it’s going to be a limited edition or something for gamestop only while the others get the regular version. April seems way off though.


  6. If this IS true, my guess is that the reason it’s a gamestop exclusive is too see how well it will sell before releasing the other two. Here’s high hopes and everyone support it as well


  7. It’s probably a special version of the game. Like with Atelier Rorona for PS3, GameStop had an exclusive version that came packaged with an art book for the same price as the standard version everywhere else. I’m sure it’s just some sort of bundled thing or special version. But they’ll try to play it like the only place the game is available is at GameStop. I thought Atelier was a GS exclusive period, til I saw it at Best Buy.


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