Nintendo of America has finally officially confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles will be arriving in North America in April 2012. Xenoblade Chronicles official website says you can begin pre-ordering the amazing JRPG on December 19th at Gamestop or through Nintendo. I’ve also embedded the U.S début trailer for the game.



  1. Good news for you americans. Btw: Friend code exchange orgy for Mario Kart 7!!!!!!!!!!!
    My friend code is: 2578-3186-2932
    My name is: David
    I can finally play mk7 on 5 december


  2. I figured the game would come eventually. I gave Nintendo enough credit that next year wouldn’t be a TOTAL drought for the Wii. Even if that’s the only game we get lol.


  3. about xenoblade(i dont know this game).i saw the game and i say its good but i dont like sci-fi games or movies exept starfox for u to buy it if u want.


  4. So my dream did come true. I wrote a while back in November right brfore the released of Zelda SS on this site. I had a dream that Xenoblade will be release in February and the trailer will be in Zelda skyward sword. And finally Nintendo announced it today. OMG…..stillllll a weird dream…..Very Happy.

    I should have known that Nintendo kept this news on a low low. Because they want everyone focusing on Zelda SS. Once that done, ….tha.. daaa…Xenoblade…once that done Last Story…….then Pandora Tower….maybe will see..


  5. Yes!!!!!!! But why Nintendo tortured us like that :( ? It wasn’t necessary, NOE didn’t do that. One less, it’s time for the Last Story to be anounce :3


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