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Nintendo 3DS: That Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Was All Playable Footage

Capcom has revealed that the spectacular Monster Hunter 4 trailer for the Nintendo 3DS which was shown off in September was from a playable build of the game. Kaname Fujioka, the director behind Monster Hunter Tri G, revealed to Satoru Iwata that the trailer was in fact made from development staff playing the game.

55 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: That Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Was All Playable Footage”

  1. The Only Pokemon Champion

    so we know how the gameplay is
    thats the good approach to show how the game works
    honestly, i was a liittle dissapointed with it, i think it needed some zest

    1. It will have multiplayer, like all other monster hunter games before it, now whether its local or online remains to be seen.

  2. I mean….. I hope it’s made from playable footage, cuz if it was a real video…… god it would’ve been ugly, lol!!!

    btw, I’d like to be as skilled as this guy. Seems like any surface is just a ladder for him ;-)

  3. It wasn’t an trailer, it was a concept video. That’s why it looks so ugly in comparison to 3G, the game that’s coming out waaay before it.

  4. I jus love the monster hunter franchise but i think they should just make them on the bigger consoles instead of the handhelds. just my opinion tho >_<

  5. “Kaname Fujioka, the director behind Monster Hunter Tri G, revealed to Satoru Iwata that the trailer was in fact made from development staff playing the game.”

    Lucky bastard…

  6. Hopefully it will look better in the final version… AND it should have online multi-player or I may not pick this up. That was the reason I got rid of MHFU on the PSP; there was no one to hunt monsters with.

  7. well you never know the NA version may have online anyway games looks great but i wonder how amazing games would look if Nintendo unlocked the raw 3ds power

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  9. Am I the only one disappointed? the graphics honestly had potential for so much more =c Capcom is getting lazy with their graphics using the same models and textures. I’d like to see them take more time into upping that sort of thing. And while this looks cool, It doesn’t look practical for multiplayer at all, which is the major perk to the series. Obviously we still don’t know everything about it, but I’m honestly still rather disappointed with Capcom and the decisions their new lead developer has made.

    1. there was a rumor that monster hunter 4 was going to the PSV, but MH3G is a 3DS exclusive. its stupid that capcom haven’t announced a MH for psv considering they made 4 games of that series for psp.

    1. your kinda late dude. and for the people who dont want to click on the link because (for some reason) g4 is very slow, its skyrim vs SS now.

  10. in my opinion i say that the game will be awsome on nintendo 3ds but we have a litlle problem.the game will require another analog stick so…..why nintendo didnt anounce that for the begining?are they trying to insane us?

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