Nintendo Wii U: Large French Retailer Prices Wii U At €450

Carrefour, a large French retail outlet has priced the Wii U at €450. Nintendo themselves have yet to confirm pricing for the console, but all indications point towards the fact that it won’t be excessively cheap. The Wii U is expected to launch sometime after April 2012.

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    1. Uhm, are you referring to the exchange rate or things just being priced higher in Europe?

      ‘Cause if it’s the former then it’ll cost even more in America since the Euro is worth more than your dollar.

      1. Even after our dollar a hit after the economy went to crap it seems most Japanese consoles cost more there. I’m not sure why maybe the means to ship to the US is cheaper then to ship to Europe so you end up picking up that extra cost at the checkout.

      2. no no it’s actually higher because there’s no exchange rate at all when it comes about video games prices. they just take the american price and change the $ sign into a € sign, so when american gamers pay $39.99 a 3DS game for example, in europe (at least here in France), we pay 39.99€ which isn’t $39.99 at all but $53.60. it’s been this way for every console and every game these last years, the only exception being the eshop which seems to use some sort of exchange rate. so if the price is indeed 450€ here in France, it means it’ll surely be $450 in the US :)

        1. No, when something is priced more than other country currencies it is actually worth less. Therefore making the U.S.dolar more valueable(in worth) because it seems to cost less than other countries.

      3. No, it’s the latter. e.g. lookup the American price of a 3DS, convert it to Euros and compare that to the European price.
        The European price is much more

      1. 3DS release prices:
        Europe: €250
        U.S.: $250
        Nintendo is not really into investigating currencies.
        (Sorry to burst your bubble!)

        1. Everything costs more in France then most other £ countrys

          Really the currency does not fully make the diffrence but see how everything is cheeper in america compared to EU.

        1. Wait for what? It’s only speculation and Nintendo isn’t stupid enough to change their pricing strategy all of a sudden.

    1. It’s not 450 euros. This is just a placeholder. They did the same thing with the ps vita when they priced it at $999.

  1. It’s not going to be out for a while now, so the cost of the actually parts for the console will drop before the time it releases.

    I’m just going to wait until E3 before I believe any rumors about the WiiU.

    1. Probably when Hell freezes over. I know many people want it, I just don’t think Nintendo wants to conform to have functionality like that, or a flash player, or other types of programs (like Office).

      1. You know, the Incas believed in a hell not with fire, but freaking freezing instead. Anyways, yesterday the first thing I did was going to youtube but I guess we’ll have to wait.

        1. I understand, just using a common phrase. Like if you are in the US, then you know it happened when the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, or also known as when Jesus returns, etc.

          I can joke about my team and not feel offended when fans of other baseball teams try and put me down with those jokes. Despite those accurate predictions, yes I’m a Cubs fan.

  2. That equals to $600.00 in USD… I think if that’s the case, Nintendo are in for a problem.

    1. But they don’t charge the same in each region. Just because it’s 400 Euros, does not mean it will be $600 American. It can still be $300 or $400 American even though it will be 400 Euros.

  3. If that includes a good 1st party game the wii pad and set of mote&chuck I’ll buy it, only if the launchgames and their ricing is right.

  4. If it is that expensive, then expect the same type of launch as the PS3 had, where the previous console outsells it

  5. Europe gets rippes off bad and u americans are complaining that the 3ds costed $250 but we had to pay £229 which is about $329 so wtf

    1. Yeah but our minimum wage ranges from $6-$9 an hour… if your minimum wage is lower then we can truely say we whine about everything.

    2. You also got many many more holidays and time off of work to play said games. So you can quit your complaining about price.

  6. this is fantastic!! clearly the official price announced by nintendo will be cheaper cos its nintendo and they never overprice, but at the same time, people who are skeptical about wii u’s power will now have to take wii u seriously cos this proves its an amazing hard core machine!!!!

  7. Hm. I doubt that’s going to be the final price, since Nintendo hasn’t actually announced anything yet. Still, after the fiasco that was the 3DS launch, I think I’m going to wait a while to buy the WiiU. Sorry, but that’s just the way it goes.

  8. people.remeber ps3? it costed 700 euros! at least wii u is cheaper so dont be so angry with the price.if u want to buy it cheaper then wait until a descount.(what a releafe!i thought it was gona be like the ps3,but nintendo now prove it that they never do expensive consoles like sony.)

      1. Plus in the wal mart placeholder says $350usd i don’t give 2fucks about what Europeans pay, honestly.

    1. It was like $599 US I believe, for the 60GB model and they were selling like hot cakes! And then people where buying them off Ebay over $1000 because of the demand. The same was with the Wii on Ebay. I remember watching the launches on breakfest television live lol. Boy did I want that PS3 and I did get one the next year. Such convience having a bday one week before xmas to buy expensive stuff lol.

    1. well the world dont have money and u have!?lolz.just kidding:) i ll buy it because i have a work too with a well payD

  9. Reading all these comments about how Nintendo never overprice their consoles…. Please do me a favor and get a clue. Both Sony and Microsoft sell their consoles at a loss (it cost more to make the console than they sell it for) Nintendo is the only one that sells their consoles for MORE than what it cost to make it.

    1. So because Nintendo makes a profit they are evil how about you get a clue, they were selling at a loss because they have the capital to do it and not go under when Nintendo starts selling TVs phones operating systems and other household electronics then complain about their need to turn profits or price.

      1. ^This

        People don’t realize Nintendo is a single line of business, unlike MS and Sony. When 360 bleeds red in the numbers, operating systems, office, Windows Phone, Zune, etc can pick up the red. While the PS3 bleeds red, TVs, electronics, etc pick up the slack there. PS3 and 360 could have sold for a profit, but then less people would have paid for it. It’s basic economics, supply and demand. Lower prices tend to pick up more sales than higher ones. Assuming the 360 costed $900 to produce (I don’t know what it actually costed MS was/is AT LAUNCH), would you have paid $900 for it? You might have, but several others probably wouldn’t have. Feel free to replace “360” with “PS3 in the sentence above.

    2. I’m sorry was this confirmed by Nintendo? Oh you say it wasn’t. Well then shut up and wait, we don’t know about the offical price yet so you can get a clue, before you start ranting about nothing. It’s still not 599.99

  10. It’s possible, but highly unlikely this is the final price. I’m guessing it might get leaked a couple months before E3.

  11. Uhh, this is a fraud. Nintendo hasn’t even shown the final console to anyone yet, let alone the suggested price!

  12. Obviously just random guesswork or just a random price…
    Nintendo themselves probably don’t know their cost per unit yet, so there’s no way they have a RRP or anything of the sort to give to retailers.

  13. This does not put me off.

    Im still buying it but $600 is alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot of alot

  14. They had better lower the price if this is true or we will have another failure at launch like 3DS. However I am guilty of buying a 3DS on day one though.

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