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3DS Circle Pad Pro Battery Life Revealed As 480 Hours

The manual for the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro attachment states that the battery life for the peripheral is 480 hours of play time from one AAA battery. The Circle Pad Pro launches December 10th in Japan and in Europe on January 27th to coincide with the release of Resident Evil: Revelations.

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79 thoughts on “3DS Circle Pad Pro Battery Life Revealed As 480 Hours”

  1. Still they should have at least engineered that thing so that it can increase the Battery life of the 3DS. If we need to add this big thing to our 3DS, why not add more benefits to it, than just buttons…

        1. like an extra rechargable lithium ion battery, there is battery packs for the 3ds buyable already which works with the charger that comes with the 3ds, why not make this controll stick button thingy, with that?

          1. Could be that! i just hope sometimes when they patch a flaw, company would come farther in the reflexion, than just the strict minimum…

            1. In case you people dont know, battereies deteoriate every 18 months or so….so or nitnendo to make an extention to their 3DS, would mean every 18 months you would need to buy another… But hey, that sounds like nintendo. Fanboys will poor hate.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne, once again for your practical tips. When I get my smart phone, I’ll be sure to use these tips on how to exetnd its battery. In the meantime, I’ll pass them on to my husband and friends!

  2. That should help ease the complains about buying batteries for this thing. The only problem is that it’s going to last more than my own 3DS.

  3. Well one thing for sure – there will be a 3DS v2 in preparation that will bring all the benefits of the 3DS + Circle Pad + Maybe a better battery life in a better overall design. So patience will be my friend here.

        1. Because they didn’t see the need to. If compelling enough reasons extsted, they would.

          Given the time it took for other versions of the DS to hit the market, though, I wouldn’t expect it until at least 2013. This would be outside the initial Wii U launch, so 2013 would make even more sense.

          1. Well, if you think about it, the DS Lite was unneeded even though it looks nicer.
            So, they’ll probably make another one at some point.

    1. The delay between DS Phat and DS Lite was around a year and a half.
      So if it’s the same here, since it came out in March, you have something like a year left to wait… Maybe more since the 3DS starts to go so well?!?

      When I realized, I took the opportunity of Black Friday to finally buy one, and gosh, I don’t regret it…

      Still, I understand why you want to wait…. Good luck though, you’re gonna need it! ;)

      1. I don’t regret getting my 3DS early, even if there is a revision. I don’t see any major changes needed for me to wait for a revision. Other than a longer official battery, that’s about it. (Which I can just buy a Nyko Battery Pack)

        1. Given the recent ability to transfer info between units, now one doesn’t have to worry about losing everything when buying a new model.

    2. Well, I wouldn’t count on it waiting for a better version. Nintendo already said they won’t make any new models anytime soon. I would rather enjoy the current model. Other than a possible longer battery life, I don’t see the need to buy a newer model. The 3DS is fine with one circle pad and if battery is a problem, then the “Nyko Battery Pack” is available.

      But to each their own decisions. I just rather take advantage of the present than to wait 2-3 years for a revision.

  4. I thought the 3ds would be getting a future update that would improve or “unlock” an extra 25% more battery? Not sure where I heard that’ could very incorrect.

  5. To be honest, Nintendo should have added a 2nd analog stick from the beginning, this is just a waste of money unless you plan on getting MH4.

    By the way, MH3G is apprently only a Japan exclusive. So, no need to worry about that

      1. RE will use it too. And obviously more games will use it as needed when they release so I would consider it a waste. But its all a matter of opinion, and the types of games you like.

        1. These other games so far include Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Dynasty Warriors Vs. and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

      2. Feast: Shut up he’s not a freaking company and Nintendo is always one generation behind from Sony. Didnt they learn that from sony from the psp?

    1. It’s called tripping up the competition. Purposely bring out an inferior product so the competitors will feel good about themselves, and then over time “upgrade” the product. It’s like the beetle from Skyward Sword – it’s basic at the beginning, but later on, it’s very sweet.

  6. Very nice. I’m thinking about getting this thing just for comfort. Those flaps on the back would make it easier to hold and your hands wouldn’t cramp so much.

  7. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    its a fucking piece of plastic. it having battery life would be like the fucking chargestand to have batteries

  8. I hope they anounce it for america sometime soon. I wouldent mind play mario kart with it, make the 3DS easier to hold for a game like that.

  9. its a litlle redicolus for nintendo to launch such a thing like circle paf pro.why didnt they anounce that from the begining.i am not going to pay for that dip shit.(sorry to say that but i dont buy often some of nintendos products like that).

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  11. I just wanna know how its gonna connect to 3DS in the first place. I mean, I’m not buying one. I’m just curious as to how it will be connected

  12. I still believe the attachment is hideous!

    Really that means only 20 days of continus but can a diffrent cell brand make the battery longer?

  13. Glad it doesn’t suck battery life. I guess the only problem now is that it needs to exist…. It’s still rather ugly and clunky looking. At least I have a black 3DS now (with the Zelda print) so it won’t clash.

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