Shigeru Miyamoto Will Reveal A Brand New Nintendo Game Within A Year

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told Wired that he hopes to start working a brand new game in early 2012 and will show it off publicly within the year. During the same interview Miyamoto expressed his interest in working with smaller teams with younger developers, so it’s likely to be a smaller project than he is used to creating. We’ve known for quite some time that Miyamoto has wanted to create a new game.



    1. I was just thinking today about a new type of Nintendo character. Hmm, what universe would they fall in? Would this new character start a whole new Nintendo universe? Will it be AAA quality like Metroid, Mario and Zelda? The possibilities are endless and my anticipation is off the charts.


  1. Miyamoto said last year that he was going to announce a new IP this year…lets hope he’s telling the truth this time round


      1. You can really gauge the distance between Superman and those rings! 8 O

        Seriously, though, not even as a free game.


  2. If you read the god-damn interview, he SPECIFICALLY said that he wants to something on a smaller scale. Something that WON’T take 5 years. Something he could start & then show publicly in LESS than a year. So, it could very well be a mini-game or some sort of AR novelty, which could be completely fascinating. The point is, it’s NOT going to be a new Mario or Zelda or for fuck’s sake “a huge multi player Metroid title”. It’s exactly the OPPOSITE of what he wants to do. And with the opportunities that 3DS, Wii & Wii U have with the e-shop, he now has the freedom to TRY things & his little half-baked ideas that people won’t mind being smaller ideas/games “if” they’re only a few bucks & without Nintendo having to invest in the huge productions that a disc-based “full-retail” game requires to succeed anywhere past the development phases & be “fully realized” & legitimized for the consumers $. We’ve all read about the goofy little things Nintendo has dinked around with behind the scenes over the years & have experienced & witnessed the products for better (DS) or worse (Virtual Boy). This is what Miyamoto is telling us he wants to do with his time. The large scale “AAA” productions will still go on & it’s not like he won’t have a clue as to what’s going on with the new Mario & Zeldas of the future, he just won’t have to be “THE” guy that’s in charge of THOSE particular projects, but he WILL be there watching & guiding IF necessary. I think it’s great that he gets to bring more concepts to the creative table this way & ideas he begins & gets out there, others may know exactly where to take them, resulting in better gaming for us all.


    1. Thank you for this. It’s nice to see that someone reads and thinks before commenting. Let us not forget, his last big idea was not Pikmin as some have said, it was Wii Music…and we all know how that turned out, which is why we choose to ignore it.


    1. Say what? There are plenty are downloadable/WiiWare/eShop games which have a new character/character development. And considering this is likely a retail product, I think it could definitely mark the start of a new series or introduce a significant new Nintendo character.


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