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First Darksiders 2 Teaser Trailer

Vigil games, the development studio behind Darksiders 2 has posted a dark and brooding teaser trailer to get players super excited for the game. Darksiders 2 has been confirmed by publisher THQ as a launch title for the forthcoming Wii U. The game is expected to arrive sometime during Summer 2012.

63 thoughts on “First Darksiders 2 Teaser Trailer”

    1. Darksiders II was the first confirmed tittle i new i was gonna get. Even if i didn’t play the first one this looks promising

      1. Wow, do you have anything better to do?
        Post something worth posting, not the caps lock garbage you’re saying without knowing a thing.

      2. “re release” u say, its coming out in 2012 for ps3, its coming out in 2012 for wii u (in better graphics than ps3), where did re release come from? the vita’s screem size doesnt compare to the wii u controller’s. the vita doesnt have an inward facing camera, the vita cant stream games from the ps3 without latency issues. the wii u has been priced 450 euros by carrefour, what on earth are you talking about u retard!?!? u blatantly dont have a clue what ur on about

      3. your such a fucktard that you don’t even know how to troll properly! your embarrassing trolls all over the world!

        do you like it when people shit on you for saying stuff like this? do you like to be hated by others?

        1. I’m jkust guessing that with a name like Christian living for Jesus, not. As I could probably troll for about a week about the level of BS that his church is based upon.
          But I realise that I should probably stop now as I openly realise how damaging the truth can be.
          That and this isn’t the place.

      4. Darksiders 2 has not released yet Troll

        You should know more because most of the Wii U games are releasing similer times to Other consoles. You know PC games sometimes are released diffrent times to consoles.

  1. So if it was War in the first 1 and Death in this 1 then there is 2 more games coming featuring pestilence and Famine if I’m correct…..

  2. Wow that game looks amazing but in the “Trailer” which is really a preview, as it is before the game is released not trailing (following). Why doesn’t it show the Wii U logo in it?

  3. Nice, but it’s not really a teaser since gameplay footage has been shown this year. As for the people wondering why the Wii U logo was not in there, maybe it’s not finalized yet? The Tekken trailer for Wii U said, “Tekken: Wii Successor.” Ninja Gaiden 3 is also coming for the Wii U, but I think even that one doesn’t have the logo, the same goes for Aliens: Colonial Marines, Metro, etc.

    1. True as i said below in one of the ano comments.

      Most game trailers have not said coming to Wii U when they desplay the consoles it’s coming to.

      Ninja Gaiden, Aliens, And metro has not said… I find this a problem because you know what Trolls are like on this website.

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  5. Cool beans. Here’s to hoping this game and other third party games do well on the Wii U. I’m tried of missing out and I can’t afford to buy every console.

  6. Impressive, Nintendo should be celebrating that now they have games to offer to those “hardcore” gamers.
    And by hardcore i mean people who only wants to see blood and graphics in a game.

  7. It’s wierd at the very end of the video when it says what consoles its coming for it does not say Wii U.

    Anyone notace that? Many other recent trailers have done that to O_O

    1. I am not sure that I follow,
      Every one knows that unless it is a totally new consept it should have been done before.
      But what actually are the Sony owned Characters that will be unique to this new game?
      I know that one of the men from IGN said a couple of them but honestly

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