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Nintendo Of America Confirms Circle Pad Pro Will Be A GameStop Exclusive, Retails For $19.99

Nintendo of America has confirmed via a press release that the Circle Pad Pro will be a GameStop exclusive in the United States. The Circle Pad Pro will launch in the United States on February 7th It will be sold through GameStop stores and on the GameStop website for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

77 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Confirms Circle Pad Pro Will Be A GameStop Exclusive, Retails For $19.99”

    1. Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, probably shooters that will come, and many other games will use it as an option for control.

    2. Actually you don’t “need” it… It would just enhance some gameplay issues (I guess, aiming and camera control). Those gameplay mechanics, however, I think can still be controlled without the circle pad and through de DS touch Screen as it has been since the Ds launch.

      Sorry if I cannot explain it very well, it’s been a while since I wrote in english jaj

      1. yea but analog+touchscreen can only take you so far… although for some games it works even better than 2 analog sticks like the DS zelda series.

  1. I’ve never bought anything from GameStop in my entire life. Neither am I about to start. GameStop must be paying Ninty a LOT to get this exclusivity.

      1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

        Gamestop is not the “perfect” game store. They rip people off as their buisness model. I left gamestop to work in the social work field after working as a manager there and at Best Buy before. Amazon is where I buy my games now. Cheaper, free shipping, no “attatching” like they do at Best Buy or Commission style reservation or subscription style pressure like Game stop. The reason why I say they rip people off is because they offer 75 cents for a game then turn around and sell it for 10 bucks. Is it a profitable buisness model? Sure. Is it ethical? Hell no. They don’t even regularly have sales on new products like Target, Best Buy, Wallmart, Amazon, etc etc. Do. I still have friends who work at my old Game Stop so i’ll get it at a discount, but I wish ther people had a better option.

        1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

          Noooot to mention a good amount of the “new” games you buy at Game Stop have alredy been used by the employees. Don’t believe me? I don’t care, but they have a check out policy that let’s the employees take games without accesories home, use them, then return them and sell them as if they never left the store. Yeah, unethical. Selling used games as new.

          1. I know what you mean man. The box has a sticker on it that says new, yet its never wrapped in plastic like new items in other stores and alot of times the manual is missing. New my ass.

          2. i know a while ago i bought a “new” mario party DS and it had a saved file and i was like “wasnt it supposed to be new?”

          3. Dude I went and bought Blue Dragon as “new” I opened it and the disc had scratches. I had to go and complain until they gave me a new copy. At least I hope that was a new disc and not a used copy that looked new. *shrugs*

        2. I haven’t seen sales on Skyward Sword for those big box stores, it’s always shown as full price.

          I use Gamestop so I don’t have to wait for it to arrive by mail, and also so when they leave it on the steps someone doesn’t steal it.

          They offer 75 cents on the bad games, I see on their current ad that they are taking $30 for Skyrim, which seems pretty fair to me. The customer doesn’t have to trade it for that price, they can keep it and sell it on Amazon or eBay. But they’d rather just get it off their hands than go through that work setting up the account(s). I admit I’m lazy to set this stuff up and find it easier just to trade in to Gamestop. Games I take in there are ones I know I’m not going to miss, and/or ones I didn’t enjoy. So I’d rather get something then just have it sit around.

          1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

            The trade in scheme is the least of Gamestops issues. Lieing to people, and selling them falsely labled products is a bigger issue.

              1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

                Sorry about my spelling. But read my other post. Gamestop’s check out policy for their staff. They sell used games as new.

      2. perfect? there the only store in my block, and the main one in the city for that matter. they charge extra taxes, there game prices rarely go down quick, and there specials sales are really not that special. if it wasn’t for there monopoly i wouldn’t go to there store (either way i don’t). i’ll stick to amazon.

      3. That and they always manage to mess up somehow for me. The only time I go there is for pre-order bonuses. Now I go to Microplay. They always sell games cheaper then EB games, news ones too sonetimes. They still sell and buy old games and have buy on get one free sales often. Plus they give cash for trade ins.

                1. And sometimes it isn’t a girl, it’s a dude who uses a girls name.

                  (not saying that’s you, but I’ve seen it happen………
                  it was pretty funny.)

            1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh god that humors me, anyways, they give little cash for trade ins, I remember I traded a game that they were selling for 30 bucks and they offered me 5, I know they want to make a profit, but seriously?

              1. well they do offer more in store credit. It judt depends on the game. Look at cars for example, they go down in value as soon as you drive it off the dealers lot.

  2. Ok, that’s even dumber than the Kid Icarus release date. I can understand Xenoblade being a gamestop exclusive for the localization, but this? I Don’t really have issues with gamestop, except for the open cases, but why limit themselves to just one retailer? Gamestop doesn’t even hold midnight releases for Nintendo games, so why the drama? This thing wasn’t hot-looking to begin with, but now people will like it less. Walmart, bestbuy, and the other guys usually have sales on these things and even give out free gift cards, but now people can’t buy from those. It seems that now that the 3DS is selling better, Nintendo is acting all high and mighty again.

    I know the circle pad pro is just an accessory, but this is becoming a trend. First Xenoblade and then this. So what’s next? The Wii U will be a single retailer’s exclusive?

      1. Is that so? Then good for you. However, this is not the case for everyone. Their excuse is that Nintendo games release on Sundays. For most gamestop stores, including my local store, they had a midnight launch for Rage. They didn’t even open early for Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D Land, or Mario Kart 7. Everything was as if those games were not being released even though a lot of people went and bought those games on release day.

  3. It’s a little unfair for it to be an exclusive to Gamestop, I mean not everyone has a Gamestop near them, want to order from their site or even want to buy from gamestop in general. :/

  4. It stupid as hell, because it is important to sell as many add-on devices as possible. And you can reach that goal if you offer your add-on device in all shops where video games are going to be sold. I wonder how much GameStop paid Nintendo for that exclusive thing.

    And yeah, I de really beleive, that the relase of Xenoblade was hold back so lang, because NoA was negotiate with many game sellers as possible who is getting this exclusive deal. They know, that the american Nintendo.gamers want that game and hold it back. The fans mage a huge free promotion and Nintendo get their money from GameStop for this exclusive game and thanks to the free promotion and the “free” localisation by NoE they will make a good profit out of it.

  5. Aside from the pricing, this is a really poor move. I can understand the funding of Xenoblade’s localization, but there’s no reason this should be happening. Not only would it be better for Nintendo to allow other stores and online retailers to carry this thing (especially the second), but the fact is a lot of people have enough of a beef with Gamestop to never given them their money no matter what. I’d get it there, but those are the facts.

    Just thought about this: The RE:R bundle would be exclusive, too, then. Not the stand-alone game, just the bundle. Unless there’s something else Gamestop isn’t telling us.

  6. Not sure why this would be an exclusive to Gamestop if you might need it later on if the next version of the 3DS has the second Circle Pad and second shoulder buttons added. Also I wonder how these extra controls will be used.

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  8. It makes sense to make it a Gamestop exclusive IF it will only will be an optional control scheme. Seeing how well the 3DS is selling of late along with this announcement; it doesn’t take a genius to see that there will be no dramatic 3DS redesign a few people were hoping for. It doesn’t make sense to splinter the market seeing that the 3DS has sold nearly 10 million units since launch. Nintendo just doesn’t/very rarely does that to a system that just got released!!!

    1. Their wont be a 3DS Redisign with a 2nd anolog stick, nintendo would completly get rid of its Loyal first day buy fans, yes it would be awesome having a 3ds wit dual anologs, but if a redisign launched that would mean developers would start making games were the 2nd analog would be vital to gameplay, therefore excluding us who decided not to buy this for what ever reason… plus this isnt even nintendos doing, its capcoms.

      1. You do know Capcom isn’t the only company using it. Square-Enix and even Nintendo will be using it for upcoming games. And it seems like something Nintendo would do, think how essential the GBA:SP was over the original with a rechargeable battery and back light.

        1. Yes but its to make the experience better, its not vital to gsmeplay… gba and gba sp is not the same comparison, the light added to the experience, it did not change gameplay at all.

          see the difference.

  9. WTF, Seriously?!

    I’m done with gamestop after getting MK7 and likely to get Xenoblade, but c’mon, Nintendo, please don’t do this. :/ Why not another store? Gamestop fucking sucks. DX

    Fine! I might have to get this add-on device, I guess. >.>

  10. STFU about Gamestop. Seriously, sound like little kids. Well where DO you buy your games? Walmart? The biggest dick corporation in the world?

  11. Well this sucks. Guess who won’t be getting a Circle Pad Pro because the closest GameStop is 700 KM away? This guy right here.

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  13. i dont understand why people are complaining about having to buy it at gamestop. one, its just like buying it anywhere else. and 2 its a gamestop exclusive IN NORTH AMERICA so you people complaing about “there isnt a gamestop in my country” ITS ONLY EXCLUSIVE IN NORTH AMERICA” some of you people are idiots.

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