Shigeru Miyamoto Announces That He’s Working On Something ‘Brand New’ At Nintendo

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told The San Francisco Chronicle that he’s currently working on something ‘brand new’ at Nintendo. Miyamoto wouldn’t announce specifics but he did reveal that whenever Nintendo start something brand new they generally assemble a small, capable team. What would you like to see Miyamoto and his team create?

“Whenever we try to create something brand new, we have to start from a very small, capable team,” he said. “When a big company is trying to do something really new, it’s not a good idea for many people to work on it from the start.”

Miyamoto was circumspect on the subject of what that “brand new” thing might be.

“Until the time that we are ready to commercialize it, it’s not something we can disclose,” he said.


  1. I wonder if it would be something for the more older people to the Wii U. Maybe an FPS? Ho knows. But it would be awsehome if it is something that just isnt Mario. (and all other)

        1. Nothing, I loved it, it’s just that FPS’s are an overused genre, and entirely unlike nintendo.

          We could see a new metroid FPS, but an entirely new game series will most likely not be a FPS.

      1. A long as it’s not an FPS like call of Duty, there are too many game like that it’s become generic FPS. But something like Metroid Prime or Bioshock would be nice.

        1. Remember, he’s working on a small game. He also wouldn’t make something that replaces Mario or Zelda in terms of game-play, and Aonuma himself has said that basically any sort of classical gameplay idea can be achieved in Zelda. I think this could be an entirely new sort of video game.

    1. There’s a reason the jrpg genre is dead in italy, and it’s because of the oversaturation of shitty mainstream jrpg’s that are simply cash ins on less successful games that only get recognition in the japanese and german underground indie market. Fucken’ sony is the biggest asshole to cause this shit, but nintendo are starting to catch on, so no, uncross your fingers unless you want the entire rpg genre to die a miserable death.

  2. Either an RPG or an FPS. Here’s why…


    Nintendo has no real “homebrand” RPG’s, sure they’ve published a few like Xenoblade and Last Story, both of which are great I’m sure. But a Miyamoto RPG might just give BioWare & Square Enix the hard hitters on each side of the planet with RPG’s cause for concern.


    I hate the FPS craze… but there’s a reason I do. It’s repetative, there hasn’t been anything new since CoD4, which I do think is a great game, but since then the genre has been the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! If there’s one man who knows how to innovate, it’s Shigeru Miyamoto, and let’s face it the best FPS of all time was on a Nintendo console, GoldenEye!

    1. but wait man! only sony makes shooter games.but i think ur right a litlle but dont get so angry because fantasy games are good games too.dont worry they will do a shooter.i heard from nintendo also they will think a new genre.

      1. Its not just Sony that makes fps, please do your homework before making stupid comments.

      2. Oh yeah, because Golden Eye (N64 and Wii) and Metroid are not shooters.
        Why don’t you investigate before you talk bullshit like that.

    2. You are funny, over and over and over again. Like the same save the princess story that shots out of nintendos ass constantly. Are you kidding me? With you’re logic all genres are the same thing over and over. Nintendo has been milking the same IPs for over ten years. You cannot talk about other genres getting stale when Mario has been the same exact thing……but with different suits hahahaha.

      1. Difference between Mario and FPS repetitiveness. Only Nintendo make Mario games (and they do it at a rate of less than 1 per year), but there are dozens of FPS games from dozens of different developers every single year.

        1. Mario is a franchise not a genre, just the same as call of duty is a franchise not a genre. Mario, as a franchise hasn’t changed. Call of duty as a franchise hasn’t changed. Everyone hates call of duty because it hasn’t changed. Get what I’m saying? Some people are tired of Mario being the same, and want a change.

          1. That misses the point though doesn’t it?

            “Mario is stale”. It’s just Mario, one game series.
            “FPS games are stale”. It’s dozens upon dozens upon dozens of games that are stale.

            Basically, come back to me when you see a Mario version of this…


            But then ignoring all that, Mario hasn’t changed? So the latest Mario game, Mario 3D Land, is the same as the first Mario game, Donkey Kong? I do not think so good sir.

          2. Mario have changed something and sometimes, they change a lot, for instance, “Fortune Street” one of the best games i’ve ever played, and yes i’ve been playing that game in the DS too.

            The is not any FPS that made me say, “Wow, this is pretty cool”, the lack of music, colors and some originality is what makes the FPS boring, at least for me.

            1. Well, not all FPS’s are bad/bland.
              Try team fortress 2 for some cartoony mayhem, metroid prime for a fantastic expirience or portal and portal 2, while those aren’t strictly speaking “shooters”, they are by far some of the best games I’ve ever played.

          1. “So your opinion says that all the mario games are the same?
            That would mean that you find Super Mario Bros. alike to Super Mario sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy?
            I find that hard to believe.”

      1. I want earthbounf on my 3ds. Either an awesome remake or the original on vc. Or maybe even the original in 3d as a 3d classic

    3. Idk why everyone keeps saying FPS.

      All Nintendo has to do is give the Metroid series some online multiplayer and that could easily be their Halo-ish FPS game.

    4. nintendo has a main RPG its called Pokemon unless you didnt know that they also have golden sun and fire emblem

  3. Looking forward to the newest member of the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto’s gaming family. I’m sure it’s gonna be great.

  4. Lol a mario fps. But really, I wonder what it could be? Maybe it’ll be about a love story, id like that. Or maybe it’ll be about cowboys and indians. Just brain storming. :) im excited for this.

    1. I nominate Mach Rider and a new Wrecking Crew game. Seems to me that the possibilities are endless with all those old Nintendo games that never saw more than 2 games, like Kid Icarus.

      1. That would be cool. Wrecking crew is sorta like burger time which I played to death on my gameboy. I need to pick that up on the e shop. Id totally play a new version of this games.

  5. By bet is that people are now under the impression that it will be a bigger game that it actually will be. I don’t think it’s going to be super comparable to Mario or Zelda.

  6. im hoping its a new Game title :D

    and hopefully a very detailed and rich RPG

    we’ve had many platformers and adventure games from Nintendo so i’d woudl be a real nice change for a Nintendo brand JRPG

    although I’d love to give Nintendo some requests haha like bring back F-Zero and the Rouge Squadren series haha and Silicon Vally if possible ;) (yes i know Rockstar made Silicon Vally) but i soo want a new SV :D

  7. Man… course it’s not an FPS. Miyamotto is one of the best game creators, since his first game he ALWAYS think ‘out of the box’. He is the one followed by the industry, not the one who follows it.

  8. I had a great idea for the Wii U, to bad I’m a poor college student and it’ll take me a few years before I can do stuff like this or even to the quality for that matter :(. Oh well, one step at a time.

  9. Hmm let’s see. They’ve done space with Metroid, medieval/ancient times with Zelda, walking around/action/adventure with Mario and Kirby, space ships with Starfox, and freeroam with Pikmin. The return of Kid Icarus is bringing a new side to adventure games with a hint of FPS/flying. Most of these games have some sort of space element to them. I’m not sure where nintendo is going with their new IP but I hope it is a unique route where they haven’t gone before

    1. There going under ground this time StarFox travels to the center of the earth, Mario underground, pikmin got pulled under, Eathbound 2 brought back to life, thats just a few that they gunna make LOL JK JK

  10. Nintendo didn’t disappoint me with any new Franchises they hand out every new generation. Especially with Pikmin, Golden Sun and Advance Wars man these are EPIC FRANCHISES!!

  11. I wish we could go back in time and kidnap his 1980’s self and have him collaborate with his modern day self and together create another legendary series. Please Miyamoto. Wii music is okay and all but we need something a little bit more………..idk a game that you would have made in the 80’s.

    1. just make a clone of him from every dimension and make a Team Miyamoto let them take over the world and bring nintendo to a new high like nintendo corner stores and 30 new mario game in 10 years time where every game just got more epic than the previous. huuuuu wish we had the tecnology . . .

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