Shigeru Miyamoto Wants To Create Experiences That Can’t Be Replicated On Smartphones

Shigeru Miyamoto has told the San Francisco Chronicle that Nintendo are always striving to create something that can’t be replicated on a smartphone. As pressure from investors mount Miyamoto believes Nintendo’s strategy is to try to be different from the countless developers out there.

“What we really have to do is try to be different,” he said. “We are trying to create something that can never be reproduced on the smart phone.”


  1. How much you wanna bet that won’t shut up all the “Nintendo should make games for smartphones” detractors and they’ll find some stupid way to validate that Nintendo’s games could work on a smartphone anyway?

            1. i know that why nintendo is awesome they started off as software made lot of money from cards than expanded.

  2. Nintendo already has several 3DS games out now that can’t be replicated on Smartphones.

    Pushmo has controls set up so that you need to hold a BUTTON and move a CONTROL PAD to push and pull blocks.

    This is already more advanced than basically every game on the iPhone.

        1. That’s true, but my point still stands. To say it’s “more advanced” is outrageous. More annoying however, I’ll go with that.

          1. uhh wrong bro. I have yet to see an iphone game do something as simple as Pushmo. You’d be surprised how hard it is to actually do this on a touchscreen interface.

            And yeah, touchscreen button overlays are all kinds of bullshit. So you try again, bro.

            And yeah it actually is more advanced than relying on touchscreens for everything. Technology has somehow slid backwards so much that touchscreen only controls are a thing. It’s like how a tricycle is more technologically advanced than a Segway, because despite the gyro-balancing stuff, Segways can’t keep their balance better than a bike with a third wheel.

            1. Have you played the pocket edition of Minecraft run on the Android? Now maybe I’m misunderstanding the game mechanics of Pushmo, but the controls for the pocket Minecraft are pretty intense.

              1. The main concern lies with a lack of force feedback in the screen. I do know such technology is in development and was even a rumored addition to Wii U back when it was “Project Café.”. For the moment, though,touch-only controls don’t offer that.

  3. I have ps1 games on my iPhone. Just because it’s on my iPhone doesn’t mean it sucks. Nintendo needs to get rid of the “my shit don’t stink” attitude. If its 20 years old, who cares put it on iPhone, make some more money off of it. I mean square Enix did it. I mean you sell it on consoles get as many sales as your gonna get, the rerelease it years later on an older platform. It would sure save all of us the trouble of hacking our phones and just putting Roms on our phone of it. (actually had OoT on my phone) but I removed the jailbreak to update to 5.0

        1. It is. I have it on mine, I haven’t even gotten past the Deku Tree part because it’s just THAT horrible.

            1. Yeah, then download emulators and games. The only problem is that the Nintendo 64 emulator only works on iOS 4.1 and below, since they stopped updating it. Even then, it runs like crap. I only use emulators on my iPod to play Mother 3 in English

    1. Dude, don’t pretend those games ran good on an iPhone. They don’t. I have Ocarina Of Time on mine too and it runs like shit.

    2. Square has ported some of their games to the iOS devices, but they haven’t sold much. They’ve been enough to get a small profit to cover the ports, but it’s not enough for such a big company to only live off of that. And why is that? Because those games are bigger and more complex than most phone games. Therefore, they charge $10-$15 as opposed to $0.99 games. Go look the most downloaded paid games; they’re all the $0.99 games. It’s simple business.

      1. ^this. Why doesn’t Nintendo mention this to their investors who keep nagging them to make games for phones?

    3. It’s a way of doing things. Nintendo doesn’t just do their own thing because of money or whatever. Their way of doing things is a form of art or craft. It’s making a statement announcing “Nintendo”. Like a symbol to remember. It’s similar to the reasoning of Batman and how he doesn’t just let anybody freelance as him just because he’s been doing this for many years. Nintendo is bolstering the stability of its service, making its service full of integrity, while the other companies do something similar like selling their clothes in another person’s garage.

  4. The best way to beat smartphones is to not half-ass the games (and encourage third party developers to do the same *Glares at Carnival Games*). A majority of the games on smartphones are simple games with no depth or quality. It’s rare (if even possible) to find a game with the depth and quality of say, Zelda.

  5. Smartphones are inevitably going to catch up with dedicated portable gaming devices. Nintendo needs to just focus on making quality games and creating new franchises. I love Nintendo, but like many other people, I’m getting tired of their “if-Nintendo-didn’t-build-it-then-it-sucks” mentality. I own multiple gaming systems, including an iPhone, and I can honestly no one is better than the other.

  6. Nintendo needs to eliminate the need for a smartphone. Why couldn’t the 3DS have a music player? Why couldn’t the 3DS have a Youtube app? Why couldn’t the eShop work with free demos and options for devs? Skype? Twitter? Facebook? Heck, even a 3G model? I don’t see any of these things damaging the platform’s sales, and Nintendo would still be at the heart of what matters: the hardware and the games.

    1. the 3ds is lacking a lot if those thing and it retailed at 250, it did bad in sales, how can you say those things wouldnt hurt it when 3g alone wouldve pushed its price higher ultimatly nintendo wouldve lose more money with the 3G alone after the price drop….. nintendo is a gaming company(period)

    2. You obviously dont get nintendo then. IT has a music player and the eshop will have demos. If you really need facebook then buy a computer! lol

  7. Technically, every type of game can be replicated by smartphones with multi touchscreens. There may be serious issues and limitations like lack of an analog stick, buttons, etc, but they can be mapped to the screen. The result would be a game with incredibly annoying controls. I’d rather have that on the 3DS or Vita, but it’s still possible to have those.

    The problem with that is that developers would need to charge more for those games, which is the one thing people on smartphones don’t like. The majority of those people are the ones that are not really interested in games; they only download games because they’re bored, and the games are cheap cheap. It’s as simple as that.

    The advantage of the 3DS is the 3D and the two screens. Sure, there’s a 3D smarphone, but 3D plus the touch screen, and moving the screen a lot? That would be really hard to do. There are also a couple of smartphones that have two screens, but they have not been popular at all. It’s not the type of things people look for in a phone. Dedicated gaming machines can do all of that because they are built for that.

  8. THAT’S why i’m a Nintendo fan, they know what they are doing, and they DO have reasons for doing that, unlike to Sony, and no this is not a fanboyish comment, it’s a fact.

      1. Usually whenever you see Sony commenting about something, mostly related to Nintendo, they talk about how bad Nintendo’s (or Microsoft’s) Consoles are than saying what are Sony’s products good at and why we should buy it.

        If Jack Tretton could just stop basing Nintendo, and say things like “the PS Vita is good because of (this), and that is something Nintendo don’t have yet, so it’s up to you”, but no, all he says is “NINTENDO IS FOR BABIES, THEY SUCK, BUY US BECAUSE THEY SUCK!!!1111”

        See what i mean?

        1. Is that a reason for the majority of Nintendo-fans to act as bad or even worse than him ? No.
          You’re blaming him for his attitude but you’re not acting any better.
          I’m a big fan of both of the companies and I think it’s kinda a pity to see someone from Sony to act like that. But that doesn’t change my opinion to the games they create. I could care less about such statements of people who work for a certain company, it doesn’t make the games they create any worse. Besides, I’m sure they’re not all the same like Jack Tretton is.
          And to be honest, from what I’ve seen so far, Nintendo-fanboys are much worse than Sony-fanboys. Alone in this community I’ve seen so many fanboys who act extremely childish and are kind of pitiful. I’ve never seen something like that in any other community. Maybe I just never had the chance to see Sony-fanboys of the very bad kind so far, but yea.
          And uh, your comment was fanboyish indeed. Besides, you can’t say it’s a fact that Sony doesn’t know what they’re doing and that they don’t have any reasons for the things they’re doing because it is not a fact.
          I love both companies and there is a whole lot of reasons to do so. (:

          1. I love videogames, of every kind and every owner, i’m just saying that Sony is not a company i can trust so much, and bashing Nintendo for what they CAN’T do, instead of what Sony CAN do, is not convincing me to buy their products.

            I’m not a fanboy, i hate them, that’s the reason why a lot of my comments are insulting people like peteriuss and some others, they are just a bunch of Nintendo Cock Suckers and that’s why i like to annoy them.

            Oh yeah, one more thing, that doesn’t mean Nintendo haven’t bashed Sony too, after 1 year that the PSP have been released, Saturi Iwata said to the public “Having a battery life that can’t hold for more than 14-19 hours is insane, and don’t make a good gaming experience”
            Then they release the Nintendo 3DS, ironic, isn’t it?

            1. Oh well, I guess I just gotta accept your opinion of Sony. I think in a waaay different way, but yeah, it’s your opinion. (:
              And I gotta agree with you on the thing with the fanboys. The person you just mentioned is probably the most annoying person I’ve ever met here. I can’t even tell if he’s serious or just trying to be a troll… Sometimes I think it’s impossible for people to be that stupid and he must be acting, but then.. I don’t know.
              I just can’t stand those people who try to make a company look good while making other companies look bad with lies and senseless stuff or w.e. in every situation. It’s just annoying, seriously.
              And I never heard about that thing with Iwata before. Ironic indeed. And if I’m not wrong, the battery life of the DS didn’t last that much neither.
              Oh, and you just proved that you’re no fanboy, haha.
              So, I’m sorry for having called you so. (:

              1. Nah it’s ok, i’m glad you can talk like a normal person, unlike to much of the users in this website.

  9. I think that firstly, it is true that nintendo has made some games that are both good and can not be recreated on a smartphone in any way that even remotely does them justice (and to those you who say “they technically COULD be mapped to a touch screen it would just be annoying as hell” 1. how would they do that with skyward sword mr. smart-ass? and 2. you and i both know that he meant recreated in a way that remotely does them justice even if he didn’t explicitly say that) Okay, a lot of games. great, not good. because smartphone games aren’t for serious gamers, they’re for twenty-somethings with time to spare. these people are’nt looking for depth, their looking for meaningless fun. however, i don’t think “could this be recreated well on a smartphone?” should have any weight on nintendo’s game design decisions. it should be based solely on 1. how much they think the target audience will enjoy it and 2. how well it can be created on the system it is being made for. and i agree that sony’s stumbling blindly.

  10. The experience of playing games like Mario on a smartphone will be very different. How the games were controlled determines our experiences with the games. Controlling Mario with touch swipes instead of just pressing a combination of buttons will be very different. The experience that a player has when controlling a game is especially important for developers to keep in mind, which is why controls in games are very, very important, because it, along with the graphics and sound, are the fundamental ways in which we interact with a game.

  11. And he succes with that.

    The only reason why iPhone games survive is because it’s cheap and simple, just as non-gamers want it. It’s a good game to play on the bus or when you’re waiting for a meeting. But it can never keep you busy for over 3 hour, you get bored before that.

    Another problem is that phones break every now and then and some games (Dragon Quest IX) wouldn’t be worth playing on an iPhone because if your save file was deleted every year you would probably never beat the game 100%.

    The lack of physical buttons also annoys me and I know I’m not alone. It works for simple games like Angry Birds, but even that game is better for PC (which I also hate to use for gaming). The short lifetime and simpleness of the iPhone games makes them unable to concurent with 3DS games like SM3DL and a game like that can never be done correctly on a dumbphone.

      1. We get it. You’re a troll, AMAZING just as faggy as those other soulless pricks. At least they do it properly -_-

  12. Well then by just reading the title of this news article we that miyamoto isn’t very smart, because if he were he’d develop for the smartphone. It is called a smartphone for a reason miyamoto, you mustn’t be smart enough to use one or something. Just imagine the possibilities of playing mario or zelda or ninjabread man in HD on a fricken smartphone without the annoying clunky hassle of button-fucks. Jeez, nintendo really need some new staff….

  13. I use to want the Nintendo experience on smartphone….till i realized what a dumb idea that would be.

    What were you expecting a »»───(knee)───►?

  14. Touchscreen phones are not good for the type of games Nintendo makes. No matter how much people like them Apple could NEVER replace Nintendo.

  15. Well, he’s already achieved that. No first-party Nintendo game can be accurately replicated on a smartphone.

  16. Ok my next comment may seem fan boy ish and people may think it’s untrue but whatever, but here goes
    They only want Nintendo games on smart phones to sell more phones. The iPhone and all the other smart phones have more than enough sales as it is, so they really don’t need Nintendo games on them. And in my opinion (I have an ipod touch) I wouldnt want to play Nintendo games on a phone, at all. I enjoy playing small 5 min games on the train on my ipod, but games are meant to be long, have stories like Zelda, or fun factors like Mario and Pokemon, or for other fans shooting style games. How can you recreate them onto phones… I mean they just WOULD NOT BE THE SAME, and whoever is going on about putting Nintendo games onto phones, clearly doesn’t understand the importance of home consoles and the classic way that Nintendo like to create and play their games.

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