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5,000 Nintendo 3DS Consoles Heading To The Louvre

Nintendo will be providing 5,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles to the famous French art museum The Louvre. The Nintendo 3DS consoles will be available to attendees to rent and will be pre-loaded with special itineraries and guided audio-tours in seven languages. The consoles will have special software developed exclusively by Nintendo.



    1. If you were even once to the Louvre, you would know why that isn’t possible.

      The security is really heavy and they will probably add something to prevent you from stealing it. Just add the same thing that is cloth in shops.


      1. idk, theres a chance the museum bought the 3ds’, and then quite possibly nintendo donated the 3ds’ so that people would use them, play them, and want them. i feel like if the louvre made this decision they wouldve used something else not as “childish” or like a toy. something more standard and boring. im not hating on 3ds by calling it childish, just that it does have that toy kind of feel and look and features compared to a regular audio tour.


  1. This is superb news! It shows the world is taking the 3DS seriously at last.

    Then again, knowing how much the specially designed audio tour players cost – the 3DS is a cheap option!


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