More Zelda Symphony Concert Dates Announced

Additional dates for the stunning Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert Tour have been announced. The dates that have been announced thus far are US only but expect additional dates to be posted at a later stage. Here’s the states and provinces:

  • Vancouver, BC – Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  • Phoenix, AZ – Friday, April 20 and Saturday April 21, 2012
  • Atlanta, GA – Saturday, May 12, 2012


  1. Seems like they’re saying Europe isn’t cultured enough to appreciate the music. I know we have culture in Ireland, though it’s usually a drinking culture. :-)


    1. I know what you’re saying cause it’s the same for me.
      I want them to come to Baltimore, MD cause, I can’t afford plane tickets and a hotel room if I have to go all the way to Atlanta, GA


      1. What’s up? Im from balto MD! Grew up in Highland town, now living up in cockeysville with my wife and sons! Maybe well SP sumtime. Peace


      2. Been reading here for a year, just laughing bout how we barley hear from Winscarshinobi now that The numbers prove what we’ve known along,nintendo is #1 in quality gameplay, i just wonder y he wastes his time here, he only posts negativity. Hopes he finds some joy, had to get that off my chest.


      3. And this peteriuss shit is like jerry springer.its so retarded its entertaining, but its degrading our society as a whole. I just wanna know y is the original peteriuss worth investing some much personal life to insult?


  2. HECK YEAH ATLANTA, GEORGIA. I live near there only 30 minute away. Plus May 12, 2012 Five DAYS before BIRTHDAY!! Plus Graduation Month Class of 2012. This year can’t get any better with Nintendo’s 3DS, Wii, DS, and Wii U.


  3. Come on, we in St Louis have one of the most renound symphony halls in the country, yet you’re NOT coming to St Louis?? What the hell Nintendo? You think no Zelda fans exist in the midwest???


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