Toki Tori 2 Under Consideration For Wii U

Two Tribes, the development team behind the well received Toki Tori and Swords & Soldiers has announced via Twitter that it’s considering bringing Toki Tori 2 to Wii U. The team wouldn’t reveal whether or not they had a Wii U development kit.


      1. The replies the firstfags are always getting are become worse than the original comments themselves.

        Just don’t say anything, and it’ll stop.

  1. Haven’t played this on WiiWare but it has been on sale on Steam many times, and works as well on a PC as on Wii. It’s a great puzzle game and good to know a sequel is coming.

    Think it’d work well on 3DS eShop actually. The puzzles are perfect for short bursts of gaming on the go.

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