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Nintendo Confirms Kid Icarus Uprising Supports The Circle Pad Pro

Kid Icarus Uprising project leader Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed to the Official Nintendo Magazine that Kid Icarus Uprising will fully support the Circle Pad Pro peripheral. Sakurai told the publication that the Circle Pad Pro will be useful for left-handed players who may find it tricky to play the game with the stylus in their right hand. The game is still fully playable without the Circle Pad Pro.

“The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers. We’ve made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one.”



37 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Kid Icarus Uprising Supports The Circle Pad Pro”

  1. what. does this mean it doesn’t support dual analog controls?! sakurai, i think you don’t quite get what the circle pad was made for…

    1. @KeatonKafei

      Best comment ever. Good to see some people on this site with a brain.

      If the purpose of the circle pad pro in this game is purely to aid left handed players, I’ll be disappointed.

      That being said, if the controls somehow work well (to my standards) with only one circle pad, then I’m happy.

      1. I do not agree. They are using the circle pad pro to provide the same experience of gameplay for left-handed gamers. Also, the game is made to play analog-stylus way, I don’t see why you are complaining about its non-suport for dual analogs. We didn’t know about this suport, before the game was great, now its disappointing. I really don’t get people.

        1. We are just trying to stay relevant. Here comes the PS Vita with the dual analogs and we get a add-on accessory, but the add-on accessory is sometimes only useful for left handed people?
          I had starfox comand for the DS and that used mainly analog-stylus control which I found to get annoying eventually. Same deal with any DS call of duty game. It just feels awkward to have to use the stylus so heavily when you’re not going to be looking at that screen as you use it.

      2. I played through the demo at the EB Games Expo last year, and the controls seemed pretty good for one slide pad. Since then they would of tightened the controls a lot, especially if the Circle Pad Pro is only going to offer left-hand support.

        Overall though, the Circle Pad Pro will mostly be used for what most games use a second analogue stick for; superior camera control. Hopefully we’ll see more open world-esque games like Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter because of it, as well as some well done first-person shooters (Metroid could work quite well :P )

      3. One circle pad+stylus is superior to 2 circle pads in terms of precision, which makes it the preferable choice for Nintendo. The only downside is that the stylus isn’t as comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

        1. you mean, the 3DS is not comfortable to use for a long time. I don’t know about you guys, but my hands hurt when i’m playing a lot =/

    1. “The game is still fully playable without the Circle Pad Pro.” Yes, I totally don’t see if you must own one or not. -.-

      1. No you don’t need to own it. It clearly says you don’t need it to play the game. You can use it if you want, but it is not required.

    1. If you’re left-handed and want a more natural feel to the game, then you can purchase it. After all, what do you think all the left-handed people have being doing since the 3DS’ release?

      1. Played it as nearly every left-handed do, which is the right-handed way?

        I’m pretty sure there’s a really small minority who uses this kind of settings in games overall, GH/RB being a possible exception.

        1. Exactly. Most left-handed people are normally fine with using the stylus with their right hand due to most games never really requiring much precision with it.

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  3. I see no reason to use the CPP on RE Mercenaries, and so I doubt I’ll need it for Revelations…

    However it would make sense that it might help support Left-Handed folks in RE like it would Kid Icarus.

    Then again, Just speculating.

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  5. After being a member of this blog so so long, I see that some people who come here are really stupid. Excuse me if I offend anyone, but that;s just how it is.

    You don’t need the circle pad at all if you right handed. This is only to aid left handed people IF they want or have the circle pad. They designed the game to be played with a stylus and that’s how they want you to play it. The circle pad is still optional. I’m left handed and I’m not getting it solely for this option. I am getting it though for Revelations, so I’ll have it around once this gets released.

  6. I didn’t notice how many lefties were on this site! Well, I’m left-handed too but since I don’t want the Circle Pad Pro (because if a lot of people buy it, there’s a higher chance of the 3DS getting a revision earlier than 2013), I just wrap my right hand all the way around 3DS until my right-hand is at the left side of the 3DS and use my right-hand’s middle finger to slide around the Circle Pad/d-ad. You might say it’s stupid and/or awkward but it’s decently comfortable (and accurate).

      1. I’m trying to practice with my right hand for stylus-use and it’s working pretty well, I just don’t do it that much because I double tap sometimes and it feels awkward. BTW your thumb and pointer finger wrap around your finger, not the other way around.

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