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Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Release Date Revealed

Nintendo has announced via CoroCoro magazine that Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition for the Nintendo DS will be released on March 17th in Japan. Sadly Nintendo has yet to announce whether or not the game will make it to the West, but given how popular the Pokemon franchise is over here and the lack of original DS games in development, I’d say we have a chance.

25 thoughts on “Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Release Date Revealed”

  1. What kind of game will it be? I’d like a normal one and not one like “pokemon rumle” or mystery dungeon those suck

  2. I really hope it dosent come, honestly this is far from a pokemon game and I am very disapointed with Nintendo with the amount of spin offs we are getting. Not to mention that they are still supporting the DS…

    1. I think it looks great and since i have a DS, i see no harm in supporting it. Besides, you can play it in the 3ds…so…there.

      Pokémon spin-offs are OBVIOUSLY gonna exist…the mystery dungeons were awesome, and so was ranger. I think Nintendo does a good job most of the time.

      1. I know 3DS can do that, I play pokemon White all the time on my 3DS. But why would they make rumble blast for 3DS and then make another spin off but put it back on a DS?

  3. Im disapointed, the new pokemon game that should be announced was supposed to be a new tittle like pokemon gray o something like that. i mean black&white were cool but it lacks of many things like more than one region, trainer rematches and other stuff like heart gold & Soul Silver. With the new pokemon game thay could make a great pokemon game in gray or new expansion.

  4. Highly unlikely this’ll come out in the west, seeing as nobunaga’s ambition is based off Japanese history and is probably completely unknown here.

    1. Same thing was said about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. No one knew what the hell Tatsunoko was, but it sold more in the Americas than in Japan.

  5. please nintendo less spin offs moar canon games, i’m not excited for this game especially, i mean i’m saying is crap or anything but, they could’ve at least given us a mystery dungeon/ranger/pikachu based spin off for the 3DS c’mon nintendo, give us the goods already :(

  6. Im excited, and i wish people can appreciate this game. It takes alot of work to make a good game (i make them myself as a student), i mean theres the visuals, sound music and most importantly good story and lots of coding. It is so easy to mess up a code (little simple mistakes can send your program haywire).
    Everyone needs to be patient and try to understand this will take time.

  7. Well. This is the first Pokemon game I’ve been interested in since Emerald. And even though I really doubt it’ll happen, I hope that they’ll somehow make it run on the 3DS in proper resolution and screen ratio (basically, no black bars). Is there any reason that wouldn’t be technically feasible/practical?

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  10. Wow, some people need to learn to appreciate Pokemon. A new game was announced-Black and White 2. There’s your “blockbuster” game you cry about so much. Pokemon is primarily a kids game-not saying its made for only kids just it’s made to get kids to play it. There are going to be spin offs to keep people interested. As for not having enough areas in B&W as compared to HG&SS-that was a port to begin with! The only reason there are more than one region to go to is because it combined 2 different games. I’m excited for this game because it’s one of the first spin-off that doesn’t seem like a totally kiddie game. Releasing the game for 3DS would be marketing suicide. There are far more DS’s out there than 3DS and limiting a game to only one system like that just won’t happen. I just hope they release it in America.

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