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HD Just Isn’t Enough For Wii U Says Nintendo Of America President

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has reiterated that gorgeous HD visuals aren’t enough to entice today’s consumers and that the main selling point for Wii U will be the fact that you’ll be using two screens for gaming. Reggie firmly believes that the combination of a big first screen coupled with a second smaller screen will change the gaming industry as we currently know it.

“The big innovation with the Wii U is the controller and the ability to have an interactive experience that leverages all of your traditional input buttons as well as a screen built right into the controller. Yes, the system is HD capable; it’ll generate the most gorgeous pictures. But for us that’s not enough.”

“We need to continue pushing the overall experience forward. We need to bring new types of entertainment. New types of gaming and the combination of a big first screen — your home TV — coupled with a second screen in your hands, in our view, is going to bring gaming to a whole new experience and to continue driving the industry.”

239 thoughts on “HD Just Isn’t Enough For Wii U Says Nintendo Of America President”

          1. Yea he did say that but he also said the major stuff like price, date, and launch games won’t be revealed before E3 so we may not get much info before the event

                  1. Hey, Mike. :D It’s me, Crimson from nintendo3dsblog. :3

                    Just ignore that guy that just trolling on you, I suppose he have nothing else to do with his life, though. :/

                    Enjoy yourself here, Mike, but ignore those guys that was trying too hard to troll you. o:


      1. I’ve been playing Nintendo for as long as i can remember, and i haven’t been disappointed with any of their consoles or handhelds since, so yeah, they’re pretty awesome :)

            1. My first Nintendo console I’ve ever had was the NES. The last Nintendo console I’ve ever had was the Nintendo 64. I’m glad to see Nintendo is coming back with the vengeance when they release the Wii U to the entire world.

            2. If you don’t mind me barging into your conversation. Mine was NES with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. My whole family use to play the game together. Truly fun.

        1. Hey Peterius, sorry about taking that dump on your face last night. When you licked my balls, I thought you’d see it and move away in time.

        2. peterius has a ps vita up his ass

          Hey Peterius, sorry about taking that dump on your face last night. When you licked my balls, I thought you’d see it and move away in time.

    1. At this level of wireless fluidity it is. *Watches zelda demo again* yep, pretty sure thats never been done in home console gaming. I understand what your saying, and its valid, but those DS gaming experiences aren’t even comparable to TECH DEMOS.

      1. tech demo did not show any new gameplay experience. Yea it looks more fluid and sexy… But it’s nothing new. Definitely new to home consoles, but nothing new to gaming.

        1. Saul Goodman, you’re statement is contradictory. If something is new to console gaming, it is new to gaming. Because console gaming is in fact gaming. And it can easily be inferred this is what Reggie meant when he says new experience.

          1. I still don’t believe that its “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”
            Kinect is a new experience.
            Dual Screen gameplay is not a new experience.
            Just because its bigger and better doesnt mean its “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”

            1. Delusional. Just because the Xbox Kinect has been around for almost two years doesn’t mean it’s a new experience. It’s already been settled and done. Right now, it’s Nintendo’s turn to shine and I agree with the Nintendo of America president. The Wii U controller is not only a whole new experience, but taking dual screen gaming into a whole new level.

              1. I guess I meant Kinect was “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”.
                Going from hand and arm motions to full body motion is
                “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”.
                Dual Screen and Tablet gameplay is not
                “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”.
                I guess its a “whole new level”
                But, reggie is exaggerating
                as if its the secret bonus level.

                1. How the f*ck is Reggie exaggerating? if I was the president of NOA, I wouldn’t leak any details until the system is finalized for the E3 presentation. There is a possibility of getting a few bits and pieces of the Wii U and I’m sure there’s plenty to come. Have patience…

                  1. The Wii U is a Dual Screen/Tablet gaming console.
                    What possible bit of info will bring “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE” to gaming? A plug that jacks into the back of your head?

            2. I believe it is a whole new experience because of the way it’s used. It’s not just DS style gameplay. If you watched the whole unveiling at last years E3 it showed a lot of things that just couldn’t be done before in gaming in general, portable or console or otherwise. It’s not just an extra screen. You can use it to see things on the main screen that you couldn’t otherwise, to aim a pitch without the other player seeing where, to see information/locations the other four players cannot. The list goes on. And these are just test examples. We have yet to see what else it can actually do. It’s not just two screens, it’s the functionality that makes it different. It’s completely new in a lot of ways. Saying it’s not is just being narrow-minded.

      1. u r right… It’s not ds gameplay… It’s the gameplay of that pacman game for the gamecube where 1 player is pacman and the other 3 players are the ghosts using the gameboy advance connections.

        not a whole new experience.

          1. Okay, I think I may have cracked this puzzle: expanded viewing angle. Even 3DS games don’t provide a view all around the player.

    2. A goddamn, mother-f**king, HD, multi-steaming console / Big-Ass DS IS… A whole New Experience.

      You can eat you’re words now or later. Makes no difference to me.

      1. “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”?!? really?
        its a bit different, i guess… but its not “A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE”

  1. A good online infrastructure and third party support, no friend codes and possibly copying the achievement/trophy system seen as all companies are copying each other anyway and you have claimed the Hardcore gamer back Nintendo. #JusySaying.

    1. 100% agree. Before they start claiming they are innovative, they need to get the basics down. Not having a decent online infastructure is inexcusable in this day and age.

        1. Naah, It would be pretty nice, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t see the significance, besides just doing what everyone else is doing…

          (And I guess it would appeal to hardcore gamers….)

  2. Nintendo stated that 2012 is the year of WiiU. How would that be if it releases at the end of the year? If Nintendo did learn from the 3DS, then here’s what the Wii U may have in store. It’s the games that got peoples’ attention and brought higher sales; not the system. I assumed they would release the WiiU in November, in time for Black Friday. But a better idea would be to release it sooner, and instead of focusing on trying to push the system, they should show off the most important factor, games. When people see a new system and think it’s cool, it doesn’t mean they buy it. They have to get use out of it. WiiU is a gaming machine, so games are what should drive it. If Nintendo wants to have the best sales and create hype, they’re going to have to release the Wii U before the end of summer. That gives them time to have 2-3 huge milestones/sales marks. At launch, the focus would be the system and a few AAA games. Sales would be good due to fanboys. Having the
    right games would bring in a variety of people. A few months later, another AAA game or 2 comes out bringing in more sales. Not only will they sell lots of games, but systems as well. Depending on the game lineup, the 2nd milestone of the WiiU could bring in casual gamers and skeptics who changed their mind. Then a couple more months pass and it’s Black Friday. The 3rd and biggest sale. If they release the right game in November, the Wii U’s sales would be so high. By that time, the hype would be huge and so many people would buy the system. Doesn’t this sound like a better plan than just releasing the system in a holiday season w/ just a few AAA games? It’s the games that bring sales. Releasing them over time brings hype. If Nintendo really did learn, don’t you think they thought of this already? Now to price. As it does have a tablet controller, the console has the same power as a 360. the cheapest 360 w/ only 4gb is $199 while the kinect bundle w/ more gb is $3
    99. Anything higher than $400 turns people off. If Nintendo really did want the WiiU to be in everyone’s homes, the max price would have to be no more than $399. Like i said, if Nintendo did learn from the 3DS, they know prices have to be right due to not only competition, but there’s so many devices out there, that we can only afford a few. Now to games. Pikmin 3 has been in development for years, so that’s a given launch title. Mario Kart started production a few months ago. the 3DS version was a rush job and did well, so having more time, the WiiU version could be in launch window. About a year ago, they said they had so many ideas for a Mario. im sure they came up w/ something by then. Smash Bros Brawl took a lil over 2 years to make. Zelda will take 3-5. Now my theories on games. Animal Crossing and Metroid. Nintendo needs to target both the casual and hardcore audience and those are the perfect games. I heard a rumor that Animal Crossing 3DS would be able to conn
    ect to the WiiU version. Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long for it to come out to 3DS. If a Metroid game was released on the system’s 3rd milestone, that would bring in so many sales. That’s the season of shooters. By Black Friday, the WiiU would have had 2 great successes and the hype would be huge. Having an online Metroid would have kids begging for it and could even bring in “hardcore” ps3 goers. So, im assuming we’ll have the WiiU soon after E3. It may just be me, but Reggie’s body language at the CES Spike TV interview seemed to give it off too. When asked about the release date he did 2 things. he said anytime after E3 and b4 end of year. watch his hand motion when he says it. when he says “E3” his hands are together and he shakes them as if that is an important date. then when he says “end of year”, one hand softly waves as if it’s not even in thought. then an interviewer asked him jokingly if there would be a surprise launch on E3. Reggie
    jokingly answered “Maybe. Just for you”. Right after he says that, he does some kind of small head motion as if he said something he shouldn’t have. (This is all just my theory and i could be totally wrong. let me know what you think)

      1. “trololol?”
        …It sounds more like this person’s trying to offer their stance and validate their opinion with arguments. Being quick to dismiss someone’s words just because they had a lot to say doesn’t reflect too well on you.

    1. I think you just figured out Nintendo’s whole plan XD and speaking of Metroid, I was thinking a big AAA title for November (specifically the 18th) could be an HD remake of Metroid Prime for the 10th Anniversary. Think about it, it’s not only Metroid Prime, but it’s also the 10th Anniversary of Retro Studios’s first game!!!! I would be surprised if they DIDN’T do something special.

      1. I did. He is right. Nintendo’s game plan of “we made the system, let developers come to us” hasn’t been paying off well since the N64. The time to change up their console strategy is long overdue.

        1. I agree. Not to say that they aren’t releasing some very awesome and neat stuff, but that strategy didn’t work then either. They lost square soft due to that…. Lets hope wii u does something new with the third party.

      2. I did and he made a lot of good points. I think people are more hoping the console would cost $299-$350. That seems to be the sweet spot for consumers as far as I have read. I also said in the last post that Nintendo needs one of their first party games to be ready at launch. I think a Metroid, Star Fox or Pikmin would be perfect.

    2. i agree completely, the price range should be $299.99 – $399.99. a release date August or September. games they should have another New Super Mario bros (Like that New super Mario Bros. Mii) at or around launch.

      1. Metroid online COULD work. Even though Samus is usually a loner, they have introduced other characters such as the members of the Galactic Federation. I call dibs on Anthony!

        1. If Nintendo gives a flying fu** anout the Metroid framchise, they will never again include multiplyer in that series.

          1. Aaaahhhh, come on! Gaming is becoming more social. As long as the multiplayer is decent I say why not. It’s merely an option.

    3. I’m sure you had a lot of good things to say, but unfortunately my eyes couldn’t handle this wall of text. Maybe next time you write a long comment, try breaking it up into better paragraphs. Not trying to be mean or anything… I get excited when ppl in comments sections actually try to have an intelligent discussion.

      Kudos to you. :)

      1. Ok, so I decided to take the time out to read the original post. Lot of good points there. You should ask Nintendo for a job lol.

    4. I write this much all the time…..and you have some really good theories here.
      Online metroid? You my friend, have just earned yourself a Magi Cookie.

    5. I enjoyed reading your post. Your response was clever and witty, unlike other insignificant answers posted by trolls. Thanks for your comment, seems you figured out Nintendo’s plans for the next months and upcoming years ;)

  3. I’m actually glad that the Wii U will be more than merely “Nintendo’s HD console”. I never understood where this HD and high graphics obsession even came from. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so pervasive in how it causes people to judge non-HD games so harshly. Previous classics like Super Mario Bros 3, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask didn’t need HD or photo realism to be fantastic games and them not being HD doesn’t make them any less brilliant.

    Gaming cannot survive on graphics alone.

      1. am starting to get exited for the Wii u and play Metroid using the panoramic view, can you imagine that an enemy is behind you and you turn with the control and see the action on the control screen and start shooting like crazy!! am talking to you redly!

        1. dude that’d be so swag to do a metroid prime type game and the controls would by way better than on the Wii, because you’d be turning the whole screen rather than aiming at the sides.

    1. This is what I’ve been trying to make gamers everywhere understand. You sir, have just earned yourself a Magi Cookie.

  4. HD isn’t all. you need a wealth of quality games throughout the consoles life cycle. not just for a year or two. in this age of gaming, you need a good online service. without either of those two, this system will be a stillborn.

    dropping the region lock is a good idea too.

  5. What he really means: yea guys we messed up on the HD, we are 6 years late, but to make it up to you, we are giving you a second screen.

    1. Ummm…no. What he means is

      “Since the other companies don’t have the balls to change the way we look at gaming, we’re going to make it a whole new experience.”

      Now take your little HD console and fuck off

        1. LOL. NO WAY. for current gen consoles, 720p at 30fps… Is a pipe dream. It’s rediculous that PS3/360 fanboys think their graphics are so great, when were seeing framerates drop to the teens these days, while my PC is capable of doing 1080p at 60fps lock.

    2. ^^ Lol, there is some truth to this. :)

      I think the second screen is an innovative strategy to capitalize on their most profitable idea, the DS. However they’re probably downplaying HD because everyone is mostly there already.

    3. Nintendo: SD console. Will end up with well over 100million in sales. Billions in profit.

      Microsoft: HD console. Will end up with 80-90million in sales. Billions in losses.

      Sony: HD console. Will end up with 75-85million in sales. Wiped out every penny of profit from their dominating PS1/PS2 era. Billions in losses.

      Yup. Nintendo totally dropped the ball by not going with HD before HDTV penetration was up to scratch.

  6. But I mean really. Look at the DS how many games actually used both screens? Or how many just had a dumb map or inventory screen?

    They better not make the second screen for that dumb stuff.

      1. It seems weird to me how only Arkham City will be on Wii U, it means people would have to play Arkham Asylum on a different console. It would be cool if both games were made for Wii U in some kind of bundle so i can play them.

        1. Now this sounds like a plan. The same way PS3 has the first Assassin’s Creed included on the Revelations disc and the first Bioshock on the Infinite disc.

    1. That’s exactly how I see the Wii U.

      Except there are rumors about Wii U having an App Store, eBook. iOS content…etc.

      1. Who knows… Nintendo MAY get our wish by having an App Store, eBook, iOS content, Netflix, and a possiblity of online sources from either Origin or Steam (Gabe please impress the big N and the Reginator).

        1. What would be seriously cool if if you could play a game and an app at the same time. So for example while the game is loading or your in a waiting room of an online match, you could play solitaire or angry birds, Look at downloads or even check your facebook. With the power 7 this would be easily possible!!!!

  7. I’m so happy that I will finally be able to have a console that plays all of Nintendo’s wonderful games and the five or six games that I want on other consoles with new/innovative controls. :D

  8. Exactly. People look at the Wii U saying “Durr Nintendo finally has HD durrr”. No. The Wii U is more than that. It’s a whole new experience.

  9. I was thinking if Sony use the Vita as the second screen as they said they would, this may mean multiplatform developers will use both screens on a frequent basis for both PS3 and Wii U. Only problem I see is that they’ll have to compromise for 360 and non Vita owners.
    Actually, that’s one thing I was wondering: Don’t Microsoft have some kind of deal/threat with developers that PS3 can’t get game features they’re not getting? If so, I hope it doesn’t restrict what devs do with the Wii U.

    On a positive note, if they plan on launching this year and they say they have learned their lessons from the 3DS launch, then that means they plan on a strong software launch lineup. This means there should be solid and complete or near complete versions of games at E3, so attendees should be able to form strong opinions of it.

    Also over at IGN they have up an article and number of videos of someone’s first time with it at CES and you can tell they’re impressed.

    Apologies for the long ramble. :)

  10. As long as The Reginator is kicking @$$ and taking names, a lot of peeps (Nintendo fans or not) will be enjoying the Wii U in more ways than one. Operation: Bluewave supporters approve it, and I’m one of them. Nintendo will bring HD gaming and everything on the dinner table. I tip my hat off to the Nintendo of America president for continuing his motto.

  11. HD sounds like a plan but games that are hardcore and causally awesome sound like a better plan. please nintendo, let me be able to play awesome Japanese games as well as American produced games as well

  12. the wii u is already done how did he get the pic on top? must mean nintendo has atleast a few copies but they want to make more and instead make everyone wait

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  14. Wii u in my opinion will have dual scrren, hs, more extras and apps, with third party support everyone should get this.

      1. Oh dear…They’ll probably feel stupid if they release a 3D game in the next few years, since they kept going on about how the glasses were a hassle when they first brought out the 3DS.

  15. Will HD ever be useful/important in a video game? The 3DS utilized its 3D in SM3DL, but can HD be used to show anything important? That’s my point-of-view of what Reggie is saying (it could be wrong but still)

    1. I agree. When someone shows me that HD or even 3D can do something that actually adds to the gameplay, I might buy into it. For now, its just eye candy. I don’t mind eye candy, as long as they don’t sacrifice the gameplay or story for it. Its the big issue I have with recent tittles on other systems.

  16. Etecoons and Dachoras

    It’s good to know Nintendo doesn’t rest on their laurels. HD isn’t enough for them, nor is having more powerful specs and hardware. Nintendo is the epitome of the adage “Anything you can do, I can do better.” :)

    1. …for now, until other next gen systems come along with superior power and graphics. I’m getting tired of Nintendo being one step behind graphically.

      1. lol name me 1 nintendo console (besides wii) that was one step behind its main competition.

        Don’t worry I’ll wait

        1. You win! The Wii is Nintendo’s ONLY significantly weaker system.

          They have always competed with the competition in power and visuals.

        2. The N64 was significantly weaker in its resolution capabilites than the PS1. And between the Xbox and Gamecube, the Xbox won powerhouse wise hands down.

          1. Allow me to quote Nia (above) and modify her emphasis.

            ” The Wii is Nintendo’s only SIGNIFICANTLY weaker system.”

      2. Power and graphics add not much to a game besides making it look pretty. And the wii is the only time it’s ever happened. You’re “getting tired of it?”

  17. He’s right. HD is the standard these days so the Wii U needs to offer a totally new gaming experience. Here’s hoping the Wii U will be as awesome as they say it will be.

  18. im guessing the wii U will sell for around 350 us dollars ( id still buy it first day)

    $150 console
    $80 controller
    $50 included free game
    $70 hard drive 100GB ( i know Nintendo said no hard drive and instead would use SD cards but i believe they are forced to have hard drive due to the fact that the app store there gonna have and the heavy games that exist as well as DLC from 3rd party developers

    1. I doubt there will be a HDD. If Nintendo is known for one thing, it is always cheaping out on memory. Most likely it will be 2Gb – 8 Gb on-board flash memory expandable with an SD slot.

      1. You never know, Nintendo could surprise us. Plus, the technology is probably much cheaper now since the launch of the 360/Wii/PS3. People sometimes forget that Nintendo PURPOSELY made the Wii underpowered so it would be the most affordable console on the market.

  19. Anyone else kind of hoping for a “DS Player” accessory? I mean, since it is more or less a big console DS, having a device to play (3)DS games on the TV could be pretty neat. Brings me back to the days of the Super Gameboy for SNES or the Gameboy player for GameCube.

    I can’t be the only one who would love to play Advance Wars on a 40″ TV.

  20. They shouldn’t only focus on those two selling points, they shpould also focus on making more badass games instead of doing what they did for the wii

  21. Can we all call the WII U what it is: This is Nintendo finally deciding to play catch up. You had your fun with the Wii of which i bought the day it came out. Then you screwed us gamers begging for third party support. Then phenomenal games like the last story , xenoblade, and oandoras tower come out, and you clam the fu** up until fans literally are shouting at you. In the last two or three years of the Wii’s life cycle the console has bitterly released only good first party games with third party gems being too far and wide. No Batma., no Battlefield, no Deus Ex, no Skyrim, no Sonic Generations even! I will not be buuing the Wii U the day it comes out unless it launches with an absolutely stellar line up. I am talking something on par with PS2 launch.

    1. That’s the point the wii u is already at this high point with stellar game, dual screen, HD online, extra features/apps, and 3rd party with strong hardware.

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  25. I was a bit skeptical about the wii u but hearing Reggie have some much confidence in it reassures me it will be a knock out!

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