Rising Star Games Has Five Nintendo 3DS Games In Development

Rising Star game has announced that it has five Nintendo 3DS titles ready to be released this year. The five Nintendo 3DS games consist of retro arcade game Bit.Trip Saga, fishing title Super Black Bass 3D,  puzzler Cradle of Rome 2 and farming RPG Harvest Moon: The Tale of the Two Towns and puzzler Shifting World. Will you picking up any of these?

“We’re huge fans of the Nintendo 3DS, the freedom it affords developers, and the unmatched fun it brings to the world of gamers.”

“We’ve searched the world to find some of the most compelling products which showcase the 3DS and the unique experiences it can offer.”

– Rising Star Games MD Martin Defries.


    1. Two Towns has been out since last year, my girlfriend got it for me for Xmas (I never play it though, haven’t liked a Harvest Moon game since 64).

  1. Of those games, 2 are ones I can see myself buying and one is in a genre I’m a bit wary of; however, any developer committing themselves to making great games is a good developer in my book, so I’m happy to have these guys make games for the 3DS.

  2. They are releasing so many different customs 3DS’s. Would anybody have enough money to buy all of them? The people with the normal 3DS must feel left out.

  3. Harvest Moon will be sweet but can i afford all that time again? Gamecube title absorbed my life and everyone i know constantly took the piss out of me for playing it lol!

  4. Dovahkiin Haha and wow that is all i have to say to you. now to all you non comedians out there, i intend to pick up bit.trip. i might get shifting world but i’m not sure because from what i’ve seen it looks like something that should be on eShop but i’m not sure if they can make a whole standalone game out of it… i’ll wait till i get a chance to check out some reviews of it. I’ve never liked a harvest moon game cuz they’re so damn boring so i wont be getting that game. and fishing game = fail. period. end of story.

  5. Harvest Moon: Tale Of Two Towns is out and has been for a while now. I wonder if they’re working on that new Harvest Moon title…. I dunno, never heard of Rising Star personally, but I’ve never seen their name on a Harvest Moon game, it’s usually done by Natsume….

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