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Here’s Some Nice Big Images Of The Metal Gear Solid Nintendo 3DS Bundle

Konami has unleashed some new images of the limited edition Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle. The bundle will be exclusive to Konami Style and will retail for ¥22,980. To have a chance of purchasing one you will need to enter a special Konami raffle. There’s currently no word of a Western release date.

40 thoughts on “Here’s Some Nice Big Images Of The Metal Gear Solid Nintendo 3DS Bundle”

    1. God Damn! Am trying to watch a movie at the theatre but the fat black lady and her kids are talking on there cell phones and laughing and commenting at every plot sequences in the movie.

    2. I just tryout resident evil demo and well I was extremely dissatisfied. It felt like I was playing another resident evil 5. The sound was weak the graphics were okay but the enviornment felt to dark and boring not to mention the monsters that pop out were to predictable and the scar tactics were just outdated its like of u played any old resident evil game before u know what to expect. and it felt like i was playing cod. oh well am sure capcom will release and ultimate edition later on no wonder it had bad reviews. also 30 try limits on demos smh greedy capcom please return to old capcom and make megaman legeands 3. u already killed megaman now resident evil too its not a shooter.

    1. Yesturday I went to nintendo world and I couldnt believe it but they were actually selling mario stickers i bought a couple and a new wii with cod modern warfare. Cant wait to go again they had rare stickers.

    2. They should make a metriod 3ds bundle for his forgotten anniversary. Am hoping rare studios makes a metriod 3ds with battlefeild 3 and devil may cry mechanics but I doubt that will happen as metriod sadly is an unsuccessful franchise and metriod other m failure at sales didn’t help either smh looks like gunpie yuku cant catch any breaks in his lifetime

        1. will research utube video title :’all your history-metriod’ in it mechinema said its a cursed game that although it had excellent mechanism it failed to sale and that miyamoto at one point almost trashed it but currently metriod is being book in a shelf to collect dust with f-zero, earthbound,ice climbers and starfox. would explain why it failed to make a n64 debut after super metriod failed at sales.

  1. whats with the ugly color schemes its always black 3ds with what looks like decal added to it am waiting for a purple 3ds

  2. Sickr can you please for once actually post a good game. All your postinh is old gen games I mean wheres Mutant mudds huh HuH!

    1. My observations tell me that you’re a young child who’s never experienced the Metal Gear Solid series. You should be glad that you’ll have an opportunity to

  3. Wait, only through a raffle? that means this shit will be valuable. I might have to buy one on ebay once someone puts one up there ;o Ohhh the ambitions of collectors~

    1. Because black is for the cool-looking games. Never will they bundle a pink 3DS for Metal Gear Solid. I would never take it seriously.

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