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Nintendo Support Says That Nintendo Network And Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Are One And The Same

Joshua, a reader of the blog, contacted Nintendo Europe to try to find some more information regarding the Nintendo Network. He specifically asked them whether the Nintendo Network is the same as the current Nintendo WFC, or new and upcoming for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the response he was given by the customer service team:

Thank you for your email.

Nintendo WFC (Wi-Fi Connection) and Nintendo Network are one and the same. This is not to be confused with any other network or connection as our servers are integrated to one another.

We hope this information helps you out.

Kind regards,

The Nintendo Team

130 thoughts on “Nintendo Support Says That Nintendo Network And Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Are One And The Same”

        1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

          Just as I thought. It’s exactly the same as Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, just a different name for it.

          1. What do you expect them to say? “yes, you caught us, Nintendo Network is completely new and we’re making a brand new online service” I doubt the customer service rep wouldn’t have lasted long after that XD. We should wait till E3 for what Iwata has to say, not some customer service rep who probably doesn’t know anything anyway.

            1. Exactly.Whoever wrote that email,didn’t know what they were talking about.We’ll have to wait until E3,which unfortunately is in June,most likely.That’s still a while off.Hopefully it’s like Xbox Live,but without the long ass account setup process.However,if you look on the box for Kid Icarus Uprising,it has the Nintendo Network logo on it.I assume that right now,it just means that the servers are up and running.It could have some significance later on though.

      1. Please fuck off, it wasn’t even funny when effew or effey (I dunno) did it, but at least it included a li’l bit of origanality. So please, fuck off and get cancer :)

      2. You’re that fucking knob head ‘effey’ who gets one off on being a massive bell-end aren’t you? Take your callus aid-ridden stupidity elsewhere. Tosser.

        1. The guy who makes trolls seem like saints.
          The biggest dumb-ass to touch a keyboard… Except for maybe Patcher. Hell, it’s probably his son.

          1. Taking the unnecessary time to point out something that peteriuss got wrong and gloating about it? Kinda low, isn’t it, Healy? I mean, c’mon, it’s PETERIUSS. We could ALL do that, if we really wanted.

  1. This is pretty sucky, but I’m sure Nintendo will find ways to improve the system they already have. They know WFC was weak. They even got rid of the entire Nintendo WFC website that was actually amazing. I was super pissed when I heard that.

    1. Agreed. They can make it better. And they better make it better.

      Time to invest, Nintendo.
      Buy more bandwidth.
      Buy stronger servers
      Buy more servers.

    1. You think that nintendo would give all of the info they’ve been saving to some random nintendo blog reader?? your oblivious

      1. There is SOME truth to this comment.

        I think Nintendo Tech and CS are kept in the dark or misinformed on some things. It happened to me.

        However, it makes more sense to invest overhauling a current network setup than starting from scratch.

        They are probably the same technically, but Nintendo better beef it the fuck up.

  2. WazSupChad
    2234-7848-9682 add me plz thank you

    If it’s the same thing no point in changing names unless its new in some other region.

  3. Doesn’t mean that the service won’t get an eventual Update….. Just means that the Customer Service Reps either
    A. Don’t know much about it.
    B. Can’t divulge any (REAL) information.
    C. the dreaded it’s true and we get nothing new.(Please Not This)

  4. The Only Pokemon Champion

    I’m still not convinced
    why would nintendo write something new on the box which infact old?
    and these support people aren’t any real help
    remember when they said the GBA games wouldn’t come till next year?

  5. I think the reps arent allowed to divulge in any new information yet.
    Nintendo wouldnt just change the name and logo for no reason. They are replacing their previous one, most likely for the changes they are going to make in the system, hopefully.

    1. Just goes to show you even nintendo fanboys dont like nintendos current online, and honestly compared to Psn&Live, its a joke.

  6. I think you should remember that the last time a reader of the blog “called” Nintendo in regards of the GBA games the same fiasco happened.

  7. Hahaha, this is so awesome.
    Only one or two days ago people were making speculations about the “Nintendo Network” probably getting to be at least as good as Xbox Live and Playstation Network, for WiiU and the 3DS. And now it turns out to be the already known laggy Nintendo WFC.
    Nintendo Network sure is a serious opponent for XBL and PSN, haha.
    I hope you people who made those speculations do know how stupid you look right now. That’s what you get from spreading rumors and making rash speculations without even trying to wait a little bit.
    And btw, it doesn’t say “Connecting to Nintendo Network” for nothing when trying to play Mario Kart 7 online…

    1. I love the taste of irony, this is a statement from a “reader” of this blog, i wouldnt be surprise if sickr made up this story just to get hits. so before you go ass out believing this story trolling fanboys and nintendo, at least make sure the statement is actualy creditable.

    2. *sigh* Um… you know what you’re saying?

      3 things buddy. 3 things wrong with your comment that you should’ve known yourself while posting this.

      One, So nintendo would change the name and logo for no reason? If they would openly tell consumers that they’re the same, and not keep it a secret and try to “trick” them if you will, you don’t think there may be a little more to it?

      Two, those speculations were not speculations. They were facts. Game Dev’s have already confirmed that the online features of nintendo network could rival Xbox live and PSN.

      Three, Even if it was the exact same service, Do you SERIOUSLY think nintendo would be so blind and clueless to release the service untouched?
      Especially with the advance in hardware that the Wii U has over the wii, and the 3ds has over the DS? You’ve got to keep in mind that if the wii wouldn’t have great 3rd party support, their online wouldn’t HAVE to be great. Nintendo games, aren’t made to go online. Mario and Zelda are meant to be single player experiences. I’m willing to bet the reason wii even had online was to support the channels that needed it. I would bet nintendo didn’t mean for the wii or ds’s online to be too advanced for no reason. With the advance in hardware and 3rd party support, You SERIOUSLY don’t think that nintendo would improve their online service? I mean seriously explain your logic to me.

      I hope you know how stupid you look right now.

      1. Especially considering that the Wii U is confirmed as being the only console getting Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, an online game who’s only other release is on PC. Yeah, online will not be changed at all to support such a game.

        1. And what about Dragon Quest X… If they didn’t think over their online service for that kind of game what would make them think it over then?

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  9. You think that nintendo would give all of the info they’ve been saving to some random nintendo blog reader?? YOu guys are oblivious

  10. You all should remember that the last time a reader of the blog “called” Nintendo the same thing happened. And we all know how that turned out lol.

  11. bullshit how they going get hardcore gamers with shitty nintendo WFC you think nintendo learned but no the still can’t get online right nintendo lucky they have epic games or i won’t be buying a wii u

    1. You realize that the last time someone that reads the blog “called” Nintendo to confirm something the “customer service said” something that wasn’t true at all right?

    2. You seems to mix up Hardcore gamers with “Hardcore” gamers… Hardcore Gamers look at a games quality overall and PREFER single player to hone their own skills. “Hardcore” gamers play Online, mostly FPS and care mostly about how they look when playing a game. Please, don’t mix thoose up…

      And remember that more creditable sources have confirmed that it will be as good as if not even better than X-box live and PSN

      1. That…made no sense and really is not true at all. And what ‘creditable’ sources hmmm? Please make up for looking like a smart-ass

    1. That’s exactly why we shouldn’t believe in this info; After all last time someone that reads the blog “called” Nintendo he got told that the ambassador games would come out on April this year. And we all know how that turned out lol. Point is the source of this “news” is not believable.

      1. Yeah. Also, companies only change Logos when they plan doing something with a new focus. Untill E3, everything will be rumour, unless nintendo, itself, confirms.

        1. I’m almost sure that NN and WFC are 2 different systems I mean seriously why would you change the name? really. And after all EA Valve and other big developers stated that the Wii U online system (which is Nintendo’s real online system which will work with 3DS aswell) can do everything PSN and XBL can and more.

          1. Name changing doesn’t necessarily mean there are new features. The name Nintendo Wi-Fi connection was inherited from the DS’s limited online features, it was already made redundant with the Wii’s ability to connected online using wires.
            While I’m sure Nintendo will improve (but probably only slightly) their networking features for the WiiU etc. closer to its launch, I’m doubting any changes have been made so far except from the name changing.

  12. WazSupChad
    2234-7848-9682 add me plz

    Sickr what happen to the ps vita blog and mario kart 7 community link at the top of the page?

  13. Welcome to Nintendo Network! It’s just like the regular network: the waves are blue, and the block is made of orange.

  14. The comment from Nintendo was to make sure the guy knew Nintendo Network is an online infrastructure by Nintendo and that it isn’t something new. The comment does not say that the new “online network” will have added features and content.

    See what they did there. Sneeky Nintendo employees…

    1. I see that too.

      Also, the only thing he really said was ”This is not to be confused with any other network or connection as our servers are integrated to one another”.

      sounds more like: Don’t worry about the old servers since they are integrated to the nintendo network, your old games will work perfectly.

      thats what i think.

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  18. Well, that sucks. I was hoping for a really good online service cos, quite frankly, Nintendo blows with utilizing the internet. Ugh. Well, who knows, they may just not know what it is. When I emailed Nintendo and mentioned the Zelda 3DS, he said it wasn’t coming to the US, but it obviously did. The just can’t say anything until it’s announced and/or released.

  19. Hey guys? Remember 2010 whenever Nintendo always repeated that they “were not going to even think about starting the development of a brand new console until a developer comes to us with an idea that can not currently be performed on the Wii”? Because I do. And remember when they announced a brand new console, which had been in development for years, just a year after the previous statement? Because I remember that, too. If there’s one thing in this world you should know, it’s that you just can’t trust people.

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