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Retro Studios Working On Star Fox For Wii U?

It’s been brought to my attention that the latest edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine has a in-depth feature titled ‘A Brief History Of Retro Studios’. Towards the end of the feature they move onto what they think the studio behind the Metroid Prime games and Donkey Kong Country Returns are working on next, ending with these two sentences…

“While some suggest this new project is likely to be a return to the Metroid franchise, we’d love to see another Nintendo hero get the retro stamp of excellence. After all, having rolled out the barrels for Donkey Kong, perhaps it’s time Retro pulled off a barrel roll of a different kind.”

Could the Official Nintendo Magazine be privy to something we don’t know about? We have absolutely no clue as to what Retro Studios are working on next, but what we can all guess it’s a Wii U title. What better way to launch the Wii U with a brand new Star Fox title developed by Retro Studios?

Thanks Paul T for the tip.

168 thoughts on “Retro Studios Working On Star Fox For Wii U?”

    1. I’m just replying so people will see my comment, but one thing i didn’t like about the Wii was how a lot of key franchises weren’t on there like f zero, starfox, kid icarus. And lack of new IP’s as well. But i know Wii U will be different, and as we get closer to E3 the more i think Wii U will be a beast and has the potential to sell like the Wii. Nintendo really seems to be learning from mistakes. At least i hope so.

      1. Well the graphical difference won’t change for Star Fox Assault and F-Zero GX those games look just as good as Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3.

          1. star fox on wii u is gonna be purdy, ooooooh and pikmin 3 too, god all of those games will be so crispy beautiful in glorious hd

            1. The Wii U is going to be a gorgeous system… I can’t wait. So glad I got a job, 850 saved up from a few weeks ago, already have enough money for the system :D

      2. Also just replying etc.
        I think there’s no question anymore about this, this is pretty much a confirmation for Star Fox Wii U :D. With the ”a project everyone wants us to do” quote I was thinking about three franchises: Metroid, Star fox or F-Zero (I was think they might do F-Zero too eventually).

        Anyway: One more reason to buy the Wii U!!!

        1. I think even if it they weren’t working on it (which they probably are), one would’ve been made eventually. Nintendo can’t pass this opportunity up. Also i think it has a chance of being at launch depending on how long they were working on it. DCKR was released 2010 and that’s a decent time to develop. It’s either they were working on something else and are finished or they’ve been working on starfox the whole time. My opinion is they were working on starfox and a re almost finished and another part of “Retro (the one with naughty dog and vigil developers) are working on a different title. (Maybe Metroid but not Zelda becuase it already started production)

              1. nintendos key franchises is super smash bros thats why its the best nintendo game ever because it has all the best game charectors in it.

        1. Okay then according to you guys nothing really is a key franchise because all nintendo technically needs is Mario and Zelda and maybe Metroid

    1. Just remember there’s no guarantee that hay are working on the game or are going to, could just be a Nintendo pun, but this is merely speculation.

      1. Doesn’t mean there’s not a possibility for a new trilogy. I’ve read your previous comments, too. You seem slightly ignorant.

  1. Hahahaha, they totally are! I’m REALLY excited, especially if they go in a similar direction that Rare did with Starfox Adventures, but perhaps with less dinosaur. Yeah. Every day I look more forward to the Wii U!

  2. Etecoons and Dachoras

    This would be absolutely AMAZING! Retro +Star Fox + Wii U hardware = Awesome sauce.

    I hope this turns out to be true!!!!

  3. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a new Starfox game so badly + HD graphics… Dont make that crap Starfox Adventures…. Make it more like StarFox Assault with more arwing missions and stuff!!! Add some online multiplayer and if possible make those on-foot parts A LOT better than Assault or just simply take them out. I’m so ready for Wii-U

    1. Thanks God! I find people who like Star Fox Assault better than Adventure. I never finish adventure cares it doesn’t plays like Star Fox. What was Rare thinking.

  4. Not sure about this. If it returns to how Star Wing/Star Fox or Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 were, fantastic! However, if they go down the route Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault or Star Fox Command took, I will be very, very disappointed, and slightly angry.

    1. Yeah, if this is true, I want them to go back to Star Fox’s roots! I’d like to also see them put a new spin on it as well. Not a copy pasta of Star Fox 64.

  5. “Retro Studios” + “Starfox”
    srry got too excited. :P

  6. Don’t get too excited, after all ONM use all kinds of puns in the magazine, besides, it sounded more like a hope for the game rather than speculation or hinting, I could be wrong though

    1. You are absolutely 10,000% correct sir!!!!!!! I think Retro Studios is indeed the new American version of Rare.


  8. Doubt it, to me it looks like they’re just hoping retro studios works on starfox, not hinting at the fact that they know it’s being done or anything like that…

    1. As the guy who tipped Sickr off about this I’d like to point out this is from the official magazine of Nintendo, not a fan site or random magazine. Plus, as I said to Sickr, they also mentioned that they couldn’t reveal any the games they *know* are coming for Wii U for the gun at their head. Maybe it’s nothing and you’re right, I just don’t get why the official magazine would put that without knowing something.

      Whether it’s Star Fox or not I’m excited for whatever Retro are doing as they’re on an incredible roll at the moment.

        1. True they do have an annual wish list – like all magazines – but they’ve never said it in this way. Maybe they’re just teasing after seeing all the ‘Retro making Star Fox’ rumours or stirring things up a bit or maybe they do know something. Personally I think the third is the most likely.

  9. YES!!!

    They should make it with the classic Arwing gameplay, Landmaster battles and chases, submarine battles, and some land combat.
    Yes, I know the land battles haven’t been the best, but I think Retro could make it work if they wanted. Maybe use Uncharted as some inspiration (Not a SonyDrone)!
    And online battles for Arwings (Dog-Fights), Landmaster and submarine dog-fights. And a land-based online mode similar to the one in Uncharted with an additional Nintendo flare!

    If they aren’t working on StarFox, I want them on either F-Zero for Wii U, Wave Race for 3DS, Earthbound for either 3DS/Wii U, or something completely new!

  10. YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please make it happen, Retro!!!

    Hopefully, something along the lines of Star Fox 64 or Assault, but with much more missions.

    1. wait they never said it will be for wiiu it could be for 3ds or wii reggie did say zelda ss is not the last good wii game but anyway im just happy my favorite fox is back :D

      1. Retro has to be working on the Wii U. There was news that they got the Dev kit early and also they wouldnt be pulling guys from naughty dog, vigil games and other studios to make a 3DS game.

  11. Sweet, I would love to see a new Star Fox. I just started Star Fox Adventures (its ok) and I have Assault ready to go after. Star Fox 64 was one of my favorite games on N64. I absolutely loved Star Fox Command (Worth the $4)

  12. Please Retro Studio, ”use bombs wisely!” :p

    I wish it could be an adventure game with lots of arwing missions! (and fox using his blaster on-foot missions)

  13. That’s awesome. I predicted this awhile back! They’d better do something sweet. StarFox needs another great game. It’s been too long.

  14. Really excited for this if it is true. It does make me wonder what studio would be working on the next Metroid game, but either way I will love to see it! I wouldn’t put all my money that it would be on Wii U however. Since they helped make a course in Mario Kart 7, I would think they would be making something 3DS related.


    i want Metroid back!!

    1. I agree with the above. I think they’re done with Metroid Prime. If they do another Metroid, I think it’ll start a new series or something like that.

      Also, if it’s Metroid, hopefully it’s something more original than a simple HD remake of the Prime Trilogy.

  16. super mario 3d land kart 7

    This site is really bad for hipping up rumors that aren’t true doubt this is happening cause ONM hinted at it

  17. Still haven’t played Donkey Kong Country Returns, but i might get it soon. I hope whatever game they’re making turns out great :)

      1. I really don’t know what exactly held me back from buying it, but now all the money i have is going towards a Wii U and whatever launch game interests me the most.

  18. If the gameplay is life SF64, sure, why not. If it’s like the games on GCN (they’re not bad, just not SF) I don’t think I’m gonna be doing any barrel rolls.

  19. This is just ONM being ONM. Retro would be amazing at Star Fox and I have suggested several times to ONM and the fanpage, normally getting positive thoughts back. I’m guessing the article was written by Chris. It’s just how he writes, they would say something otherwise or tease it in an upcoming issue. :L

  20. Out of all of the Nintendo franchises, I always thought this would be the most likely Retro would take on. But I still want them to do Earthbound.

  21. If Star Fox DOES come to Wii U, there’s one thing I want that the series should have gotten a long time ago: a co-op mode. That would make On-foot missions SO much more fun (though personally, I think they’re pretty fun anyway…)

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  23. Um… both? But I’d prefer a decent Metroid game first. Non FPS. Hell, make it a 2.5d side scroller like New Super Mario Bros. If not, then a GOOD, atmospheric, moody 3d adventure. The NES and especially SNES games were so well made in that respect that you felt damn terrified to go into a new room/area, but had fun the whole way through. The Prime games had a tiny bit of that, but it definitely didn’t have even half the spirit that the SNES game had.

  24. I’m hoping this is true, but I’m hoping it’s not the “new IP” they were talking about. Retro is already well into being the next Rare. If they play their cards right (reboots of franchises and maybe a new IP or two) with the Wii U, they will make tons of money. I’m already sold on basically every game they release on the console.

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    1. Retro did metroid.

      They should do both. Starfox should be first then Metroid.

      Seeing the end of MP3 there is something linking to a possible 4. There has to be because the metroid game after that in chronological order or else we would never know what the ending links up to.

  26. Star Fox needs a reboot make a Star Fox 2 remake since it never got released but have the basic Star Fox crew like Fox,Peppy,Slippy, and Falco and maybe add Miyu and Fay. They need to ignore adventures,assault, and command because they were all abominations.

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  29. This strangely reminds me of how Rare developed that amazing Star Fox launch title for GameCube. Since Retro is the new Rare, I have high hopes that this rumor is true.

    Good luck, Retro!

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  42. Heck I would buy the Wii U just because of a new Star Fox game. The series has been my favorite ever since I was little so of course I’m gonna be behind this 100%.

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  44. I just hope that if they are making a new STARFOX game, that they focus it on being a straight-up space-shooter like the original. Starfox adventures, and assault both sucked IMHO. They just didn’t feel right. Please bring back classic Starfox, or just let it die.

    1. I agree as long as they remake Star Fox 2 I will be happy because it never got release because of the nintendo 64, besides from what I’ve been hearing its awsome game. I don’t know why nintendo didn’t release it……….. still a girl can wish though ;)

    2. I hope its a remake of Star Fox 2 because it was the “best star fox game ever” according to the research I’ve been doing too bad Nintendo didn’t release it because of the Nintendo 64 launch I hope its Star Fox 2 still………..a girl like me can get her hopes up though ;)

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  46. Wii-U has been out for a while now, and there’s been no sign of a new StarFox. Maybe the game will be so awesome that it’ll take forever to produce!

  47. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I hope this is something that they are really working on. I’m probably older than most on this thread and I grew up with Nintendo way back in the 80’s. I loved StarFox so much when it first came out. It was definitely one of my all-time greats!

    I surely will be getting a Wii U now! My only gripe with Nintendo is the name that they chose for this new console. I thought they were going to stick with “Nintendo Revolution” or something like that. That would’ve sounded cooler. I mean, I’m a creative writer and am good at coming up with creative titles and names; they should have called me and I would’ve helped them give this new console a much better name. Maybe next time they will put more effort into the name.

    Microsoft and Sony are you guys listening? Don’t make the same mistake either!

    Anyways, here are some titles that I am looking forward to on the Wii U. Some are already in production but some are just me “Dreaming”. I may take some of you down “Memory Lane” with some of these titles. Like who remembers these two classics:

    Double Dragon and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Ha ha those games were freakin’ bananas!!

    Here’s my Wii U “Dream List”:

    1. All the Super Mario, Luigi, Yoshi or Mario Galaxy Games that they make
    2. StarFox in HD (say what?) = Ratchet & Clank before Ratchet & Clank
    3. F-Zero = similar to WipeOut HD on PS3
    4. Zelda in HD (say what?)
    5. MegaMan [please Nintendo make a new MegaMan Series in HD!]
    6. Contra [please Nintendo make another Contra in HD!]
    7. Double Dragon in HD [please Nintendo make a new Double Dragon in HD!]
    8. Metroid {new style}
    9. Super Street Fighter V, VI and VII {pretty please with a cherry on top?}
    10. Bayonetta 2 (say what?)
    11. Ninja Gaiden 3
    12. Tetris (with new HD graphics and music)
    13. New side-scrolling space shooters in either 2D or 3D with HD graphics (say what?)
    14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (oh yeah baby!)
    *15. Cruis’n USA in HD (say what?) [I think this is the race car game that I used to love]
    16. Castlevania for Wii U [More Castlevania? Yes, another one!]
    17. Heavenly Sword 2, 3 for Wii U [hell if they can snatch up the rights to Bayonetta 2 then why not get Sony’s exclusive Heavenly Sword and make a complete Trilogy or more and improve the combat system and difficulty like God of War]. Now look everyone, please don’t go around the web saying that I started this rumor – LMAO! This is just a “dream” of mine. But if Nintendo does continue the Heavenly Sword saga I will be one happy camper because I personally thought that Heavenly Sword was great and didn’t get the love or recognition it truly deserved. All they really need to do is add more levels, expand the storyline a bit with some surprises, improve the combat system and make the enemies more difficult and challenging!
    19. Devil May Cry 5
    20. Dante’s Inferno Purgatorio and Paradiso [Ah, am I still dreaming? I hope they continue this true trilogy on Nintendo if Sony and Microsoft don’t do it]
    21. Shinobi {Imagine Shinobi in HD! Who knows about Shinobi!}
    22. Remake a lot of those cool games form the Neo-Geo console
    23. DuckTales {OMG an awesome classic! Don’t sleep on this one. This game was utterly insane fun!}
    24. Kingdom Hearts {yes, more please!}
    25. Super Punch Out [Do you see what you guys have done. You have awakened an old master…ha ha ha!]
    26. Duck Hunt [Oh my have I completely lost my mind?]
    27. Dragon Quest (Complete and utter madness!)
    21. And what was the name of that one game on the old SNES where you could do all types of different stuff like you could jump out of that airplane and parachute and you had to try and land on the ground target. And you could fly and land that airplane on the runway and you had to fly through that aerial obstacle course. Who on this thread remembers that shit? That was some awesome stuff man, for real…ha ha!

    *Read #15 above*

    And there’s so many more old titles that I wish they would revive in this HD Generation. Like there was this one car racing game that I used to play at the arcades back in the day but I cannot remember the name of it. I think Sega made it but I can’t remember the name. All I know is that it was big in the arcades and every kid loved it! Wait a minute, I think it was that game called Cruis’n USA! And Sega made this Pac-Man platformer game that was sort of like Sonic. It was pretty cool too. And Shinobi!

    But c’mon man, everybody knows that Street Fighter was the real king of the arcades back then though!

    I never did buy a Nintendo Wii, but now I must get a Wii U for myself and one for my Nephew and Niece.

    One of the major selling points for me is the backward compatility factor. That is major for me because I can get Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 and all of the other great original Wii titles and play those on the Wii U. When Microsoft and Sony bring out their new systems they better not mess up and not have backward compatibility because that’s going to hurt them more than ever I think! People don’t want to feel like they cannot bring over some of their older games onto the new system, especially with so many people struggling financially right now.

    Wii U is gonna kick some serious ass for real and is going to have some great titles for the “hardcore gamers”.

    Please don’t knock me for saying this, it’s just my opinion.

    I still think that ultimately after about 3 years from now the Sony PlayStation 4 is gonna have the best hardware, CPU, graphics engine and optical storage capacity. I mean let’s face it folks, Sony is just awesome with hardware and never wants to settle for 2nd place. I hope the PS4 has USB 3.0 ports and a big SSD Flash drive built-in. And I hope the PS4 uses an NVidia GPU.

    The kid in me will never die damn it!!!!

  48. I hope it’s Star Fox alright! I want to do a barrel roll in HD! Though I heard Retro are making graphic engines, I’m thinking StarFox U will have the best graphics! Even though graphics aren’t everything but I’m looking forward to the gameplay! In other words I would love to see Metroid Prime 4 as well :)

    1. Yeah, I agree, I want it to be a new Star Fox game.
      Especially since Star Fox turns 20 this year,
      and it would be nice to have a new game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Fox,
      like Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario,
      or Sin & Punishment Star Successor in 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the
      Sin & Punishment series.
      But either way, I want Star Fox back, and I want it to be around forever like Mario, Pokemon,
      Zelda, & Kirby!

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  51. If they do make a new starfox most endings from starfox command won’t have any affect on the next game(s) so they’ll just leave of from there please make this message a real thing cause everyone loves the starfox series and I am hoping before the PS4 and the Xbox one there would be at least a confirmation of a new starfox game

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