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Nintendo Considering Renaming Wii U?

Online gaming publication CVG claims that an industry insider has suggested that Nintendo are considering changing that name of the Wii U. Nintendo are considering such a move due to the public confusion that has surrounded the Nintendo 3DS console since launch. We will find out if that is the case at this years E3 event in June.

331 thoughts on “Nintendo Considering Renaming Wii U?”

            1. How about Nintendo Circuit or Nintendo eMit (as in emitting video to the controller)

              Nintendo BEEM, Nintendo VOID, Nintendo RAY, Nintendo Viu (‘view’ on the controller screen), Nintendo NOVA (inNOVAtion)

            1. Stream was a great name, i was actually hoping it was the real name when i was watching E3. But now, after almost a year, the name “Wii U”, just sticks to me.

      1. How dare you taint the good name of Dreamcast you Nazi Terrorist.

        Also, a name change might not hurt if they are trying to appeal to a more mature game centered group.

      2. The VMU was simply a memory card in which you could play little games in it, I don’t believe it was actively used during gameplay at all.

      1. Nah, Nintendo HD is a little too plain. If anything, they should use a well thought-out name, which they obviously did not do with the name “Wii U”.

      2. Nintendo HD plain yes but gets the point across etc. I’d rather it be called Nintendo HD over Wii anything. I mean the Nintendo 64 was a plain name did keep people from buying it.

    1. iWii or iNintendo — honestly, tired of this “white is trendy” thing…
      Nintrooper :P

      jokes apart, I think they should change it because I got surprised by the amount of people I thought were really into gaming who finally thought Wii U was just an accessory to the Wii, i.e. the controller…. I always thought it was clear it was a totally new console, but seems like a lot of people didn’t understand, so…

      Nintendo // Super Nintendo // Nintendo 64 // Gamecube // Wii

      I think it would be cool if they could bring back “Nintendo something”, to call that console a Nintendo again :P It’s just I can’t think of something…. Nintendo HD sucks…. it’s too late anyways to put emphasis on hd… ideas of “Nintendo [something]” or “[something] Nintendo”?

      Nintendo 360 would’ve been good (thinking of the tokyo streets demo, since the controller can totally immerse you in the world) but, unfortunately, i know a console who was kinda called like that (>.<¤)

      1. Go away with iSomething o.O

        Also technically the console names were like this: Nintendo Entertainment System -> Super Nintendo Entertainment System -> Nintendo 64 -> Nintendo Gamecube -> Nintendo Wii.

    2. A new name would be GREAT. For three reasons:
      1. Naming their next console with a name completely different from “Wii” will definitely let consumers know that this is a whole different console with different games, graphics, controls, etc.
      2. Adding the letter “U” to a console with an already stupid name like “Wii” just add’s more stupidness to it and more confusion. They named the Wii “Wii” because it sounds like “We”, which implies that it is a console for everyone to play together. Adding “U” to it implies that the Wii U is for everyone, and you.
      3. The name is just hard to say and get used to! Saying “Wii U” is just awkward. Ending the name with the “ee” sound and then saying “u” after it is just weird. I don’t think i could ever get used to that.

      1. I agree. I think it confused a lot of people what the Wii U was. I think some people think it’s the same system but with a new controller or just the controller and no new console.
        I think the U thing was something like making the system about/for you or something. They said it at E3 last year, but I don’t really remember exactly.
        I used to think it was weird sounding, but then I got over it. Now it sounds more natural to me. But still I heard someone say it sounds like “wee-woo” like a police car siren sound. Or more like a person making a siren sound. And it does kinda sound like that.

    3. They could make it a remake of the NES with a bit of retro flare. The console could be like a futuristic version of the NES. that’d be amazing.

      As for names:
      -Stream (I still like that one)
      -Envi-i (said “N-V-I” as in N6 but in roman numerals

    4. Hyper Nintendo Entertainment System (HNES)
      Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System (UNES)
      Uber Nintendo Entertainment system (UNES)
      NES 6
      Nfinite (as in infinite but with an N)
      Nintendo Game Station (NGS)

    1. We already had a system that was known as the “Nintendo.” Now of course, it’s called “NES” to not confuse it with the other Nintendo systems.

        1. Calling it the UNES actually sounds kwl, if you pronounce it “you nes”
          and it still includes the U element of why they called it the Wii U to begin with (since its for “U”)

    1. The thing is that this isnt a TOTALLY new console in the sense that the motion controls we currently have will still be used. It IS more like an enhanced wii imo. A very enhanced one.

      1. It’s totally new, dude. New controller, new hardware. It would be like sayin the PS3 is not a totally new console because the controller is the same as the PS2 (minus the motion control).

    1. Agreed, Wii U will be too confusing just like the 3DS is to most people. I would be happy if it was called Nintendo 6, since it is Nintendo’s sixth home console (if you exclude the Virtual Boy, that is)

      1. Unless you’re just a pure dumbass, there is no way you could confuse the Wii U with the Wii, much like there is no way you can confuse the 3DS with the DS.

        1. Actually, I’ve seen people that think the Wii U is an accessory and people who think the 3DS is like the DS (like the DS lite and DSi were- no new games, same system with new things)

  1. If they call it the Revolution, I will be remarkably happy.

    And they’re right; one of the biggest problems at the time of the 3DS launch was that people didn’t know it was a brand new console and not a fancier DS, thus they didn’t take to it quickly.

    Nintendo did say that they would learn lessons from the 3DS’ troubled launch, so hopefully this is the first step, the second step being a MUCH better launch line-up.

  2. Nintendo, please do. I have nothing against the name “Wii U”, honestly, but all this confusion over such an obvious difference between the Wii and “Wii U” is making me endlessly facepalm.

      1. What is this I don't even

        Well, People who don’t get on the internet, would easily get the two mixed up if you were just to go out and say “Hey! Did you hear about the new Wii U coming out?!” and then they’d say: “Wii U? Is it something for the Wii or something?”

    1. That would actually make sense, its really the evolution of the Wii, it attracts a bigger audience and offers far more features while maintaining the original Wii.
      The evolution of the revolution :D

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  4. I hope say, I like the idea behind the name, but not the same itself…
    They also need to get rid of the Wii as part of the name because I think people seeing it as a new version of the Wii could harm sales, compared to something totally different.

    1. couldnt agree more. they need to drop the wii name if they want to appeal this time to the not-casual gamer
      besides, its confusing to google “wii u” because im not sure if its better “wiiu” or “wii u” and it has to have this -> “” to avoid wii results xD

  5. It NEEDS renaming. People will just think it’s another Wii. All my friends, when I mention the 3DS say “So it’s a DS but it makes the game 3D?”. It casues so much confusion.

    1. To be fair, the 3DS technically IS an upgraded DS. It has more features unique to it than the DS, sure, but at its heart it’s still the same DS concept.

  6. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

    C’mon Nintendo, rename that sucker! And change the color! And redesign the controller! And! And! haha but seriously new name and color scheme

    1. This. A name change will certainly help, but changing the colour to black or silver would help seperate it from the Wii, as would a different outer design of the console itself.

  7. who cares about a fucking name

    i wish the general public wasnt that fucking stupid

    if you want to buy a video game console do some research about it before purchasing it

    1. It’s called marketing. Also, if I think the Wii U is just an updated Wii, it might mean that I won’t even consider buying it. Why then, would I research it to find out more?

      1. ….maybe to find out that it’s not? And than you may consider buying it?

        I mean, super NES and NES had that same ambiguity. right?

        1. True. But then again, people weren’t as stupid back then. Even if they were, there was no internet and tons of stupid people are saying it’s the same as the Wii and people who hear that don’t look it up unless they care or are smart.

  8. I’d love a rename. I was one of the confused who turned off the online E3 broadcast because I thought it was just a new controller for the Wii. Even just “Nintendo” would be cool. Just something to differentiate itself from Wii. People were confused by 3DS. They just thought it was a new DS, and not this awesome new, way cool, powerful handheld. I love my 3DS, and I can’t wait for the new console.

  9. I honestly like the name, but I’d be be very happy with a rename as well. As long as it’s the machine and I can get it on day one, I’ll be happy

  10. Conor Porteous (@conor3000)

    Wii U is a fun name but I can see how people could get confused so yeah go on Nintendo change the name just don’t make it something stupid!

  11. NES 2 has my vote.. and start remaking the classics, contra!! Just update the graphics a few new levels and thats all!! Dont screw with what was great

  12. If I was Iwata-san, I’d change the Wii U name to Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and Europe.

  13. YES PLEASE!!
    really loved the codename Project Café, and my face was like “da fuq!” when Reggie said “Wii U”…

    please! something more original!

  14. so pleople really get confused by Wii U? is this for real? real gamers don’t get confused about that, only stupid people who earn money writing or commenting about it that don’t have any idea of what Nintendo is about could get confused and probably they don’t even play videogames that’s why they get confused, c’mon WTF?

    1. I have to tell you, I’m one of those people. I follow Nintendo like a hawk, and I was stoked for the big E3 reveal. I had the webcast loaded up on my computer at work, and with the volume on mute, I thought it was just a new controller and turned it off.

      1. Yea, but you had it on mute while working, so it’s not the same. Most people who get confused don’t really play many Nintendo games and don’t follow any Nintendo things. I get why you were confused. You would need sound to understand that it’s a console.

      1. And We/Wii, U/You, Us… Enough with the pronouns. No one say Wii He (that sounds like an evil laugh) or Wii She or Wii It please.

  15. They should keep the U and mall a name surrounding that, the Wii needs to go so there isn’t mass confusion like with the 3DS.
    Quite a few consoles have changed name during development, such as, gamecube-dolphin, DS-nitro, Wii-revolution.

  16. Then again, think about it: The E3 announcement was so vague that I thought the tablet controller was just an extension for Wii. Not saying new consoles shouldn’t be gaming news, but don’t you think that if journalists didn’t hound Nintendo for more details that we’d have a somewhat decent name? Wii U sounds like a rush job that someone in marketing thought would REALLY work, and now that guy’s been fired for being an alcoholic and Nintendo’s [possibly] realizing it was a dumb idea.

    In short: Rename it, and give it some serious thought. Don’t let a desperate public hungry for more info make you hurry it.

  17. WiiHD, Wii2, Wii2nd, WiiJoyable, Wii@night but no Wii U, please. C’mon ninty. Even if Pachter is an idiot – i gotta admit he’s absolutely right that Wii U is the dumbest name ever.

  18. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I really hope this is true because I think the name Wii U sounds stupid and unoriginal.

    In my nerd fantasy world, I’d call it the Nintendo Megaton. :-)

    Seriously though, how about a name not related to video games? Gamecube, Xbox, and Playstation all reference video games/game boxes, so it’d be nice to have a name unrelated to video games.

    Nintendo Eclipse? Nintendo Parabola? Nintendo Wave? Nintendo Revolution? Nintendo Beam? Nintendo On? Nintendo Power? :-)

  19. I definitely think a name change would be good, but the main thing is that they need to change the look of the console itself (not the controller).

  20. Yeah, you can’t really beat a name like ‘NES’. Its simple and elegant. The N64 is close too. I would appreciate it if they kept it down to a 3 letter acronym.

  21. I think they should just call it the “NES”
    You know, redo the font, consider it a reboot of the console.
    Just. NES.
    Or NES 6.

  22. I think it’s way too late to change the name now.
    I mean, people know it as WiiU now and changing it would only cause even more confusion.
    I don’t like the name, I find it… kind of stupid to be honest. But that’s something they should have thought and taken care of at the beginning and not almost 1 year after revealing it. Plus, I doubt that the name will make people not-buy it. I mean, the name doesn’t change much of the console itself, so… If someone wants to buy it, he/she will buy it. It’s not like people are buying the name. I for myself do not buy gaming consoles because of their names, I buy them because of the games, the features and the performance they offer.

  23. I was just talking to someone today and the WiiU came up in conversation. They thought it was just a Wii tablet- the whole way its been presented has been very confusing and I have a feeling people will buy the WiiU only to complain that it doesn’t work with the Wii. Just a kind of gut feeling I have.

  24. Meh, in my opinion an entirely new name would be more appropriate, considering how Nintendo’s marketing to the GameCube crowd with the Wii U. I really don’t care either way for the name, but I’d rather something I could say quickly that people can pick up (PS3, Wii, 360, Cube, PS2, etc.). Wii U takes up 2 long syllables and I can’t just say “the U.”

    1. I’m all for a name change, so I’m not defending the Wii U, but “two long syllables”? “Pea-ess-three” or “We-You”. Which is longer to you?

  25. I like how there is such confusion now over console names, but in the past people could handle: Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance just fine. Have we degraded so far that we can’t tell “Wii U” is something separate from the Wii without Nintendo having to paint us a fresco?

  26. I like the sound of Nintendo View although an Android tablet is named the same. Something involving sight would fit imo.

  27. PLEASE. I hope they do. The name Wii U is just really stupid and weird to say to other people. I liked the name Nintendo Stream when the rumours were first starting up about the console.

  28. It wouldn’t bug me too much, but I would definately take another name over Wii U.

    Simply calling it Wii 2 would be fine by me.

    By the way, outside of the tablet, is the Wii U going to use the same controllers as the Wii? I’m kind of concerned about that. As much as I hate the PSMove for being a rip-off, it unfortunately does possess better technology. I just wonder how well using the same old Wii controllers would work.

  29. NintendULTRA, can then be shortened to NULTRA.
    On second thoughts maybe not, sounds like a diease “don’t come near me, I have NULTRA”

  30. Hey guys what’s this new cool console coming up? Its the wii U. Wii-hoo woo-hoo. just “Wii” sounds like some sort of children toy or something. Other name would be great.

  31. People are just stupid these days. Honestly. Wii U sound perfect for it. Nintendo doesn’t have to force you to buy it. Don’t judge something by it’s name.

  32. Goshdarnit, I was hoping no one would say this! Haha. I thought this too. it makes sense, from reggie’s monologue, given that this console is all about you, the player.

  33. I agree. Most consumers have looked at the 3DS and thought it’s just another DS revision, so why bother buy another one. They can’t have that happen to their next home-console.

  34. The reason they are thinking of changing the name is because people could think it is just an upgraded Wii, which it isn’t. It is a completely different console. I’m sure they are considering this because of what happened with the 3DS. Many people thought it was a DS that could play games in 3D

  35. I never had a problem with the name. My problem is how they presented it.

    “Wii YOU!”


    Never, EVER use a pun to present a product name! Especially if the PUN SUCKS!

    If I wanted a name change, I would probably change the U to an S and call it the Wii S, like how someone else said above. The S is cool because it implies the Wii S is above the “A rank” (the S rank is often a secret rank placed above A), and it also sounds very similar to the word “us”, much like how “Wii” obviously sounds like “we”. And any time someone uses the word “you,” it’s a bit of a turnoff, because it’s like someone is pointing at you when you say it. It’s a very “pointy” word, if you get what I mean. The Wii S is also synonymous with other products that carry the S name, like iPhone 4S or the Nexus S or whatever. Visually speaking, the Wii S looks more appealing than the Wii U. I know that the “U” in the logo is made to look like some network-connecting wire, but the “S”‘s shape can look like a network wire too. Audiowise, Wii U sounds better on the lips, but Wii S has a more pacifying sound once the “S” escapes your lips. It’s also not very hard to say either. So yeah, if the Wii U absolutely, positively needed a name change, I would definitely go with Wii S.

  36. I’m loving Nintendo Ultra or Hyper. Those are good 80’s buzz words, though it may not be relevant to younger gamers. Whatever it’s name ends up being, the new system should definitely come with a tanooki tail attached to the back.

  37. The comments in the section prove my complaint valid. I always hear some people say that the wii u is a terrible name and end proposing and even WORSE name! Super wii and wii 2 are disgusting names and wii HD is worse for advertisement purposes among many other things. Revolution is ok but takes way to much time to say.

    The only remotely good ones I ever hear are stream, Unii, NEU and Wii Ultra.

  38. Please change the name. Wii U is really stupid sounding. I said it out loud the other day and instantly regretted it.

  39. Nintendo Umi. Could fit nicely a cheesy philosophy of how it connects a player like a bridge to the game; from U to Mi.

  40. We could call it:
    I could go on and on…..

    1. I personally like the Nintendo Revolution name on it. Kinda how Honda in Japan has the Type-R models because they are the shiznit! “Nintendo-R”

  41. Please do! “Wii U” is freaking awful! Said that ever since the announcement, not to mention the amount of Grandmas who will get confused with the “Wii”

    I liked the idea of “Nintendo”, I don’t think people will confuse it with the “NES”.

  42. Call it the Super Wii. Copy what they did in the 90’s when they launched the SNES, just take the name of their previous console and put Super on the beginning of it.

    1. i actually like that name unlike everyone here wants it to be renamed after old systems that is a horrible idea though

      1. because its almost the same design compare to the Wii, people can get confuse visually. new name new desing dont you think?

        1. The design has nothing to do with it really, it is different enough from the Wii to be noticed that its a different console, I see what you mean but that’s like saying the PS2 and PS3 look alike, they do, but you can notice the differences and which looks a better console.

  43. Hey guys what about Nintendo Fenestra!! Fenestra is Latin for Window and since you look through the screen on the control it might look like a window. Or they could Just call it Nintendo Window’s XP nahh J/k How about Nintendo 6?

  44. What about: Wii Unite, Wii Unversal, Wii 2 DUH (anogram of U HD), The U should stand for something or nintendo could just make up a new word again like the Pegosabe, Chsoai or Werutro

  45. I think it should be something that describes the console or one of it’s main features. For example, the console allows you to switch screens from the controller to the TV and back, so it could be called something like “Nintendo SwitchPad”.

  46. Isn’t everybody used to the name Wii U by now? It’s been almost a year. There would be no point in changing the name now. The reason they put the Wii name in there in the first place was so the people who adopted the Wii last generation would pick up the new console and still be able to play their old Wii games, and use their old Wii accessories on the new console.

  47. As much as I agree that its a stupid name anyway, especially considering they intend to recapture the hardcore crowd, and I know that it took people ages to understand that DS and 3DS were different. But, a year after the console was announced and people begin to get used to calling it Wii U, if they change it, that might confuse the more ignorant or slow minded among us even more.

  48. Wii Ultimate – it would be a believable transition from Wii U to Wii U-ltimate
    Nintendo Stream – because it streams images from tv to controller and whatnot.
    Nintendo 6 – taking from Mario Kart 7: naming it after the number of consoles
    Nintendo Revolution – something people have been speculating about since like 2005
    Nintendo Universe (or Wii Universe) – another good transitional name
    Nintendo Generations – sorry, i like Star Trek :/

    1. I like the Nintendo Universe.

      I really hoped it was going to be Revolution.

      The Wii was called Revolution but the name was stupidified later on.

      Nintendo Generation’s sounds cool ;)

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  50. As much as i dont like the name, i think they should keep it, the whole reason for the wii being a casual console was to get non-gamers interested, if they take wii out of the name then all that work will go to waste, but changing it isnt a bad idea as long as they keep Wii somewhere in the name

  51. And btw, doesn’t anybody research things before they buy it anymore? If my kid asked me for a new game console I would instantly hit the web and find the info.

    How did anybody miss that the Wii U is a new console anyway? They directly said so at last year’s E3. I guess people were so transfixed by the new controller, and the fact that they mostly showed it being used with the Wii accessories. Again, do your research before commenting, people.

    1. The confusion could have been warranted by the fact the one time the console is shown it’s under the TV and so far it can’t be properly distinguished from the current Wii, but Nintendo did use the word “console” not only in their press release but also the E3 Press Conference.

      The ones who dumbfounded me with their stubbornness on the issue are The Truth and Wiilover. When Nintendo put out a press release saying the next console would make its first appearance at E3 2011, they said it was fake even though said document was on the official Nintendo website. After over half-an-hour of them saying the word “console,” they misguidedly gloated about “being right” when they kept showing the controller and saying “new controller” in the presentation. But worst of all, when the console itself appeared in other places like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and this year’s CES, they never issued any kind of video where they admitted they were wrong. The only time I ever considered watching their channel was for the E3 reaction videos which are full of the enthusiasm I crave, but I may not watch their’s this year after their idiocy in 2011.

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  53. Awesome! Nintendo is going to kick butt this year if they do change the name to something “cooler” and unveil a bunch of cool innovative features we don’t know about that Capcom mentioned.

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  55. don’t think they’ll change it in the end, but I would be glad if they did, but even if they did I think they’d name it something still indicating “you” the consumer

  56. I can see what’s wrong with wii u….but aww……I liked it….

    Well let me go ahead and say first of all….THEY WILL NOT NAME IT WIIHD OR NES. Seriously, get that through your heads.

    But what ever happened to the Nintendo Stream? I still like that one.

  57. And there was much rejoicing.

    I personally would’ve taken the name, but I’m glad to see the name might get the Nintendo Ultra 64 treatment.

  58. Unes : Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System “Now you’re playing with power, Ultra Power!”

    Play Box 1080 : “just because.”

    HD F U: High Definition fun unit “here’s your HD, F U!”

    the Triforce : “true fun created by the goddess.”

  59. Nintendo Sky, like Skyward Sword.
    I liked that idea of “Nintendo Nova” as mentioned above.
    As long as the name Wii is gone; always thought it sounded horrible. I preferred the “Revolution” codename way over “Wii”.
    How about just call it the Sony or Xbox killer. Or biter killer, aim at those copy cat systems.

  60. Some good names I’m seeing here people. I like most of the more basic ones. Nintendo HD NES HD that Nintendo Rage (NRage) was cool and a few others :-) Nintendo Stream is probably my favorite.

  61. Nintendo doesn’t make a habit of disappointing its fans, but I have that terrible idea that the may be taking away the Wii game compatibility.
    Again, I REALLY don’t think that”s the case, but it is something to brace for. I’ll await future conformation that everything is how it has been.

    If a name change, please make it the “Revolution”. I’ve been calling my Wii that, since that’s what it first was.

  62. They could try a bunch of things to make it sound more original and different. e.g names like Nintendo Divine, Nintendo Rebirth, Nintendo Evolution, Nintendo Oddity, Nintendo Bloom, Nintendo Rise, Nintendo Alpha, Nintendo Aurora, Nintendo Taboo, Nintendo Virtue etc etc list goes on but yes I have known a lot of dumb people that say “isn’t it just a new controller?”.

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  64. My vote is on just “Ultra”. Or “System Ultra” sounds really cool. Who knows what will happen. I would at least like to have that Wii connection broken. Its a new console, so lets make it sound brand new.

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  66. A few of my friends thought the Wii U was just an upgrade of the Wii instead of a new console, so it might be wise for them to change the name.

    How about the Wii DS? Cause DS for “double screens”?

    1. Wii too is very clever haha

      I think certain hardcore gamers would hate the NES references tbh.

      I kind of like Ncube.
      Or wii G (sort of sounds like luigi haha) oh. Or ouji board. Haha never mind.

      I like the N VIU someone mentioned. Nintento view, and Nintendo 6. Very clever. That’s the best to me!

      N VIU. Sticks with the Wii theme.

  67. You guys arn’t really getting the point, the name shouldn’t have the name “Wii” in it, since Nintendo are selling a new console, the Wii brand has come and gone, and aslong as the name “Wii” is in there, they are not doing any better than calling it the Wii U, it needs to be something completly different like the Nintendo Stream or something like that.

  68. Hey, seems like they figured out how ridiculous that name is-

    “due to the public confusion that has surrounded the Nintendo 3DS console”

    ….Nevermind. Well, at least from that we can gather it won’t have Wii in the name… Can’t say yet if it’ll be better though.

  69. Please Nintendo change the name!! When I first herd about the original Wii name I couldn’t believe how gay the name was. To this day I still think Wii is the gayest name for a console eVer! “I’m playing my wii” LOL…. sounds like a toddler didling with himself.

    I will seriously not buy the new system if they call it Wii U. How lame can you be “Wii U” WTF? What’s next, Wii U 2.0??

    As far as good names that others have mentioned below, I like “Nintendo Viu” the most. If Ihad to of a name for a new console I would maybe call it “Dream Machine” or DM for short. To this day I still think the Dreamcast was the best name for a console ever.

  70. They should also consider Changing the Normal Wii controls (like the Wii mote and the nunchuck) to one you can hold like the Xbox 360 controller or the Wii Classic controller pro………
    because people have been playing the Wii for 5 to 6 years now andwe all want to see something new that includes new Gaming controllers and new games that were only for the Xbox 360 and Ps3 like Saints row, Mass Efect, Resident Evil 5 & 6, Soul Calibur V and others. That is my Suggestion/Oppinion. Reply if you agree :)

  71. I like the Wii U name and wouldn’t mind if they kept it. However, I can see how a name change would be needed because of the casual gamers and some hardcore gamers confusing Wii U as just an add-on tablet for the Wii and not a new console itself. The names I’m seen so far that I like are:

    Nintendo Viu – This one I like the most. The shorten form could be NV, and the owner of one could be the envy of his/her friends. Lol. I know, that was lame.
    NES 6 – This is simple and powerful in a way
    Wii 2 – However, Nintendo loses the number game to the PS4 and Xbox 720
    Nintendo 6 – However, the shorten form would be N6 and that’s close to N64.

    Whatever the name change will be, or if they keep Wii U, it won’t matter to me cause I’ll be buying the new console either day one or soon after.

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