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Super Mario 3D Land Is The First Nintendo 3DS Game To Sell Over Five Million

Super Mario 3D Land is the very first Nintendo 3DS title to sell over five million units according to Nintendo. The company announced that Super Mario 3D Land has sold 5.03 million copies globally since the title launched in November of last year. Mario Kart 7 has also sold a fair number of units with 4.54 million units sold to date around the world. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has sold 2.49 million copies worldwide.

26 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D Land Is The First Nintendo 3DS Game To Sell Over Five Million”

    1. I would be, but I’m about to have to go to work. I will be playing it on my lunch break though. Still working on getting three coins from each stage. I’m close, but the coins are hidden well in a few of the stages. Tempting to look up online where they are, but don’t want to spoil it. Fun game. I can see why so many have bought it.

      1. I don’t know why, but i found most of them pretty easily. Do what I did and ask yourself “if i made this game, where would i hide the coin?” it worked surprisingly well for me, I only had to look up 1 coin online.

    1. Nothing to say ‘oh my god’ about. The original sold around 8 million copies. This remake will probably get to around 5 million, which is HUGE for a remake.

  1. The Only Pokemon Champion

    Wait its only worldwide
    thats expected from like 4 major regions
    i thought this was like 5 mil in NA and was like whaaaaaa?
    still pretty awsome :)

  2. more people need to play zelda. i understand it was a remake, but it was my first time playing ocarina of time, and if there are more than 3 million people in the world that have never played ocarina, then there are a lot more that should

    1. It was more that they already have the game, possibly several times already. Some still have the original, most probably still have the GC disc, and large percent still bought it on Wii VC. It’s hard buying the game for close to it’s original price and just get upgraded graphics, Master Quest and a boss battle mode.

      1. Despite having it on 2 different GC discs now, I bought more for the CD, and to have a 3DS game (was my first). I probably would have passed on it if Mario 3D Land and MK7 were closer to launch.

    2. i got a zelda game and its so confusing so i didnt play it i have it on my wii and i didnt like it and it needs an automatic saving thing like most games

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  5. People wondering about OoT sales, Mario is far more popular than Link, so there is no surprise. Plus, SM3DL was a new original Mario game and not a remake. OoT has gone up in sales and it should have really good numbers through its lifetime. Mario Kart will soon overtake SM3DL.

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