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New Action-Packed Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer

Nintendo has uploaded a brand new Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer which shows off Pits wide range of moves, and showcases exactly how the controls scheme works on the Nintendo 3DS. The footage is a little blurry, but it’s well worth a watch. Kid Icarus Uprising launches in Europe and North America on March 23rd.

38 thoughts on “New Action-Packed Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer”

  1. This is why it needs a sequel. I know I’ll love the game
    This is why it needs a sequel on the Wii U
    This is why the U pad needs buttons on the stylus

        1. Sorry to say this, but buttons won’t comfortably fit on a stylus Unless the Wii U stylus (if there is one, most likely) is as thick as a pencil.

          1. Obviously they’d have to change the design of the stylus. It wouldn’t take much effort to do. It would only need 2. You could call them C & ZC. It opens up a lot of doors to better game play.

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  3. I hope this has communities like MK7, and even though I don’t play in the MK7 communities often, it’s still a fun feature. (Sickr, if there are communities, please make one.)

  4. Just watched the video. This game looks very involved, not the kind of game for casual players. I would love to play a demo of some kind, eShop or at a store, this could be worth a pick-up.

  5. “USE THE CIRCLE PAD TO MOVE!” like no fucking shit!!! i hate when games do that they think all gamers are fucking stupid and cant find out simple things on there own

  6. The online feature is like 3 dimensional smash bros.I always played as Pt in brawl and this , Kingdom Hearts was the only reason I wanted a 3ds. Mario 3d land ,smash bros, and Zelda was a SUPER BONUS to me.

  7. The only thing that made me buy a 3ds is the advertisments and the…awesome features in the 3ds! What also made me WANTING IT is the awesome games like Animal Crossing 3ds! (check out the update of the new stuff in accf! Like a mall and a cafe and all new stuff) Also KH3DS! Professor layton and the miracle of mask! also Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D land! Ocarina of time, Pilot Wings resort, Star Fox 64 3D AND FINALLY pokemon rumble blast!

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