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Miyamoto Loves Mario, But He’s Not So Keen On Poor Toad

Shigeru Miyamoto has told Entertainment Weekly that his favourite character in Mario Kart is the one and only Mario, purely because he believes he’s the most balanced character. Miyamoto was also asked by the publication who his least favourite character is in the Mario Kart series and was surprisingly quick to say Toad. Who is your favourite character in Mario Kart?

137 thoughts on “Miyamoto Loves Mario, But He’s Not So Keen On Poor Toad”

              1. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

                Yeah I was bummed when Dry Bowser didn’t make it to MK7. I wish they would use the 64 Yoshi voice instead of the current one though

                  1. I was surprised when Dry Bowser didn’t make it to MK7, especially since he was featured recently in Super Mario 3D Land and the Mario & Sonic Winter and London games. I thought he had a guaranteed spot in the game ;(

                  2. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

                    Yoshi now has a more Alvin and the chipmunk style voice whereas on the 64 he had these weird little noise haha idk.

      1. Same here, I love Rosalina. But it’s hard because I have always liked Koopa Troopa, but since he has not been on Mario Kart 64, I missed out and had to favorite Yoshi [who then became my favorite character].

    1. 6 words: “Your princess is in another castle.”

      Six very simple words, but they hold a large degree of mocking apathy, and rank up in the “annoying video game phrases” list near classics like “Fox, get this guy off me!” and “Hey, listen!”

    1. I actually love wiggler for some reason. Call me a hipster but it’s probably because he isn’t often featured in other games and his angry animations are hilarious. Plus, his stats suit my style

  1. In mariokart 64 and mariokart Wii, (my two mariokart games) toad is actually my favorite character. I feel that if you give up one skill for another you can greatly benefit from an unbalanced character. It all depends on your playstyle.

  2. Toad is my favorite in every Mario Kart game! I used him until i unlocked Wiggler and Rosalina now I mainly use Rosalina but still Toad is amazing.

  3. In all honesty I like Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, DK, the babies. How can you not like Toad, I mean c’mon he’s only trying to be be a “funguy”.

      1. Same with Dry Bowser and the Baby Mario characters. Not only were they all a waste a space but also mess with the Mario continuity thus creating a time paradox (The baby Mario characters now have no way to go to the future, and Metal Mario and Mario and Bowser and Dry Bowser are canonically the same character). It’s why I’m against Dr. Mario’s return as a separate character for SSB.

  4. Yoshi is my favorite by a long shot (but i like metal mario for battle mode) my least favorite would have to be wario he’s so annoying!

  5. I used to love Toad and Toadette in double dash and MK Wii, shame she isn’t in MK7, but from Mario Kart Wii I like Funky Kong and Rosalina too, and mostly Daisy and Rosalina in MK7. Even though I never use him, I still miss Waluigi on MK7!!

  6. Yoshi is my favorite by a long shot (but i like metal mario for battle mode) my least favorite would have to be wario he’s so annoying!

  7. Ohhh C’mon!!!! Nobody likes Luigi? I freakin love Luigi AND Baby Luigi! They’re ALWAYS a first pick for me. Poor Luigi gets no love :(. And of course for my female characters I love Daisy and Baby Daisy. And I have to admit I do not like toad at all. He’s the most overrated and overused charcter in the series, next to yoshi and the highly annoyin “funky” kong.

      1. I guess I’m just a die-hard Luigi fan haha. I even have him as my second most-used character in smash bros. beatin my once all-time favorite character, Ness.

    1. Finally, a Luigi fan! I love Luigi, in MK Wii and MK7 he’s my most used character! In SMG 1 and 2, once I earn Luigi, Mario’s gone. I kind of think his Final Smash is… less than it should be, though (I wanted his Final Smash to have the vacuum in Luigi’s Mansion so he could suck up the enemies/opponents souls but that’s not very Nintendo-like). I also agree that Toad and “Funky Dong” (as my friend and I call him) are way too overrated.

      1. I think Luigi’s final smash is actually pretty overpowered. The fact that it can KO anyone at 0% is glorious for someone of his stature. Alas, I do not use Final Smashes when playin serious one-on-one bouts with friends

        1. I know it’s powerful (real men dance is what I always say), I just don’t expect from a character who’s afraid of his own shadow to be dancing so creepily. Also, the only times I use Final Smashes are in stages that I make where nothing can come out after going in… dun dun dunnn… 0.0

  8. Toad sounds like an Angry Bird in MK7, lol. I really enjoy playing as a Mii and Luigi… the only ones I don’t like in MK7 are Wiggler, Honey Queen, and Lakitu. (Oh, and Daisy is annoying XD)

    1. So you basically hate the new characters (except for Metal Mario, my third most used character)? :D lol
      But I agree with you, the new characters are annoying, I would trade in the Honey Queen, the Wiggler, AND the Lakitu just to see Waluigi and/or R.O.B. again :(. IMO, Daisy sounds a bit manly.

  9. Damn, Toad was my favorite on Mario Kart 64 because of that awesomely strange scream he used to do everytime I used a mushroom, loved using golden mushroom for infinite screams =)

  10. Depends.
    SMK: Toad
    MK64: Yoshi
    SC: Luigi
    DD: Petey Piranha + King Boo
    DS: Haven’t played DS
    Wii: Daisy w/ Mach Bike
    7: Yoshi

      1. Peprrermint dildo? LOL! Wow, that was a good one. I’ve never heard that one before. Now that I think about it, that’s got to burn like hell, but taste so good.

  11. My favourite character is Luigi :), and Daisy became a favourite later on. Luigi forever!! :D
    I generally like green clad game characters ;)

  12. Strange in every Mario Kart game Toad is my number one character. I mostly pick light weight characters for Acceleration.
    I am more of acceleration than speed.

  13. MKDD: Bowser Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Toadette Luigi Petery Phiania King Boo and the Wario’s brothers

    MKW: Luigi Diddy Kong Toadette and Dry Bowser

  14. My favourite has always been DK (although I haven’t played MK on SNES, so that doesn’t count), up until MKW when I found, Rosalina. She’s the first “Princess” not to be a dainty fair wight, but she’s rockin the large category, so, respect. Plus she’s blue, which is my favourite colour. So, I can’t decide who’s my favourite, I’m just going to have to say DK and Rosalina :)

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  16. I think he was joking about Toad, giving that the publication that he was talking to said that Toad was their favourite character. The fact that he said it quickly suggests this.

    The general consensus was that he was joking, apparently.

    And I’ve always liked Luigi and Shy Guy.

  17. my faves have changed from game to game, in the 1st mk it was koopa, in mk advance wario, mk64 bowser, mk double dash petey piranha and king boo, mk ds dry bones, mk wii king boo, mk 3ds mario

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