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Mario Blamed for Nintendo’s Losses

Japanese newspaper Sankei News has blamed the “curse of Mario” for Nintendo posting huge financial losses. The publication states that Nintendo’s mascot Mario has hindered the company from creating original IP’s and catering to today’s consumers tastes.

“The curse of Mario has hindered Nintendo’s progress into a new market of DLC and smaller indie games.”

“As the game market evolves, Nintendo seems unable to move beyond creating games that rely on the image of Mario.”


171 thoughts on “Mario Blamed for Nintendo’s Losses”

      1. not really, if thats all they have to comment about then thats up to them, its not for u to judge the quality of their response. besides, you didn’t exactly even comment on the topic in question so you’re the worse culprit ;)

          1. I was grammatically correct, unlike those other bastards. (Plus, this was my only comment that came first, so I didn’t expect anything.) :)

          2. Who gives a shit, aslong as they aren’t posting “First” and are actually contributing to the topic.
            People who post ‘First’ are the worst kind of people. Should get IP banned for it.

            1. The worst kind of people are trolls =P And yes, as soon as an acceptable comment about the subject it’s written, it doesn’t matters. Anyway, Mario it’s THE icon of videogames, much more known for anyone, from youngsters to grandpas! Even more known by the not knowledgeable than PacMan or Tetris that are widely known…

              My point is: Mario’s not a curse, it’s a bless for the videogame industry as he has established several standards.
              Where does this guys have been the last decade??? In a isolated cave in a lost island?? Mario games are original and entertaining, even if remixing the same formula (Bowser kidnapping the Princess Peach, blah bla, etc)

              MARIO FOREVER =)

              1. Yeah, I don’t see it either, the games still sell well, Mario essentially is no longer a character, more like a stand in to drive new gameplay and innovative design, as well as giving people sequels to the games they want.

                1. You always have these type of assholes especially in 80s Heavy Metal they always say that they cant move forward and cant “evolve”. They just want them to jump on the bandwagon the newest trends. Like I like to say if it aint broken dont fix it.

    1. You can, I fully agree with Sankei News. If it weren’t for Mario Nintendo would HAVE to make more new ip’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario, but Nintendo always being able to rely on Mario for good sales isn’t exactly a good thing.

  1. Not true. While I do agree that Nintendo do need a new IP, without the every selling Mario, Nintendo would be in a much worse place right now.

    1. no it is true, nintendo seems to only make a huge profit when mario is released (sofware wise) we havent seen Many new nintendo ips since the N64 (and by new ips i mean NEW ipS, not 2nd or 3rd party exclusive games)

        1. Xenoblade is a first party ip, (monolith soft is a first patry dev) but its not a new ip, xenoblade is part of the xeno series (xenosaga, xenogear, and now xenoblade) nintendo just bought it after namco dumped it.

    2. its because mario WASN’T on the 3ds at launch that they had such a deep loss. mario came hard later that winter and re-asurred the 3ds greatness

  2. Erm… Mario is their most profitable franchise. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t stick with it.

    The losses mostly stem from the current problems with the Yen, and the fact that 80% of their business is abroad only compounds that problem.

    1. I thought Pokemon was the bigger title for profits
      i always see those games selling more than Mario but i guess thats just me

      Nintendo can suerly benifit from some new IP’s

      but i’ve said this before

      Nintendo you are sitting on a Goldmine and not acted on it

      why dont you make a Pokemon MMORPG for the Wii U?
      I guarentie you it will be a massive Success

      I say the same thing to Square-Enix about Remaking Final Fantasy 7
      you have such games just waiting to be created yet you do not seem interested in them
      Just look at world of warcraft and how much money that has made
      Pokemon is Waaaaaaayyy bigger in terms of fanbase and MMORPG’s are getting more and more populer every single year

      Create a Pokemon MMORPG and give people a Whole World of pokemon adventure to exsplore and enjoy
      if people didnt want it then soo many people wouldnt have gone out of thier way to create thier own MMO’s of the franchise
      im telling you this will be a massive success

      1. Pokemon is not first party, they are second party. Mario is first party, meaning developed by Nintendo themselves. Pokemon is created by a different company.

        Second party means that they have a licensing agreement to only post their titles on Nintendo hardware. So while it is exclusive to Nintendo, Nintendo does not get the majority of the profits from the sales of Pokemon.

          1. Hey! Retro is 1st!

            2nd party is when nintendo own them and nintendo publishes the game for them. Like rare before 2001.

            Retro is a 1st party and they create nintendo games… nintendo publishes them once again.

            1. If Nintendo own them that would make them as first party, not second party anymore. Second party is like gamefreak which is an independant company (only partly owned)

              1. Why don’t you find out for your self?

                Conkers Bad Fur day by rare was published by nintendo and Rare was 2nd party.

                Nintendo sold rare in 2001 to microsoft.

                2nd party means that nintendo still owns them. They can’t go off making games for other companys because Nintendo owns them

        1. Pokemon ownership is actually quite complicated. It’s controlled by The Pokemon Company, who are then actually owned by Nintendo anyway.

          1. Pokemon is more managed by The Pokemon company; however they are not the ones who create the games. Game Freak owns all rights to the Pokemon series, so if Game Freak stopped productions, The Pokemon Company would have to purchase the rights to create more games.

  3. To be honest, the average consumer would be more likely to buy a Mario game than any other game because they know that it’s gonna be good.

    1. Average? Oh no!

      I’ve only got 2 mario games! I got lots of nintendo games but their mainly diffrent franchises by nintendo.

      And seriously… mario party 8 sucked and 9 is going to suck.

      BTW: I have all the starfox games expect the SNES.

      All the metroid games expect Super and 2.

      Thats what i got really.

      1. It’s Mario Party, of course it’s gonna suck. I’m talking about the platforming Mario games and the Mario Kart games.

          1. ^Agree. Many Metroid fans still hold that one as the best Metroid game.(like myself)

            @Air, it is on the Wii virtual console for $8 (800 points). Highly recommended.

      2. I think its funny how you say you got all Star Fox and Metroid games, and then state that you don’t have Super Metroid and Star Fox….You are definitely missing out on Super Metroid, its one of the best games out there.

    2. You certainly are correct due to the knowledge that it is Mario, the most famous game in history. But the average consumer not only looks for Mario games, but first and second party games such as Zelda or Pokemon. I mean within ten or so years, Pokemon will have probably outsold Mario games.

  4. i think mario is too kiddy now. they need a new mascot thats mature and cool enough to tend to the elder generation. even kids these days are playing gta. mario targets the age group 10 or below if you ask me lol the games are amazing but they’d still be good if it was chris redfield or solid snake driving around a track or jumping on platforms unlocking stuff

    1. Kids are always going for the violent games now primarily GTA and black ops.

      I bet nintendo would make millions if they made a mario game with violence with guns just because the kids would play it!

      1. I’m 18 and I barely ever play voilent games, and I hate GTA, they’re all the same. Mario is my favorite franchise, it has the best gameplay and I love the nastalgia.

        1. That turned into a violent game back in 2006.

          It’s gone back to kids game now.

          Seriously… All the kids are playing GTA these days.

    2. BTW: Star Fox and Metroid are more mature 1st party nintendo games.

      Rare (2ND party until 2001) made lots of mature games like Golden Eye 64 and Conker.

    3. Mario is like a Disney movie such as Toy Story or Up, teens will hate it because they think it will make them cool to do so, yet you’ll see just as many childless couples in their 20s in the audience for such movies as you would families with kids.

      1. Very much this!

        A sign of the mature gamer isn’t so much what constitutes an M rating but rather the appreciation for such masterfully-crafted gameplay mechanics and the like. And quite frankly if you’re still concerned with things being too “kiddy” and getting into your adult years that’s a sure sign of immaturity.

        1. Agreed. There’s a great quote by CS Lewis on the matter. It goes something like, “when I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

      2. I’m fifteen and I love Disney movies (and Pixar, of course!). I know I’m different compared to my age group, so you’re still correct. I also just watched The Lion King for the first time a week ago and I loved the characters, the setting, and the music (saw the second one already). That’s why I love the Kingdom Hearts series, just seeing the characters with me is so nostalgic.

    4. I disagree. I’m 24 and like Mario just as I did when I was a kid. In fact, the older the person, the more likely he/she is to love Mario. Think about it,Mario has a nostalgic effect on people.
      The ones who like “cool” characters are the teenagers; the youngsters ( <10 years old) and adults do like Mario.

      1. i didnt mean that mario isnt likeable i just meant that to use him as the mascot to your company/system isnt so great. a plumber with a mustache? come on now lol it is original but you have so many other cooler characters like star fox or link or samus to use. i love disney films but when i go to play a game i want it to be cool n make me feel good. sometimes killing ruthless monsters feels better than killing an evil looking troopa lol


  5. Although i wouldn’t say mario is a curse to nintendo they shouldn’t just focus on using him as a way to get money ,but i think it is about time nintendo start trying to come up with some new IP’s , they can keep going the way they are with there mario and zelda games but atleast expand a little and try getting some new games into the market , its not easy but u never know =P

  6. They’re slightly right…
    I’d say making loads of Mario games in hindering their ability to make other, new IPs-just look at the number of mario games that have been released or announced for the 3DS…But saying that, it definitely isn’t the cause for their losses. It’s what keeps selling and is probably what makes them the most money.

          1. Nintendo said Super mario is coming for Wii U.

            Mario tennis is being released for 3DS this year and an new mario game for 3DS is coming in 2013.

            It’s not fully annouced yet but nintendo says mario is coming.

      1. it’s not that person’s fault. you can tell by the username Lady GaGa that this person can’t really tell what great is.

  7. No logic. 3DS sales weren’t even relevant unstil Mario 3DS was released. Games which WERE different like Samurai Warriors got brushed aside to the insult of there being “no games at launch”. So these comment make no sense.

    The one and only reason is glaringly obvious, it’s the 1st time ever Nintendo decided to make a loss on their hardware.

    This article is flash apple app centric for the noobs. Micro transaction games are relevant on a phone, but they’ve GOT to have decent production value on a handheld like VITA/3DS.

  8. Hey, I would be sad to see Mario gone. Mario was a major part of my childhood. The first game I got was Luigi’s Mansion and second ass Mario Party 5. I loved them. The thing is, is that I’ve played these games over and over, even after getting my ps3. I hope nintendo will find out what they’re doing before they get rid of my memories…

  9. I can debate for and against this point.
    Yes, maybe Nintendo should try something new, I’d be curious to know what they would come out with if they decided to bring something new, however, it’s also true that Nintendo have the most popular franchises in the industry, and they’ve got tons of’em. Maybe the solution ISN’T to provide new franchises, but simply try to open up to 3rd party developers, which is what I think the Wii-U will do, and that’s awesome.
    I think Nintendo are already busy enough bringing their franchises to each new console they produce.
    Oh and Mario is awesome and has never disappointed. It’s always something fresh and new; so yeah, it could be the only game they’ll ever make, I’d still wanna play it.

  10. That’s bullshit, I don’t want all that cell phone crap games, I want real games, and real games can only be played on real videogames

      1. those games are crap especially angry birds.

        I would Linke Angry birds a lot better if it was a retail game for actual system with 3d graphic, better controls, local and online play, better music, and more gameplay modes. Then it will be better.

  11. Mario isn’t a curse at all to nintendo, hes the mascot for gods sake, its not that hes bringing down nintendo its that nintendo is too afraid to deviate or change him at all, like you know that one game where mario saves peach? your remember that one?

      1. they are too afraid to change the format for some reason but then again they see what happens when you do so (i.e. sonic) but nintendo just has to make a game that has a different story line, im tired of saving peach lets move on to something else

  12. Nintendo it’s not mario bringing down the money.

    It’s the medias idiotic response to the 3DS… remember what the worst news paper in the world said about the 3DS? The news paper called The Sun.

  13. That’s stupid. Without Mario,Nintendo wouldn’t be as popular. It’s like SEGA without Sonic or Sony without Ratchet and Clank. Even Legend Of Zelda wouldn’t be able to save Nintendo if there was no Mario.

      1. No I agree with him, noone around now will recognise Kid Icarus, it’s completely different in character, gameplay and story, and he said “essentially” meaning he knows about those games, but ignores them because they are now irrelevent.

    1. Umm…

      Kid Icarus was resurrected into Uprising… the series was dead for over 10 years but they brung it back, it’s NOT a new IP.

      1. Keyword here is essentially. He never said it was completely new, but seeing as it completely different, with the gameplay being vastly different, it is basically a new IP.

  14. Fail! The Mario franchise is the biggest ip in the gaming industry. Its one of the most, if not THE most recognized figure on the face of the planet. Hes even bigger then mickey mouse!

    TBH the recent 2d Mario games werent that big, 3d land is a very short game. Would have been perfect to add more levels with DLC

  15. I’m sorry, Nintendo do need a new IP, but why is it that Mario of all franchises gets in the way of that? He’ll get maybe 1/2 games every generation of console, be it handheld or home. He’s not to blame here. It’s this frantic paranoia that Nintendo keep rehashing their franchises, when actually all they’re doing is making sequels to established franchises which are different every game.

    If you make this argument about Mario, you can make the argument about CoD, Battlefield etc.

    1. New IP
      Brain Training
      Steel Diver
      Endless Ocean
      Day of Disaster
      The Last Story
      Pandora’s Tower
      Elite Beat Agent
      Mutant Mudd
      Punch Out!
      Kid Icarus
      Golden Sun
      Advance Wars
      Hotel Dusk

        1. You guys forgot the biggest ones:

          Wii Sports
          Wii Play
          Wii Fit

          I know what you are thinking, but Like it or not Nintendo DID deliver some BIG new IP’s on Wii and DS, the thing is: they were made with the hardware and the marketing plan in mind. That means those franchises were ”casual” and for new players.
          Now the new promisses of Nintendo is to deliver content to the CORE public, this means the new IPs are gonna be for harcore gamers, fans and old players. Nintendo WILL show new ips, as they always do, and this time it’s for us, their old public, and hardcore gamers =)

        2. Brain Age: Dev – Nintendo SPD for NDS
          Nintendogs: Dev – Nintendo EAD for NDS
          Steel Diver: Dev – Nintendo EAD for 3DS
          Endless Ocean: Dev – Arika (Not Nintendo)
          Disaster: Day of Crisis: Dev – Monolith Soft (Not Nintendo)
          Xenoblade: Dev – Monolith Soft (Not Nintendo)
          The Last Story: Dev – Mistwalker (Not Nintendo)
          Pandoras Tower: Dev – Ganbarion (Not Nintendo)
          Elite Beat Agent: Dev – iNiS (Not Nintendo)
          Pushmo: Dev – Intelligent Systems for 3DS
          Mutant Mudds: Dev – Renegade Kid (Not Nintendo)
          PunchOut (By Nintendo but this IP is from 1983, its so OLD im not counting it here)
          Pikmin: Dev – Nintendo EAD for GCN
          Kid Icarus: Dev – Nintendo R&D1 for NES (this is OLD, 1987 so im not counting it)
          Golden Sun: Dev – Camelot Software Planing (partners with Nintendo, But its Not Nintendo)
          Advance Wars: Dev – Intelligent Systems on GBA
          Hotel Dusk: Room 215: Dev – CING (Partners with Nintendo, But not Nintendo)
          Rhythm Heaven: Dev – nintendo SPD For NDS
          Art Academy: Dev – Headstrong Games (Not Nintendo)
          Picasso (ive never heard of this game)
          Wii Sports: Dev- Nintendo EAD for Wii
          Wii Play: Dev – Nintendo EAD for Wii
          Wii Fit: Dev – Nintendo EAD for Wii

          thats only 10 ips From Nintendo spaming from the GBA gen to 3DS (this is why i didnt count punch out and Kid Icarus), that is 10 year spam, 10 IPS in 10 years, this is their point. in that 10 year spam nintendo has released over 60 games using marios name.
          yes, mario is a cash cow, but getting new ips (atleast 2 or 3 every gen) would do Nintendo very well, but they way rely to much on mario , and this is their point, when mario isnt in the scene, Nintendo hurts.
          and i Agree.

          1. You all forget one important thing and that is that when nintendo do a new IP they want to use it for more than one game. If they made 2-3 new IP’s per gen so would they have to make about 100 games per year in 10 years. That’s why Nintendo seldom do new IPs. Ofc so would it be great with a hard-core RPG IP from Nintendo… That would be heavenly. AND NOT A WESTERN RPG!!!

  16. I peteriuss hate Dr peter also I hate Nintendo franchise me hope fors plenty of spongebob n Barbie games on wii u.

    1. Sigh… Dressing barbie on Wii U… DOES NOT WORK! :P

      BTW: Microsofts console is a kids console in the future… you’ve seen RARE and Kinect… Rare was a mature company but their making kids games recently because microsoft said so…

      Only kids play kinect… kinectimals, sonic only one mature game? thats a kids console right!

  17. how exactly can mario be blamed for losses when the two mario games released recently sat at the top of the charts for the holiday season and sold a million units each in no time flat?

  18. If peoples taste in video games today isn’t Mario why is it so damn popular. Nintendo doesn’t really need many more Ip’s but maybe one or two would be cool and we now Miyamoto is working on something.

  19. It’s funny how they think the mascot has anything to do with the company’s decisions. Their target focus is tightening up gameplay, not filling up market areas which have already been saturated.

    Mario REPRESENTS Nintendo, not acts as their god. The people who wrote that article are either trolling or really don’t know what they are talking about.

  20. Epic fail.

    While I do slightly agree Nintendo is milking Mario, this is complete BS. He saved the 3DS from the dark days – if it wasn’t for Mario – then the 3DS could have been the next Virtual Boy.

    1. That’s exactly what he said. you’re all numbskulls. Nintendo cannot survive without Mario; Mario is a huge well known franchise and it’s the only thing that people seem to buy. Nintendo hasn’t branched out to released a new IP because they know that what people want is mario. No mario, no sales.

      1. Xenoblade
        The Last Story
        Pandora’s Tower
        nintendo have released new IPs
        its just that mario makes them the most money so they market mario more than others.

        1. Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Box are not developed by nintendo, only published, and pikmin was developed by nintendo for the Gamecube back in 2001, that was almost 11 years ago.

  21. I agree that Nintendo hasn’t been able to explore many smaller and new IPs (yet, as now that Miyamoto is already working on a new one), but the reason hardly has anything to do with Mario. They’re just using Mario as a way to argue against Nintendo’s lack of mobile practices as usual, as they couldn’t find other arguments to use against them. That kind of underhanded attack I find despicable.

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  23. Blame Nintendo’s inability to actually create a system that is state of the art since the snes. They have been behind the curve in terms of graphics, and connectivity for years now, and people are becoming more and more focused on those things. If nintendo doesn’t begin catering to the evolving tastes of the general public, they will just continue to fall behind.

    1. If you haven’t noticed, they have always produced the most powerful console, except for the Wii. Since the SNES, the most powerful console always sells the least due to the high costs and the “hardcore” gameplay. Oh, and if they aren’t “catering to the evolving tastes of the generald public”, why did they smash the 360 and PS3 in sales?

  24. Honestly? I think whoever wrote that article in that Japanese Newspaper is either interpreting things horribly, or is just a stupid person. Mario and the Mario Universe, while it may be a major franchise for Nintendo, they aren’t limiting themselves to just Mario in any sense. I mean, That series get alot of representation in consoles because it works! Sure they could change things up… but when they do… people WILL complain that it’s too different from the classic stuff.

    So when they keep things the same, people WILL complain that its getting stale.

    Can people make up their mind? Either that, or just let the game companies do their thing. No one really complains about Call of Duty or Madden games or games that haven’t really change in the basic gist.

    1. Lol!

      I remember that… i also remember the lies the so called BEST selling news paper in the UK called the sun made up… thats what i hate about Fox company… They also own the Sun and Fox news.

      The Sun news paper ruined the 3DS sales a lot in the UK… they make up anything so badly.

      The Sun is the most biased news paper in the world! Oh! Just as bad as fox news… the reason people buy the sun in the uk is because of Page 3… (Page 3 is an image of a topless woman which is what makes them famous) Sigh… whats wrong with the world these days?

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  26. mario is the only thing i like from nintendo and the old pokemon games from red blue to emerald and thats i dont like anything else

  27. Accursed plumber. How dare Nintendo focus on creating quality games featuring him instead of resorting to cheap, shitty money-milking techniques like DLC.

  28. This is absurd! I love Mario and I think Nintendo has done a good job of bringing him into this century and keeping Mario games relevant. Sure, hardcore ADULT gamers are still going to gravitate towards more adult themed games, but Mario is a timeless classic that can be loved by all. I would honestly lose a lot of respect for Nintedo if they were to do away with Mario.

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  30. Once again, someone saying “Nintendo should stop being Nintendo. They should be Microsoft and everybody else who offers half-finished games to milk consumers for the full product.”

    If Nintendo was offering the same thing everyone else was offering they would have probably gone the way of Sega by now. Obviously misinformed troll.

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  35. A lot of people are reffering to 3ds as an example as nintendo wating for mario to bring them sales, but the truth is that every other game before mario kart 7 and 3d land was a pice of shit. Yeah there was zelda and starfox, but they were just remakes that wouldn’t make too many people run out and buy a 3ds.

    Are you all saying that the wii is only a sucsess becase of mario galaxy? Not really, only the hardcore gamers bought those titles, the rest is down to wii fit and brain training. Nintendo were ina bad place at the end of the gamecube, and a lot of developers left because they ould see nintendos demise, but luckily N got back on their feet and made their new console make its way into just about every families home.

    Nintendo are building more powerful hardware with their new profits (3ds and WiiU) and hopefully we can see more 3rd part titles, such as Batman AC, and Assasins Cree, but up until then we’ll just have to settle with good old mario im afraid.

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  37. I LOVE Mario and the other characters! Mario games have to last forever, right? Please? o.o <3

    I'm a huge fan of Mario and the gang, that is why I write fanfiction. If they do someday quit Mario (better not!) we will keep their images alive with our writing!!!!! :D There are stories that had lasted today, that are from old fandoms, no longer active ones-that are still having stories written! So no matter what, fans will keep their loved fandoms alive. Though I'd hope that Nintendo would never abandon Mario. Stupid news thing. :/

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