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Nintendo Releases New Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer

Nintendo has uploaded a new North American trailer for the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles. The game came out in April last year in Europe but it’s finally making its way to North America on April 6th. The game is available for purchase through GameStop or direct from Nintendo themselves. Make sure you pre-order!

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases New Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer”

  1. To be honest, this trailer looks like they took random parts of the game and mashed them up into an ugly mess. This trailer isn’t to my likings, with the random music meshes and the part where Shulk screamed “I’ll kill you!”, they could’ve at least shown why.. the blood on the Mechon’s blade was hardly satisfying. ;\

  2. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

    im gana sale my 360 wii and ps3 the moment they anounce wii u price i know there gana launch it in around november but when

  3. Such a good trailer. I remember watching it back in July and going weak at the knees because it looked so good. And now that I’ve finished it, man, anybody who doesn’t play it is missing out.

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