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Edge Says Metal Gear 3D Looks Better Than The HD Version

Edge magazine, which is renowned for being the most stringent of all video gaming magazines, has stated in its review that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D looks better than Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater HD on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. High praise indeed for a game that had initially received fairly disappointing previews from several publications.

“Packed with detail, both in terms of it’s environments and mechanics, this is a game that pays back investment in spades. MGS3 is a modern classic – the tightest, smartest and most emotional journey in the series – and even the HD update doesn’t look as good as this portable treatment.”

116 thoughts on “Edge Says Metal Gear 3D Looks Better Than The HD Version”

  1. I’m a bit surprised, but then again, the 3D version has been at the forefront of Konami’s development for a while, as opposed to the HD remakes. Also, the 3D versions probably required an entirely new engine to run on the 3DS w/3D, which meant they could add optimizations and whatnot.

    Speculation on my part of course, but slightly educated speculation at that.

    1. They might have tweaked their graphics engine for the 3DS but they definitely would NOT have made an entirely new one just for MGS. First of all, advanced graphic engines used in VGs today are INCREDIBLY complex and take ages to program. Second of all, rendering graphics for a 3D display doesn’t require special graphics engines or anything

      1. Highly doubt they made an entirely new engine, just tweaked the original… so you’re right, don’t know what I was saying there. It takes at least 2 years to program engines these days; I have no idea what hit me when I was typing my comment.

        But your second comment isn’t correct; it requires a lot of work on the engine to make it work with 3D. At least, a lot more work that it takes for it to run in “HD” (just up the textures on that).

    1. It’s not a matter of hardware. MGS 3D is made from the ground up, as opposed to the HD versions which are just retextured from the PS2 version.

        1. hardware is very important. not only does it dictate what you can or cannot do with the games, but it also is a deciding factor in how much it it going to cost to produce the game and sell it.

    2. No, hardware is incredibly important. The difference here is the HD “remakes” didn’t receive nearly the amount of attention the 3DS one did.

      Developers have to take advantage of that hardware of course; I could have the most powerful PC out there, but it won’t make a N64 game (in an emulator) look any better. You have to do a lot of texture work, polygon work, animation work, etc.; in other words, game development.

      But that doesn’t mean hardware is any less important. The difference in 256 MB in RAM can mean the difference between 2-player co-op and 4-player co-op, 480p textures and 720p textures (or 720p textures to 1080p textures). The N64 can’t run Metro 2033, because of hardware. The Wii didn’t get MGS because it can’t run shaders (which the 3DS can, which is why the 3DS is getting MGS and the Wii isn’t).

        1. The most powerful consumer-gaming computer out there plays Metro 2033 at 65 FPS. The graphics card for that is around $700. The rig itself needs to be around $3000.

          If you can freaking run it, at anything more than 1 FPS, you’ll be LEGEND. As in, “If you do it, your new name will be ‘LEGEND’.”

          1. Actually, to be honest, my rig cost me 500 dollars, (i had monitor, driver, and hardrives already) and i can play anything i’d like on my 1920×1080 res. You fail.

            1. Metro 2033 at 4x AA and the highest resolution? At 60 FPS? On a $500 rig? What a liar…

              I meant the 1FPS on the N64, btw… my 4-year old laptop can run it at around 2 FPS, so a new desktop should at least be able to hit 10, even if it’s not a gaming rig.

              1. I made my rig that can play any game on high for $600 on Black Friday. Had to settle for an AMD graphics card though, hopefully this year I’ll get an Nvidia

  2. Its nice to know that the 3DS is getting more and more respect these days…maybe I will buy this game after all, but only when it goes on sale…the demo didn’t convince me too much.

        1. Well, I guess I’m beyond help…while 15 minutes of gameplay is nice, I just didn’t feel anything extraordinary from the demo…i did however like the Resident Evil: Revelations demo, that one was convincing!

          1. Didn’t mean you; you just didn’t like the game/genre in general. I was replying to the guy above, who thinks a 15-25 minute demo is too short! Fool, back in MY day, we didn’t have no stinkin’ demos! That was 2 months ago. You’re already asking for more!

            First they’re like,”NINTENDO PLEASE BRING DEMOS!” Then they’re like, “NINTENDO BRING US [insert game here] DEMO!” Then they’re like, “DIS DEMO SUX! MOAR OF DA GAEM I WANTZ! FOR FREEZBIES I WANTZ IT!” Next thing you’ll know, they’ll be asking for the entire multiplayer component of a game or something…

            1. Sorry to make you rage! I didn’t think the demo was too short, I mean it’s a demo not a game! and they had Demo’s for the PSP and DS, but i agree they didn’t have demos not too long ago, but I’m just saying that I didn’t like it. I like though that EDGE finds the 3DS version better than the HD version, even though i don’t really care for the game, i’m glad it’s getting the hype it fully deserves. People just like free stuff, but i’m fine with reading reviews and going “Man! That looks really good! I think i’ll get it!” So…yea…-awkward exit-

      1. I spent almost an hour on my demo. But that was cuz I was struck with nostalgia and then anger at the complex controls. Then I had to hide from the baddies and we all know how long it takes for them to leave XD

        1. siegfried von schroider

          i think the 1 who must be baned is you anonymous because you piss me of and i dont have da time to speak with cowerds like you

    1. Yes. It is. Did you play the 3D Demo? It’s beautiful. You have NO idea what you’re missing. If you did, you would be crying that the HD collection is re-hashed of the same, while 3DS owners get a rebooted version of MGS3

      1. Well people with ps3’s and xbox get 2 more games and dont need to buy some stupid ass ungly add on to enjoy the game

        1. You don’t need the addon, you can play it all the same way. I can’t believe all the people who say things and think they know what they’re talking about.

  3. the demo is really bad but I can tell you that the game is going to be an amazing game if you dont buy it you will regret and that is for sure… In the other hand we should buy games like this because it will help the third partys to make more and more games like this for the Nintendo 3ds and obviosly the WII U

    1. It doesn’t look better but it certainly controls better. MUCH better. That alone makes it worth the purchase.

      By the way, it’s not a port. It’s a remake.

  4. Well, i’m not surprised to read this. I have the HD collection, and what I found out is that the HD games are the original games made to play on your big screen.
    The 3DS version features a lot more content.

    You play as the Peace Walker gameplay, using advance CQC mechanics which alone add lots of possibilities, also the graphics are sharper, if you played the HD or the PS2 version you will notice this, the graphics on both (HD and PS2) are too much blurry, and the texture quality didn’t get better on HD collection, so it looks better on a smaller screen with 3D.

    It seems the 3D version was made with care, adding not only in graphics enviroments with the 3D, but adding gameplay features for those who have beaten this classic and new players.

  5. I hate these kinda games, but I thought the demo looked great. And the game functions really well with or without a circle pad. The 3ds is getting some really nice software.

  6. I hope the 3DS has another hit on its’ hands. We need to support the 3rd parties that support Nintendo as much as we do Nintendo. That way they’ll be encouraged to bring their games to Nintendo consoles.

  7. The Only Pokemon Champion

    This is quite odd, Edge seriously have a mind of their own. Then again, the don’t fall to the bias HD and Graphic side like IGN and Gamespot.
    I loved the Demo and the 3D depth, and am seriously considering buying it after Kid Icarus Uprising

  8. And then the HD collection comes out on vita. Because they’re remaking it, not just porting. Can’t wait to slit a throat with the touch screen.

    1. No, they’re both “remakes.” They can coexist you know… you can “remake” games different ways…

      The 3DS version has more features, sharper graphics, and tweaked gameplay; the PS3/PSV versions don’t. Personally, a small difference in graphics doesn’t matter to me; however, it exists, and it appears the 3DS has the upper hand this time.

    2. You do realize that the MGS Collection will be coming out on Wii-U, right? Hideo has already experimented with WiiU and 3DS tech, so youll be able to play it on Wii U the same way you would with PS3 and Vita.

  9. even if it did,you tell me what the better deal is.

    Lets say you’re a 3DS owner and also have a 360/PS3

    3DS: You could get MGS3 in 3D,and some added features for $40 in 480p handheld

    PS3/360 – MGS 2,3 and PW all in HD on a console with acheivements/trophies(If you care for those),with original ports of MSX (real versons)versons of Metal Gear 1 and 2 all for $50.Oh,and PW has awesome co-op multiplayer. Tons of replay value.

    Tell me.Whats the better deal?

    However,if you own a 3DS and don’t own a PS3 or 360,I’d say go for it.MGS3 is awesome.

    Oh and by the way: Graphics don’t matter.

      1. I will lol now because people thought NES games had the best graphics.

        Sony fans grew up with the NES or early sega or Commodore 64.

    1. Also applies if you have a Vita and 3DS. Would you get the HD collection for VITA with 2 games on an HD screen with 2 analogue sticks, or pay the same price for one of the games you get with the HD collection.

      1. If you have a 3DS/Vita, I suggest getting most multiplatform games for the Vita. There won’t be many though, besides a couple sports games and the ever-present CoD.

        1. Yeah, but I prefer the analogue sticks, more than the nubs. The sticks are more precise and easier to maneuver. Also, I’m not buying that because when the 3DS slim comes out with 2 nubs already built in, I’ll just sell my 3DS to get that instead of spending an extra $20 for something that will be in the next 3DS.

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  11. Well… that’s a bit stupid to say. “HD” remakes never really look that great, they just slightly up the graphics. So really, there’s not much to compare it to. In fact, if the 3DS game didn’t look better then I’d say they failed at making it. But that does not mean it’s a better game than the HD collection. I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never played any of them, but I have a feeling the games in the HD collection are better than the 3DS game.

  12. I dont understand people always trying to convince a true gamer whos not concern with HD graphics or deals.The gamer who just want to play a good game and enjoy it for what it is

  13. I hate it when 3rd party games try to make 3D, but this was a big exception. The trees in the demo really showed how much 3D the 3DS is capable of. Also I’m not a fan of it HD games, they look way too crisp and glitches happen way too often (Skyrim).

    1. So what you’re saying is glitches don’t happen in non-HD games? Also, how can you hate crisp graphics? I don’t even….

  14. It is true. I have the HD collection and the 3DS Demo and when I compared them I was like “Son of a bitch the 3DS version looks better than the HD version” Getting it 1st day.

  15. rides a 10; speed everywhere guy

    So the demo isn’t what the final game looked like the trailer looked much better than the demo

  16. Awesome!!! I was going to get it day one anyways but this is great. Now I can laugh at all my friends that said that they would rather have the HD version than the 3DS version.

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