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Here’s The Top Ten Most Downloaded Nintendo 3DS eShop Games In 2011 With Revenue

Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment, has revealed the best-selling games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in 2011, along with revenue generated in US dollars. Nintendo certainly did well as the company managed to scoop 81% of gross revenue for downloadable titles in 2011. Here’s the top ten in its entirety:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Nintendo) – 338,700 Units / $2.3 Million USD
  2. Excitebike (Nintendo) – 481,100 Units / $1.3 Million USD
  3. Super Mario Land (Nintendo) – 230,500 Units / $1.1 Million USD
  4. Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! (Nintendo) – 112,700 Units / $969,000 USD
  5. Pushmo (Nintendo) – 93,300 Units / $634,000 USD
  6. Kirby’s Dream Land (Nintendo) – 84,500 Units / $384,000 USD
  7. Let’s Golf 3D (Gameloft) – 43,200 Units / $356,000 USD
  8. Donkey Kong (Nintendo) – 82,800 Units / $348,000 USD
  9. Xevious (Nintendo) – 47,900 Units / $301,000 USD
  10. Hyu Stone (Poisoft) – 50,300 Units / $293,000 USD

43 thoughts on “Here’s The Top Ten Most Downloaded Nintendo 3DS eShop Games In 2011 With Revenue”

        1. Yeah man i hope they do the oracles games again they were awesome :D i cant remember what happend to my copys though :(

    1. Thats kind of a bad thing. Talented third party developers won’t develop for Nintendo because they’ll never sell as good

      1. thats only cause Nintendo’s first party games are soo awesome that 3rd party developers are just totally outclassed and cant compete with them :P

  1. I’ve got the top 3 plus Kirby’s dream land,i didn’t pay for Excitebike,that came free when the 3DS was launched.

    1. do you like Puzzle games better? If yes then Pushmo. Do you like adventure/platform games better? And able to design your own characters? If yes, then Freakyforms. Based on that, I loved Pushmo much much more than Freakyforms (I have both)

  2. well would you look at that. the top 3 games there are some of the first ones to come out. looks like nintendo made a good choice of games to start out on the eshop

  3. Gotta love the classics. Glad to see Nintendo can still make money off of their old games. Despite posting losses last year Nintendo is doing well. Hoping to ride that wave all the way to the Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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  5. …and even with Japanese catered games the Vita fails to sell over 20K!!! No wonder why Japanese developer is jumping ship and leaving the Titanic aka PS:Vita!!!

    1. And a touch pad on most of the back surface of the unit as well. I played with a demo one at future shop today. pretty slick. Still too expensive though

  6. I wish they would just find the time to delay other games and speed up the development of the new program. go to and you will find funny videos and create funny videos. its totally free. [just like the flipnote memo is SUPPOSED to be] ):[

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