GAME Is Switching The Last Story Collectors Edition To The Standard Edition Without Notification

I’ve just been informed via Twitter that UK video game retailer GAME are currently switching The Last Story limited edition copies to the standard edition, and they aren’t actually notifying people that they’re doing it. Twitter user James Duckett only found out that they had changed the pre-order when he logged into his account and found that the two limited edition copies he ordered had been downgraded to standard edition. GAME has pulled the limited edition version of The Last Story from their website.


    1. No games are suck only preference.
      I heard some people also saying Xenoblade is suck.
      Most rumors are invalid. A lot of good games suffer from this.


  1. Maybe now the game industry will stop this train of releasing things in the UK sooner than the US, where its largest market rests. I hope that retailer gets sued and shat on though, that isn’t fair for anyone.


    1. It’s not just UK you fool. It’s all of Europe. It’s not up to Ninty as a whole, Nintendo of Europe just had enough cash to release it.


    2. It’s nice Europe actually getting games before the US ;_; Hell, there are loads of games I’ve wanted in the past that never came here like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and it amuses me to see you guys distressed. :P


    3. this is not Nintendo’s fault. Game have lost their credit insurance (if they cant pay the insurance company will) there for most companies want money up front. Which Game dont have. They have had stock issues with Nintendo for ages. The company will blame Nintendo if you ask them mind. its what make zavvi and woolworths buckle in the end. no stock – no sales= no new stock


  2. I was in GAME this morning.

    The staff approached and tried to flog me a 3DS, Vita and a discounted 360 bundle … so yes they are getting pretty desperate for sales it seems.

    I fucking hate shop staff jumping out at you! I just want to browse the shelves without people hounding me for a sale every 2 minutes.


      1. thats why i left and i was a store manager. its used to be about the customers and then it become about ripping them of with warranties etc


  3. Gamestop Did something similar with Tesident Evil. Out of the twelve pre-orders, 8 of them got bumped from preorder status, losing their bonus.


    1. I know at the gamestop in my area had 15 pre orders and stupid ass Capcom only sent 3 cases. I had mine preordered since October, I wish they would give the pre order bonus when you go there like they use too


  4. I don’t know why GAME is trying to keep their things so secret.

    Thats the main game store in my town, if that goes…

    RIP getting Wii U at launch &

    RIP GAME :(


    1. yh exactly!! game is fucking up so much lately :( i want to get wii u at midnight launch from game, i cant do that if they die :( im gonna get the standard edition of last story from them, every little helps


  5. Yet another great move by the tactical geniuses that is Game.

    I just ordered from Getting packed and ready to be sent out as we speak. I’ll probably have it tomorrow.

    Amazon had the limited version down to £39.99 too.


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