The Scam Pokemon Yellow App Has Now Been Removed From The App Store

Apple has finally removed the Pokemon Pocket Edition app from the App Store. There was plenty of controversy over the app, which despite being advertised as a game, was nothing more than a glorified picture gallery. Plenty of people downloaded the application and then complained that the application either crashed, or it wasn’t what they thought it was. The Pokemon Company has already stated that they will take action against individuals who use the Pokemon name without authorisation.


      1. I want to be the best scammmer that no one ever was. to scam them is my own test to take there money is my card

  1. “The Pokemon Company has already stated that they will take action against individuals who use the Pokemon name without authorisation.” the use missingno on your ass!

  2. Took them long enough. Maybe it took so long because everyone was home for President’s Day yesterday?

  3. I have no sympathy for the retards who get scammed by every Mario Zelda and Pokemon game that shows up on the App Store if they like the game so much buy the game from Nintendo at least you know it’s real in this instance you get what you pay for garbage.

    1. XD you name.

      BTW: Are you in Hawaii or Alaska or something because it’s 3:44 in the morning in LA (I don’t live in LA so don’t think I’m up so early.

  4. Apple + Scammers own lots of 5 bucks to people…

    Apples fault for not testing even though they have a testing policy so they own people money for using their bandwith.

  5. My favourite part was “The Pokemon Company has already stated that they will take action against individuals who use the Pokemon name without authorisation.”
    Seriously, I like Apple but they think they rule the world and so a lawsuit from Nintendo would be amazing since Nintendo are amazing but not as many people appreciate them as they do Apple. So yeah, basicly Apple needs knocked off their “pedistal”

    1. This is an copyright infringing scam… theres not content on it and wastes $5

      If your a Sony fan i want you to download it to be scammed.

  6. Boy, am I glad I never bought that poor excuse for an app. I have an iPod Touch, and I never saw the pokemon yellow on the app store even before this news came. besides, I hope SOMEDAY nintendo can work with (APPLES) to make something worthwhile. if they do, it will be the first official nintendo game that ISN’T on a nintendo system.

    1. Well, the Unholy Triforce wasn’t developed by Nintendo themselves, but they were Nintendo games that appeared on a non-Nintendo system officially.

  7. I find this kind of funny. So many phone developers have been talking crap for the past year about how phone apps are the future of gaming. Rovio, creators of Angry Birds, even stated that their games would ultimately kill gaming consoles. They went as far as to say that Angry Birds would become the next Mario in terms of name recognition.

    Well, it only took a fake app with the name of a random “developer” and the Pokemon title to make it into the top five paid apps in a single day. Isn’t that just interesting. Maybe this will shut up cocky phone developers. I have nothing against them when they try to innovate, but more time than not, they down talk bigger companies as soon as they find a small success with their games. A good developers will continually create something worthwhile and not gamble on if people will buy their games or not despite the quality.

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