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Check Out The Mario Tennis Open US Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded some gameplay footage of Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was shown off at today’s Nintendo Direct conference and was given an official title. Mario Tennis Open is due for release in Europe on May 25th and in North America on May 20th.

37 thoughts on “Check Out The Mario Tennis Open US Trailer”

  1. I’m a fan of Mario Tennis, but this looks boring to be honest. And it looks exactly like Mario Power Tennis which, in my opinion, sucked.

      1. I agree it looks boring. I hated the console versions. I missed the Gbc and Gba rpg elements. The online function will be the only replay value to a 40 buck games that will quickly get stale. RIP rpg…cause of death=graphics over story :'(

  2. This looks great! I’ve never played a Mario Tennis game, but it certainly looks fun! I don’t quite get the interface for the bottom screen, but I’m sure it’ll make more sense once I actually try it.

  3. The one thing I really like about this is the bottom screen. The fact that you get to choose what shot you make is pretty cool. That being said it’s still unlikely that I would get this game.

  4. Nintendo needs to drop the whole concept of “power-ups” in their sports games. It makes things too childish and easy. I don’t want to see rainbows and hearts come out of my racket. I quite simply want to play normal tennis. Just my opinion on it.

    1. There are companies that make those titles. Nintendo is creating fun games where you can go outside of the box for a game that is fun to play. I actually loved the Mario Tennis series, which comes right after the baseball series. I disliked the golf, and soccer (Strikers), but I’m into neither of those sports.

      1. I loved Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, but Mario Power Tennis really overkilled the power-ups concept. You would literally get a power-up every minute (or at least I did), and would have to watch the same little cutscene every time. It got old fast, for me. If there were a way to turn the power-ups off, I’d like the game a lot more.

        1. If I’m not wrong, there was an option in Mario Power Tennis that could let you turn off the power-ups, right in the settings you make before you start up a match (I think at least in the exhibition modes)

  5. There’s also a 3D trailer available on E-shop, the game looks amazing, i’m proud how Nintendo and other developers are taking advantage of the 3ds hardware to make good looking games like this.

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  7. Is it just me or does it seem like they could’ve just put this on Wii to give it a little more lif before the Wii U boots it off the shelves by mid-2013?

    1. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

      why the last 2 games that people might get on wii is the last story and xenoblade thats all nothing else wii is dead after that which is a good thing cause its a freakin casual system but i hope they port these 2 games to the 3ds for on the go gaming u know what i mean?

    1. A lot of games are like this, hell most games are like this, their hasn’t been much innovation in the software department, last gen we only had a hand few that actually contributed to a new genre. Catherine and Mirrors Edge are the only ones i can think of.

      and Mirrors Edge was just a First Person Action Beat em up.
      Em up

  8. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

    3ds has better graphics than wii and yes im a graphic whore but these is nothing wrong with seeing mario at his best just cant waite to see him link samus and i hope some battalion wars on wii u HD

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