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Dillon’s Rolling Western Is Out Now In Europe And Japan

Nintendo Europe has confirmed that Dillon’s Rolling Western for the Nintendo 3DS eShop is available to download now. Dillon’s Rolling Western was previously scheduled to come out last week in Europe. The game will set you back £9.00.


    1. okay i thought i was 1st … and wanted to post something because i hate it when people say 1st.. my 3ds is in the repair anyway

      1. I know. I don’t understand the bizarre fascination of saying first. If you finish before your girlfriend (or boyfriend) in sex you don’t say it, so why should you on an internet site?

  1. Its actually out in all regions!!! This game looks insane i cant beleive it has 20 freiken hours of gameplay, this game could have a been a retail game, so 9 buckeroos on the e-shop isnt a bad deal in my opinion. i didnt even know it was available in NA untill i checked eshop this morning i guess u gotta find some things out for yourself :/ but yeah im playin that bad boy after lunch thank god for silent download! :)

  2. Costed me $10 American bucks. Still well worth the money. Breakin the bad boy in now Been waitin forever for this game

  3. So far it’s utterly amazin!!! Only issue I have is the control scheme which caters to right-handed players. I’m left-handed :(

    1. Yeah I love the game also!!! It reminds me of like a cartoony cowboy movie. I dont usually like touch screen controls but these ones are great. It kinda sucks that your left handed though… to bad its not compatible with the circle pad pro cuz then it would be easier for leftys but oh well its still a fun game rite?

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