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Nintendo Announces Limited Edition Pandora’s Tower

Nintendo Europe has announced that it will be releasing a special limited edition version of Pandora’s Tower when the game launches on the 13th April. The limited edition offers fans a premium steel book casing and a beautiful 32 page art book, showcasing the best imagery of the game.

Hot off the heels of The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower is the latest in a line of story driven, action RPGs to launch for Wii and features real-time combat, motion controls, a unique relationship mechanic and multiple possible endings depending on your style of play.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Limited Edition Pandora’s Tower”

  1. “a unique relationship mechanic”
    Shin Megami Tensei / Persona did it first. Since the SNES. =P But maybe this is different. I’d need to play Pandora’s Tower for myself.

  2. Guys,

    Please remember NOT to pre-order this from retailer GAME.

    After what just happened to The Last Story pre-orders, i dont want any of you getting screwed-over like those other poor buggers!!

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