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Nintendo Provides Information About Kid Icarus Uprising Multiplayer

Nintendo has revealed new details on the different multiplayer modes in Kid Icarus: Uprising which will launch exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system on March 23rd. Here’s some of the modes and features in the multiplayer portion of Kid Icarus: Uprising:

  • Light vs. Dark: Team up with other players in Light vs. Dark multiplayer mode, in which two teams of three are pitted against one another. The ultimate goal is to empty the opposing team’s health meter, which transforms the last defeated team member into an angel. The team who defeats the opposing team’s angel wins. This unique multiplayer mode tests players’ ability to work as a team while keeping the match exciting as the focus constantly shifts from dealing out damage to protecting the team angel.
  • Free-for-All: In this mode, up to six players (including CPU players) combat each other in a winner-takes-all match. Winners are determined by high score, heavily influenced by both the number of kills and the number of deaths.
  • Match Set-up: Both Light vs. Dark and Free-for-All multiplayer modes are playable through local wireless play or online for players with broadband Internet access. CPU players will fill out the roster if there are fewer than six players in a match. Duration of the match, CPU difficulty, weapons and team handicaps are all customizable prior to beginning a multiplayer battle.
  • Weapons and Weapon Fusion: The wide variety of weapons a player has collected in single-player mode can be used during multiplayer matches. Players can also earn additional weapons as rewards in multiplayer play. Players can choose set combinations of weapons and powers before entering into a match. This provides further incentive for players to continue collecting different and more powerful weapons as they play through the single-player campaign. Players can also fuse weapons together at the Arms Altar. Fusing two weapons will result in a single, more powerful weapon that retains some of the key benefits of each, giving players the ability to customize weapons to match their play style. Fused weapons can also be used in multiplayer matches.
  • StreetPass: Through the StreetPass functionality of the Nintendo 3DS hardware, players have the ability to share one of their weapons with other Kid Icarus: Uprising owners. The selected weapon is turned into a Weapon Gem. Shared Weapon Gems can be converted into real weapons by paying Hearts. Players can also fuse Weapon Gems together by paying Hearts to create a more powerful Weapon.

41 thoughts on “Nintendo Provides Information About Kid Icarus Uprising Multiplayer”

  1. Biggest thing I’m worried about Icarus multiplayer is the framerate. I hope it doesn’t plummet with all those characters mashing it out at once. >_<

      1. What piss me off is that Mario Tennis was basically JUST announced and we already have a release date while Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced at E3 and we haven’t heard shit yet >:(

            1. It’s probably because Mario Tennis is such a tiny game compared to the big hyped up games like Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario etc. and they think the big news should wait till E3. I’m still pissed though >:(

                  1. hahah, youre right. It’s funny how we are still not used to this. Nintendo is known for its misterious plans. We never know what they are up to, we never know when our most wanted games will be released and they are always working into some misterious games. that sucks, but at the same time, it’s so rewarding! =D

        1. I think it’s because Mario Tennis is a lot easier to program (it’s just a game engine and then just make all the tennis courts/characters/moves). Luigi’s Mansion, on the other hand, has a lot more characters (in enemies), much more detailed environments, and a relatively complex physics engine (if it’s anything like the GameCube version) to boot. A much larger game to develop.

            1. yes they said that, but now I’m thinking they changed their minds =/

              They should have announced at least the release date for Japan, I can’t believe it.

    1. Except the 3DS is selling much better than the GameCube ever did. It’s already sold over a third of the total life sales of the GameCube in only a year! XD Other than the great games, GameCube was sadly a massive fail compared to other Nintendo consoles (not as bad as Virtual Boy though). I actually still have my GameCube in my closet :)

      1. It sold 10 million less than the N64… Nintendo was just doing badly before the Wii came along. Guess who they were appealing to? That’s right, “core” gamers… The N64 and GC combined sold less than the Wii’s sales…

        Oh, and the 3DS has sold more than 2/3’s of the GC’s sales… 16 million vs. 21 million.

          1. 3DS is also appealing more to core gamers than the DS (albeit not to the extent as Wii to Wii U) and it’s selling like hot cakes :)

            1. The DS proved a system having a lot of casual games doesn’t mean you get less hardcore games; on the contrary, the DS is the most “hardcore” handheld out there right now. The 3DS is just continuing that trend; it has a great selection of “core” and “casual” games, even now. Some of them exist in the same game; Mario Kart and SM3DL appeal to both “hardcore” and “casual” gamers.

              Then you have games like OoT or Nintendogs, which cater to different audiences. But like the DS proved, you can still have hundreds of “casual” games, while offering even more hardcore games than other, “hardcore” systems. The DS has more “hardcore” games than practically any console out there, and the 3DS looks to overtake the DS in that regard.

        1. I think I’m starting to finally see Nintendo’s strategy here.
          1. Leave the scene of core gamers to attract numerous casual gamers
          2. Due to #1, their name gets established even more than it was before
          3. Finish off the strategy by releasing not one, but 2 core gamer consoles – a handheld (3DS) and a home console (WiiU) with great visuals and online service.
          Then, step 4: DOMINATE.

  2. I really want to play a demo before I make any final decisions to buy this. It’s kind of rare for me to try new game series other than the ones I know about and played before, I guess that’s just how I am.

  3. This game’s multiplayer is gonna be amazing, with so many weapons and the ability to create your own, i’m sure it’s going to be one of the most played games online

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