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Nintendo President Says The Old Franchise Revival On The 3DS Is Just Gossip

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has taken to Twitter to address the previous rumour that Nintendo is working with third-party developers to encourage them to revive old franchises for the Nintendo 3DS. Iwata said that the report from respected Japanese paper The Nikkei that was published earlier this week was just gossip, and there was no truth to the rumour.

41 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says The Old Franchise Revival On The 3DS Is Just Gossip”

  1. Well it shouldn’t be. Not after you guys got Sakurai to bring Kid Icarus back. What we need is more franchise revivals.

  2. There goes their validity… this puts their other “rumors” on shaky ground as well, like the “Vita 3rd-party developers moving to 3DS.” Their validity is going from “respected” to “questionable.”

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    1. I was actually just thinking about this. I think it could be interesting and would be very interested in it, if it were to happen.

      And if Nintendo wanted to do something a little bit more mature, maybe something like Hogan’s Alley? I don’t know, like, something mature like a Grand Theft Auto type game?

      And, of course, an AR-style Duck Hunt. Like Face Raiders. I think it would sell pretty well in the eShop.

  4. Well, there are enough console ports and remakes on 3DS already… So im glad Nintendo wont be adding to that number.

    I bought a 3DS to play NEW games, not Game Boy, Game Gear and old N64 re-releases.

    1. I don’t think they would be remakes, it would probably just be new games in a series that’s kind of dead. A great example is Kid Icarus : Uprising, a new game in a long dead series.

    2. That’s what it means… bringing back old games, like what they did with Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus wasn’t touched for, what, twenty or more years? And now it’s back. The same could be done for any of the other NES games that haven’t had a new game come out since the 80s. Ice Climbers, for example. It would mean bringing, us not only new games, but new-ish franchises.

      As for the “I bought a 3DS for new games so I’m glad their not doing more console ports, etc.” You could simply try not buying them. I, and many others, want to see certain games remade. For example, I want Resident Evil 2. I haven’t been able to play it in almost 10 years. So I would love to see Nintendo re-release it on the 3DS, since they didn’t release it on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

      Some of us want to see GB, GBA, etc. games brought to the 3DS because not all of us can play them anymore. My GBA is busted. My Zelda, Pokemon, and Metroid games are just sitting there and I can’t play them. So I would love to see those games released in the eShop so I can be able to play them again.

      If it doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. But I don’t understand why you’d be “glad” if they didn’t. As long as they’re releasing new games along with them, which they are, there’s not really a problem. You get your new games, I get my old games. It’s win/win.

      1. I dont buy remakes …. i emulate the older-stuff via flashcarts like the R4 on my old DS Lite.

        I am no pirate though, and all my GBA, DS and 3DS games are legally purchased.

        I also refuse to emulate anything later than the 16-Bit era, at the same time refusing to pay Nintendo inflated prices to download them via eShop.

  5. The VERY FACT THAT HE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGES it kinda means that there was some truth to the rumor and gossip. If it was completely false, then he would never speak of it. If anything, he’s probably saying that it doesn’t exist in localization plans as of now.

    Remember the collab that Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai announced? In the teaser on their website, they opened a vault. Perhaps signifying that they’re retrieving their old franchises?

    In my guess, I think they might make a lot of sequels that aren’t too lengthy to be considered full games, and make a collection out of all of them for the 3DS.

    1. Let’s look at it this way; if there WAS some truth to it, he wouldn’t have said anything; if he says no it’s a lie, and if he says yes it’s a confirmation. So if a major magazine or website says something incorrect, the “logical” thing to do is to just ignore it? On the contrary my friend, you disprove the rumor and only ignore it if it has some truth to it; that way it stays a “rumor.”

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  7. Am I the only one who’d love to see ”Ice Climbers Returns”? Imagine, a journey, a story, with bosses, friends and enemies. It would be awesome

    1. I can already imagine a 3D Ice Climber game that plays like a combination of the original Ice Climber with Super Mario 64.

      (You can also choose which Climber you want to play as between Popo or Nana)

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