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Pokemon Black And White 2 For Nintendo DS Announced For June

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Black & White 2 will be released in Japan in June on the Nintendo DS. The news was announced by Game Freak director Junichi Masuda during the Pokemon Smash TV show in Japan.

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              1. This comes straight from “The games can also be played in 2D on the Nintendo 3DS™ system”. So does this mean it can be viewed in 3d on the 3DS?

        1. why don’t you cry some more. You are obviously not a true pokemon fan if you actually care whether or not if its on the nintendo ds or 3ds.

          1. That is the stupidest logic I have ever heard. Wanting a game on a certain system does or doesn’t make you a fan of it. Why would you not want it on the 3DS? It means more money for Nintendo which makes them happy and when they’re happy we’re happy.

                1. If they did, it would probably be a rubbish 3DS game; it wouldn’t have much development time at all.
                  Better a good DS game than a rushed 3DS one. :)

                  If you want Pokémon for the 3DS, generation 6 might only be just over a year away.

          2. No I agree with him, I wanted it on the 3DS too because then it would be amazing with the new controlls and graphics. The main reasons i’m not going to get it is 1: Its limited to the same stuff as the old one because its not on the new system and 2: Black and White 2!? Are they kidding!? They realy have run out of ideas.

            1. Not everyone who owns a DS has made (or can afford to make) the upgrade to the 3DS. If it was on the 3DS, it would mean they’d lose that part of the market. However, everyone who owns a 3DS is perfectly capable of playing a DS game on that system. It just reaches more prospective players this way.

              Plus, having it on the DS (a system they’re very experienced with now) will naturally mean a MUCH better game than if it had been rushed for a 3DS release.

      1. again on nintendo ds??????????????????why not 3ds??????????????????at least 3ds is backward compatible to nintendo ds games.

        1. they’re making the 2 games as the pokemon game we thought it would be (pokemon gray) the 2 pokemon shown are 2 new formes of kyurem and you can only have one of the formes in each of the games but it is two games like how we have black and white they are making a “pokemon gray” for both games having one forme for each

      1. Sickr, you forgot to post the new mascots and logos. I think that’s suppose to be the most interesting part.

        As you can see, Black 2′s mascot is like a fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom, while White 2′s mascot is like a fusion of Kyurem and Reshiram.

        Since Black 2 is obviously a sequel to Black, and the mascot is Zekrom/Kyurem (or White 2 is obviously a sequal to White, and the mascot is Reshiram/Kyurem), this leads me to believe that the story will pick up with what happened to N…

            1. Ok, while I still think it looks ugly as HELL, that would be kinda cool. Buuuuut, I’d like to be able to change it back. Like with Deoxys. What would they be though, Ice/Electric and Ice/Fire? They sound cool combinations.

              I also just realised that while Black 1 has Reshiram, Black 2 has the Kyurem-Zekrom! :D

              1. Well…. I think Kyurem-Reshiram looks waaaaay better than Kyurem-Zekrom, but I think they both look wierd. Reshiram and Zekrom don’t even seem as they were before this anymore… After this being announced, reshiram, zekrom, and all legendaries except kyurem aren’t even original anymore…. It’s just not fair.

        1. wait so the 2 dragons that where one are actually 3 dragons that where one? i was actually looking forward to maybe being able to fuse Resh and Zek back together and make them whole again and see what kind of pokemon it would be.

    1. Nintendo is a buisness, and considering just adding stuff to a game that they already have prepared is cheaper than making a brand spanking new game for a different system

      1. im sure they’ve been working on a 3DS game at the same time, also a wii u one too, companies like these dont make one game at a time

      1. I actually think this is a good idea. I only thought Kyurem was the combined form of Reshiram and Zekrom, but it’s nice to see that Nintendo has made a little change

  1. That’s crazy. Is it really just a direct sequel? Is that the name?

    I’m bummed out that it’s for the DS. They should have a 3DS title instead, especially if it’s a sequel so that they can use the 3D effects better.

    1. In fact I think the 3D effects would make worse. I wouldnt buy it if it were for the 3DS. As I will never buy a 3DS. Don’t see the point. 3D just hurts your eyes. Personally I think the 3DS titles they have now, are a piece of crap. A Pokemon game for the 3DS?????! PFFFFT!!!!! Preposterous!!!!

      1. Really, you prefer a rehashed game that you have played millions of times in 3 different versions, over a brand new game, which also is the FIRST TIME in the series that we have a DIRECT sequel??? (yeah, GS was a sequel to RGBY, but it was somehow of a semi-sequel or indirect sequel, mind you). You must be crazy, man.

  2. Wait, what? This is completely unexpected! A number 2 of the newest generation? Wouldn’t that essentially be Pokemon “Grey”? Could I get some enlightenment on this? I am confused.

    1. These two new games are direct sequels of Black and White, whereas all the other “third” games have just been the same as the first two story wise just focused on a different pokemon.

  3. Wait, run this by me again…
    Is this basically what we’d call Pokemon Gray or is it a direct sequel to Black and White? Because this isn’t how I remember them announcing Platinum… o.O

    1. These are *direct sequels*.
      Pokémon games are most often released in paired ‘Versions’, which are identical, with slight changes in story and Pokémon available in each one.
      Each pair of Versions has, most of the time, been followed some time later by an enhanced Third Version. (Red/Blue was followed by Yellow, Gold/Silver was followed by Crystal, etc.) These ‘Third Versions’ have always been a ‘remake’ in that it enhanced on the previous two games with some changed graphics, story changes, etc.

      After 14 years of them sticking with this formula (Game A and B… then Game C), they’ve opted out of it this time for something very different.
      Instead, Pokémon Black/White will be followed by *another* set of paired Versions; Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2.

      So instead, this is a case of “Game A and B” followed by “Game A2 and Game B2”.

      These two games are sequels to the original Black and White Versions, and I am personally assuming for the moment that they will feature an entirely new plot which will carry on the one that was left open ended at the end of Black/White Versions.

    1. There’s like a 99.99% chance that Generation 6 of Pokémon will be for the 3DS.
      There’s no need to rush it onto the 3DS so soon, considering not all fans own a 3DS yet.

    1. It’s clearly said it’s not a third version (ala Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum), but a brand new game coming in two versions, as usual, which is also a sequel to the original BW, so it’s more or less like Gold and Silver were towards Red and Blue, just that this time, instead of getting new names, Game Freak bothered to add a number to the name (not unlike Gold/Silver, which were originally titled Pocket Monsters 2: Gold and Silver).

  4. I really hope it’s one game cause the reason i skipped black and white was because i wanted the sequel but this seams to be an actual sequel which is confusing.

    1. We at least need a 3DS COMPATIBLE version.

      3DS owners who are Pokemon fans will have to have the game on in sleep mode to bump into other fans, THIS DEACTIVATES the 3DS features.

      I want the software to know when it is in a 3DS console, then allow the game to be played in the 3DS layer, like Virtual games, so we don’t lose all 3DS functions when playing PMB2 for several months.

      If they don’t do this, all of us 3DS owners basically will be walking around with overpriced DSi’s for months after the June release.

      Does anyone catch my drift?!

  5. …well, if you have a DS, then it should be fine if it isn’t on the 3DS, right?

    I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens with N and his father. Will N return to Unova?

    Or perhaps.. perhaps we can finally travel to other regions for the first time since G/S/C!

    1. Because most people don’t have one since it cost a lot of money compared to just buying a game? It makes the most practical sense to do that. Plus 3DS can play DS games so no harm, no foul.

      1. Yes Foul. Although the 3DS can play DS games, it loses the 3DS functionality and streetpass hits when a DS game is “sleeping.”

        Nintendo should have mad le sure the streetpass still worked with DS games loaded. :(

      1. Simon “Ghost” Riley: Your a totally idiot… We want a new experience not some remakes on the aging ds… And besides if you play a ds game on the 3ds it looks terrible on there!

        1. You should know I’m disappointed for it not on 3DS.

          I don’t under stand why game developers are releasing it just for 3DS.

          I play some of my old DS games on my 3DS but…. 3DS is better graphics and quality and lots of new experience.

          1. There’ll be time for Pokémon on the 3DS when generation 6 gets here.
            Nintendo/Game Freak aren’t going to rush it onto the 3DS to please 3DS owners, which are at the moment, the minority of their audience.

    1. Oh for goodness sakes, GENERATION 6 WILL BE ON THE 3DS.
      You will have Pokémon on the 3DS soon enough. For now, they’re still catering to the majority.
      Would you prefer a really good NDS game, or a rushed and messy 3DS one?

      You’re free to ignore this game’s release and wait until Generation 6.

    1. It’s suppose to be the FIRST EVER DIRECT SEQUEL made by GameFreak.

      I think it may relate to N, since Black 2’s mascot is Zekrom/Kyurem, and White 2’s mascot is Reshiram/Kyurem.

    1. There’ll be time for Pokémon on the 3DS when generation 6 gets here.
      Nintendo/Game Freak aren’t going to rush it onto the 3DS to please 3DS owners, which are at the moment, the minority of their audience.

    1. No they didn’t. 3DS can play DS games. So would you rather them cater to those that already have a 3DS which has a small base compared to the DS base and sale millions less?

  6. you know what this isn’t? GOOD NEWS

    you know what else this isn’t? R/S/E REMAKES

    you know one more thing this isn’t? MADE FOR THE 3DS

    other disappointed fans, please just focus on the caps of this comment and continue dreaming

    1. three things i’m disappointed about.

      1) It’s a sequel not a new pokemon (Because all were seeing these days is sequels to games and movies not new stuff)

      2) It’s DS only (Because I have a 3DS for better graphics and that sort of stuff)

      3) If this is a remake and is very similer to B&W i will hate it (Because sequels are like remakes these days)

      1. If you don’t like them then just don’t buy them and stop bitching about it! I’m glad it’s a sequel because the only time we ever got a sequel in pokemon was with GSCHGSS. Yes I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not on 3DS but I don’t really care because although it make not look AS nice I still though BW looked beautiful even on 3DS.

      2. 1) This is most likely Pokémon’s swan song for DS, and will rap up the last unfinished plot line from the end of B&W. Then we’ll have a brand new Generation in a few years. It’s way too early for a new Generation at the moment anyway, and previous Gens have always bought out remakes/sequels/third versions.

        2) There are many reasons why it’s for the DS. if you have a 3DS, you’re all set for Generation 6 anyway. You’re free to ignore this game and wait ’til then.

        3) It’s not a remake; it’s a direct sequel (continuation) of Black and White.

    2. If R/S/E remakes are going to happen, I’d prefer they be in 3D. I’m happy to wait a few more years for them if it means they’re on the 3DS.

      There are many reasons these games are for the DS; it’s just sales smarts. They’re going to make more money this way, and obviously reach a LOT more prospective players.

  7. I think they decided to release it on the DS instead of the 3DS because they want this to be the final big game for the DS. They want the DS line to end with the Black and White sequels, and in time they will release a new comepletely different Pokemon generation on the 3DS.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  8. This is a cop out. They need to man up and do a pokemon game that allows you to sync your pokemon from the game on a wii u game to the 3ds game compliment

    1. Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 will most likely be compatible with any upcoming Wii U Pokémon games, AND with any future 3DS Pokémon games.

    1. the difference between the two is there are no other good games like pokemon, in contrast to the entire fps genre being the same exact thing , thats why pokemon can be fresh and only make slight formual changes, because no ones making pokemon knock offs the way they do with fps like cod, battlefield, and halo

  9. Presumably there’s going to be connection between the originals and the sequels, which would be kind of hard to do considering the 3DS’s online system works differently than the DS’s. Or something. I’m sure there’s a reason it’s on DS and not 3DS.

    How about, instead of whining about games we don’t know anything about yet, we don’t?

    1. That’s like telling water not to be wet. Though I agree with you. Instead of complaining about games we know nothing about, we should be looking for new information.

  10. Sickr, you forgot to post the new mascots and logos. I think that’s suppose to be the most interesting part.

    As you can see, Black 2’s mascot is like a fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom, while White 2’s mascot is like a fusion of Kyurem and Reshiram.

    Since Black 2 is obviously a sequel to Black, and the mascot is Zekrom/Kyurem (or White 2 is obviously a sequal to White, and the mascot is Reshiram/Kyurem), this leads me to believe that the story will pick up with what happened to N…

    Fangirls rejoice?

    1. And even if it’s not for the 3DS, the 3DS can play DS games. And for all we know, they might include 3DS-exclusive features on the cartridge, similarly to how they included DSi-exclusive features.

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  12. calm down fools, this just means the 6th gen will start fresh on the 3ds. besides the black and white games aren’t that great anyway. trust me you’re not missing anything spectacular, get heart gold or soul silver instead.

    1. I did prefer Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Black and White were good, but HGSS reminded me of where the Pokemon game world should be over 10 years later (not in-game, but advancement wise–at least on one side). In the shoes and hat of the trainer you should attempt to be the best trainer in different regions.If you’re gonna be the best, be the best and not just a regional champion.

      …hell, that’s what RED would say.

      Other than that, Black & White did have an actual story to work with even though it was still working within the lines of Pokemon’s “beat the gyms, grind, beat X organization, beat the Elite 4 & Region Champ, YOU WIN, collect them all” formula.

  13. It’s kinda dumb that they would make it for the DS and not the 3DS. This would be another game to staedily keep the 3DS ahead of the Vita.

    The 3DS can do more than the DS: Better graphics, Streetpass, Spotpass, Nintendo Network (DLC!!!), and more! By making it for the DS they kinda limited themselves…

    1. Bringing it to the 3DS this early would only rob themselves of development time, and rather than turn out a really good DS game, they’d end up making a kind of lacking/slack 3DS one with barely anything that takes advantage of the 3DS.

  14. People need to stop bitching. I don’t care if it’s on 3DS or DS, I’m just excited to have a new Pokemon game in general. Plus it makes more sense to finish off the current gen on the DS rather than spreading it across two platforms.

    1. it says it can also be played on the 3DS cuz it’s backwards compatible. if you look on the bottom left, it’s says it’s for regular DS

    2. By that logic, in the bottom left corner it says Nintendo DS. And on the official US website, it says Nintendo DS as well.

  15. Stupid move on their behalf….why produce a game for a system which has finished production? make it for the 3ds and it gives people a reason to buy one…it would sell even more!!!

    1. The Nintendo DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL is still in production for your information.
      Not everyone who owns a DS has made (or can afford to make) the upgrade to the 3DS. If it was on the 3DS, it would mean they’d lose that part of the market. However, everyone who owns a 3DS is perfectly capable of playing a DS game on that system.

  16. I really don’t understand the need for this… I also don’t know if these are gonna be sequels or the yellow versions to the series. I really think a grey version would be a bit better.

    1. …Jeez, they FINALLY break the “third version” formula, and all we do is complain. :-P
      These games are direct sequels (the first in Pokémon history) respective to each one’s namesake.
      Black 2 is presumably set some time after the events of Black Version, and continues the storyline, which was left rather open ended and inconclusive in Black Version.
      Same with White 2/White Version.

      The fact that the first two games were left so open ended was almost foreshadowing of sequel(s).

      1. I already worked that out oddly enough. And I never complianed about the third version tradition, as a matter of fact I liked it, I just see no reason for them to answer the unanswered so quickly. They should have left their fans to think about it.

        1. Because they’re trying to rap Gen 5 up quickly; 2 of the 3 ‘secret’ Legendaries have already been revealed, so this Generation appears to be moving quicker than previous ones.
          My guess is Gen 6/Pokémon on the 3DS will debut in late 2013.

    1. There will be plenty of time for Pokémon on the 3DS in Generation 6!
      Releasing it now for the 3DS would only make a very lacking and rushed 3DS game, as opposed to a great one for the DS. :) I know what I’d prefer.

  17. What if it was only 2D on a regular DS,but when played on a 3DS it could have a 3D effect!

    That is of course only if they know how to do that…

    I don’t care really,because I’m not getting it regardless of the platform.Nothing against pokemon,just the turn based fighting system is getting annoying.

    1. If it wasn’t turn-based, it wouldn’t be Pokémon.
      It’s like saying “evolution in Pokémon is getting so old! It’s been the same basic thing for over 10 years! They level up and evolve! Jeez, why not mix it up?”
      There are certain foundations of the franchise that will never change.

    2. 3DS has better graphics, Gyro, better controls, better screen, more interaction.

      It’s not about the 3D because i dont use it.

  18. So…
    Will these games be a sequel, meaning I will have to buy the original B/W to get the story?
    I hope not! As someone said, I skipped BW because I wanted to buy Grey/Gray.
    It would be brilliant for these versions to include the entire BW 1 story plus the new part of it…

  19. seems to me like there putting on the DS so any owner of and ds type(3ds, xl ect)can play, and I agree that there probably trying to make it the last hoorah for the original ds before they complety move on to the 3ds,but i could care less about the platform . i’ve been playing pokemon since red and blue and in all honesty as far as an overall game pokemon black is my favorite pokemon game of all time, and a direct sequel for it gets me wet in the pants

  20. Why were you people expecting it to be on the 3ds, remember we are still in 5th gen and it only make sense that they want do end 5th gen on the ds and start 6th gen on the 3ds.

  21. This is what happens when Nintendo gives one of their owned studios too much freedom. Gamefreak just do what they want, and have been overusing the Pokemon brand for a while. Too many iterations of Pokemon have been released lately.

    And why is it on the DS? Nobunaga’s Ambition should have been enough for the DS; it’s time for them to move on and develop for the 3DS with its features, but they just stick with the DS? Not to mention, it’s a sequel I’m not too happy about. I like the new look and mechanics of Black and While, but I hated the Pokemon in those games. They were the most unoriginal creatures of the main games to date.

    As much as I like Pokemon (the main games anyways), I’m passing on this one. You can play DS games on the 3DS, but come on, sooner or later they will have to move on, and the last Pokmeon did not sell so bad that they can’t move on to the 3DS. I’d love for Nintendo, Mr. Iwata in particular, to step up his authority in this matter.

    Gamefreak is turing into what Rareware used to be before Nintendo sold them over to MS, and we all know how Rare ended after that. Nintendo should secure the Pokemon name and have their other teams make the main games if Gamefreaks keep on going like this.

      1. At least they were creative instead of flat out using things from real life. The pokemon they used then were “cool” and became fan favorites because of that. Pokemon B and W did not have that.

        1. Chandelure? A dark spirit-possessed chandelier?
          Serperior? A grass serpent?
          Samurott? A samurai otter?
          Excadrill? A steel mining mole?
          Zoroark? A shape-shifting black fox?
          Reuniclus? A ghostly plasma creature?
          Sawsbuck? A seasonal-transforming deer?
          Reshiram and Zekrom? Dragon personifications of Yin and Yang?

          Generation 5 appears to be no less “creative” than Generation 1.
          Anyway, the series continuing would force the designers to be MORE original, not less, which is why there’s been a noticeable change in the designs over the years. They’ve had to. The art/design style of Generation 1/2 was nice, but would have gotten old very fast.
          The amount of Gen 6 Pokémon based on “things from real life” is not really higher than the amount in Gen 1…

  22. Maybe they’ll be the same things but with some old Pokemon in the Regional Dex. Seems rational enough. I’ll be fine if not, but that’s what I would think to do. Like, 100 old Pokemon in there.

  23. Does anyone else think this might be the start of Gen 6? I mean, the original Pokemon 2 was renamed Gold/Silver, remember? And that became a separate generation…

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  25. I don’t understand why everyone is upset that Gamefreak isn’t making this for the 3DS. They have ALWAYS made the sequel on the console that the original games came out on.Pokemon Yellow(Gameboy) came out after the Gameboy Color was released. Pokemon Crystal(Gameboy Color) came out after the Gameboy Advance was released. Pokemon Emerald(Gameboy Advance) came out after the DS was released. The only generation where this hasn’t happened is the 4th generation because there wasn’t a new console released by the time Platinum was released.

  26. Ds install base >>>> 3ds install base. It would be stupid to cut off ds owners when there are millions more of them! Where would it be smart to do that? They could do like black1-2 & white1-2 on the 3ds into 2 bigass games, that would please everyone. :D

  27. i’ve all ready accepted this(i’ll pre-order it when a soon a I can),but i wonder, while it is a direct sequel, will you play as the same character(and if so do you get to pick the final form of the the gen starters), or N or someone new. My ONLY disappointment is the lack of more info like a trailer since the release is so soon, or even more pics other then that badass fusion pic( in al honest black was my favorite games(would have been better with a battle frontier though) but this is probably the most i’ve been excited over a pokemon release ,because WE’RE FINALLY GETTING A DIRECT SEQUEL AND I LOVE IT! ( and it seems to me that since the release is so soon that they probably been developing this game since before the release of the 3ds so i’ve got no problem with a nds only version( i wont act like a petulant child like most of the people here because an nds release seemed like a logical decision).

          1. If it was saved to the console and not the cartridge, it’d be very difficult for Pokémon fans to transfer they older Pokémon to their newer games.
            Say if I was transferring Pokemon from Diamond Version (Gen 4, which I played on my DSi) to Black Version (Gen 5, which I played on my DSi, before I then went and bought the 3DS).
            I wouldn’t be able to take the Diamond Game Card and put it temporarily in my 3DS… because the save file isn’t on the Game Card, so there’d be no Pokémon to transfer.
            And I wouldn’t be able to put the Black Game Card on the 3DS, because then I’d be transferring Pokémon to the save file on the 3DS, rather than the DSi.

            There’s no way practical way transferring could work if save data was on the console, because switching console’s would mean getting the wrong save file.

  28. between this, kid icarus uprising, the new fire emblem, and the wiiu(who knows what games they’ll announce from that) my wallets gonna need vaginal rejuvenation by the end of the year.

  29. ok, Nintendo has officially blown it
    FIRST of, where the FUCK do they get off calling it “Pokemon Black and White 2”???
    GROW THE FUCK UP NINTENDO, there are no numbered sequals in Pokemon, it’s literally NEVER happened before
    also, the DS is dead, it’s been dead ever since the PSP came out
    there are only 3 good games that are on the DS that aren’t remakes, or pokemon games (which at this point, just don’t count anymore) and those 3 games were both Kingdom Hearts games, and Metroid Prime Hunters
    I’m not saying there weren’t other decent games, but those were the only ones that pushed the DS’s graphic capabilities to the limit
    the DS has failed and Nintendo are too stupid to admit it
    they’re just trying to keep the damn thing alive, and they’re failing big time
    so for the record, I will NOT be buying this game cause it’s just a waste of my time, and if they’re really calling it “Pokemon Black and White 2” then it doesn’t count as a real Pokemon game and it’s not worth precious space in my collection

    1. psp killed the ds? than ds was litterally 4 time as successful as the psp. weres your logic come in? and now there are sequels in pokemon so stfu

    2. 1. it’s their IP they can do what ever the fuck they want with it. they’re doing something new get over it, grow up, stop acting like a brat.
      2. DS dead because of the PSP? What are smoking? the PSP been dead for years because of pirates. 3 good games? you must be smoking something. DS failed? 150 million+ sales beg to differ.
      stop talking out of your ass and get your facts straight.
      stop talking out of your ass

      1. I don’t mean it’s literally been dead, but it’s technology has been obsolete since the PSP
        and quite frankly, the DS sucks, and real gamers have moved on

        1. What’s a “real gamer”? I hear that term so often, but as far as I can tell, there’s nothing to differentiate a “real gamer” for a “gamer”, in that they both play video games.

          The technology being obsolete or not doesn’t decide whether a console in ENTERTAINING or worth the money.
          I wouldn’t want a PSP or PSP Vita even if it was only $50, because there’s nothing on the PSP I’d find entertaining.

    3. You just wrote a 188 word review based on only two things: the system it’s for and the TITLE having a “2” in it. And you haven’t even seen as much as a screen shot, let alone actually PLAY it.

      “there are no numbered sequals in Pokemon”
      Pokémon Gold and Silver were originally titled “Pokémon 2: Gold and Silver” so it’s not really a brand new thing for the franchise. Even if it was, that’s no reason it wouldn’t be a good game.

      1. your stupid
        the pokemon series is sacred, and this is just a load of anal waste and it pisses me off

    1. Pokémon Black & White were released at the beginning of the 3DS’s launch. The still outsold Diamond and Pearl’s launch figures by a long shot. Clearly most players aren’t too fussed about which system it’s for.

  30. How about this. If they made Pokemon B/W 2 for 3DS the majority of people with DS/ DS lite/ DSi/ DSi XL (or even people without any type of DS) would move to the 3DS to buy these exclusive games. It’s good that Nintendo is thinking about the DS still but it seems like they are paying more attention to it than their brand new system.

    I mean, C’MON GameFreak! (or Nintendo, both of ya’ll), just release Grey for the 3DS instead of this. This is supposed to be a DIRECT SEQUEL to the first B/W. But we already beat all the Gym Leaders, we beat the Elite Four, we defeated the Champion. What is the purpose of B/W 2?

    It was also said to have special features for 3DS. I hope this true, I read somewhere that you will be able to play in 3D on the 3DS, hope that’s true. If the graphics get better on the 3DS and also uses some of the 3DS’s features (SpotPass, StreetPas, Gyroscope, Play Coins, etc) then I am sold. But now, now im on the fence. Cause the main reason I bought my 3DS was to play 3DS Pokemon games, not DS Pokemon games. I could of just bought a DS lite for $100 instead of paying $250 for a 3DS and I could of haved the experience I wanted to have with the 3DS on the DS . Peace!

    1. “If they made Pokemon B/W 2 for 3DS the majority of people with DS/ DS lite/ DSi/ DSi XL (or even people without any type of DS) would move to the 3DS to buy these exclusive games.”

      There will be PLENTY of opportunity for Nintendo to promote upgrading to the 3DS when Generation 6 (which will be for the 3DS) rolls around.
      Release B/W2 for the 3DS wouldn’t necessarily convince people to get the 3DS; it would just slow the sale of the game, because at present, DS Lite’s and DSi’s are cheaper and more accessible, since they had a price drop after the 3DS came out.

      “This is supposed to be a DIRECT SEQUEL to the first B/W. But we already beat all the Gym Leaders, we beat the Elite Four, we defeated the Champion. What is the purpose of B/W 2?”
      Just because it’s a direct sequel doesn’t necessarily mean it will feature the same characters; there will most likely be a brand new protagonist, who will experience events that followed the end of Black/White. N’s disappearance? Perhaps he returns with his dragon Pokémon. Perhaps the Seven Sages have escaped from Looker, and the protagonist needs to find and battle them again. Perhaps Ghetsis returns and there’s a rivalry with N. There’s plenty left unanswered from B/W for them to explore in a direct sequel.

      Generation 6 will be on the 3DS. Since you already have a 3DS, you are all set for the release of the first Generation 6 games.
      With a $100 DS Lite, you can *only* play DS games, but you’d have to buy a $250 3DS if you wanted to play Generation 6 when it’s released.
      However, with a $250 3DS, you can play DS *and* 3DS games, without having to worry about upgrading for Generation 6.

      Of course, nobody is going to force you to buy these games. If the idea of a B/W sequel doesn’t grab your attention, you’re free to save your cash and wait for Gen 6.
      (I however, will probably be first in line to buy both Versions on launch day! :-) )

  31. Will you people shut up how Game Freak failed because they developed it for DS instead of 3DS? The DS is just as good as the 3DS and almost 150 million people bought it. It’s very sucessful, and until the next handeld, DS will last for a long time. Pokémon is just as good on the DS and 3DS as it was on every system before then. Whenever a new Pokémon main series game is announced, the fandom rejoices. The Pokémon games will last until Junichi Masuda dies or the world ends (note: not 2012. 12-21-2012 is fake and gay) – but Pokémon is a popular series, and DS is popular, so shut up!

    On the other hand, this is surprising. This is the first time we got an sequel to the games – since Pocket Monsters 2: Gold and Silver, which dropped the 2. I swear, if this was announced on another source, I would say it would be fake.

    But since it’s real…I wonder if there will be any MOTHER references.

  32. What they should do is make White 2 for the DS and black 2 for the 3DS. Make the 3D version a little better with an exclusive 3D only Pokemon. Then both DS and 3ds users can play but the 3DS is given some much needed attention.

  33. Well i don’t care anymore my son took his 3DS to school and someone walk with it with my pokemon black. I had all my pokemon on it and i mean ALL i had all to date some of the pokemon on there was over 12 years old. My Charizard and blastoise were from the original Red and Blue version.I put to much time in on pokemon man i was hotter then the sun

    1. That’s…not even possible. Second and first generations weren’t compatible with third generation. That’s why they made the remakes, aka Fire Red, Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Heart Gold. I do understand being pissed though, that’s an expensive piece of gaming equipment to lose because your kid took it to school.

      1. Its possible if you know the right people all i have to say on that but i did. I didn’t know he took it but his mom got him a new 1

        1. First and second generation games aren’t compatible with the third generation and beyond. There are a few reasons for the incompatability:

          1. Hardware differences. A GB/GBC link cable only works with GB/GBC games, even if they’re being played on a GBA. A GBA link cable only works with GBA games. There’s also differences in voltage necessary for the different game types.
          2. Pokémon coding. The third generation coded the Pokémon differently. IV range was expanded, the stat experience system was revamped, a nature system was implemented, and additional features were tweaked. Basically, the first two generations would see third-generation data as gibberish, and the third generation would see data from the first two generations as gibberish.

          Simply put, you can’t transfer from actual first- and second-generation games to the third or fourth or fifth in this case. But…believe what you want =P

          1. When i got it done the pokemon show up as a glitch on ruby then i breed it with a dragon type pokemon and when the egg hatched it was my lvl 100 charizard. I didn’t transfer them myseft all i no when i got red back all my pokemon was gone off red and my pokemon was on ruby in glitch form intel i breed them with pokemon on ruby

              1. Same rules apply. Crystal is a GBC game. Not compatible with GBA game. See above hardware and software conflicts. Night night <3

  34. Ok That’s sorta new cause there never haven a sequel to a pokemon game they just make new (not including spin-offs) but are they gonna just gonna add new pokemon or just continue the story like what happen to genis. Either way I gonna emulate this game since it’s a ds game

      1. It’s basically a sequel, but you don’t start out as the champion from Red/Blue/Yellow. You actually run into that champion (RED) in Silver Cave.


    Another one that goes on my linker (haters gonna hate). If it was an actual 3DS game, I would have bought it. Leave the stupid DS behind. Seriously. This is a dumb move. It will slow the 3DS sales down. That’s fucking stupid. A sequel was unexpected though…

    1. Making it for the DS is not stupid, it’s sales smart. If they made it for the 3DS, they would leave out the millions of players who don’t own a 3DS yet. There is time for them to upgrade to the new system, but Nintendo knows it will take time for all fans to get there.
      In the meantime, here’s some Black and White sequels to enjoy.
      They’ll have plenty of opportunity to add another selling point to the 3DS with the line “GENERATION 6 OF POKÉMON! IN 3D!” The relative sales boost for the 3DS is inevitable, but not immediately necessary.

    1. Black and White were most definitely not reboots…

      The only confirmed ‘reboot’ would be the Generation III games, which ‘erased’ the original Red and Blue Versions from the timeline.
      Black and White Versions make references to the events of Platinum, Emerald and (I think) HeartGold/SoulSilver Versions too.

    1. I know that a DS games works on a 3DS. Don’t count me with those stupid guys. I don’t support game developpers using an older console when a new one is out.

      1. Yeah, how dare Nintendo show any care at all to the fans who can’t afford 3DS’s yet!?!!!! HOW DARE THEY *NOT* ONLY CATER TO ME AND ONLY MY DEMOGRAPHIC!!!!!!! *Rage*


    2. I know DS games work on the 3DS, but the quality is bad and if they make a new Pokémon for the 3DS they can use the new controls and the 3D effect.

      1. There will be PLENTY of time for new controls and 3D in Generation 6.
        Buying Black 2/White 2 is NOT compulsory. You’re perfectly free to ignore these games and wait for Generation 6 for the 3DS.

  36. My knee-jerk reaction to this news was similar to the reactions of many on here. But then I got to thinking: why would they build it for 3DS when the vast majority of the Black/White fans are still playing on DS? These sequels are replacing the typical third game, so it wouldn’t make much sense to ditch all their hard work in order to cater to the minority.

    Think about it – would you have liked it if Chrystal made the jump to the GBA, or Emerald was made for DS instead? In retrospect, sure, but back in the day chances are your parents bought you your Gameboy and your games. Imagine asking not for just a new game, but an entirely new handheld as well. It’s time we all stopped thinking the video game industry revolves around us 20-30 year-olds just because we were around when it took off.

    That said, if it were on 3DS I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m just not a big enough fan any more to spend money on a last-gen game. I’ll just wait for the 6th generation.

  37. For fuck sake people! The reason why their making this for the DS and not the 3DS is to make MONEY. The DS has sold over 150 million units world wide while the 3DS has only sold 15 million they want to sell the game on the system just about everyone has they don’t give a shit about you all they care about is money your just a number in their database to them. I can GUARANTEE that the sales would be way lower if it was just released on the 3DS. Not everyone is going to by a 3DS just to buy a Pokemon game with this economy right now. From a business prospective Nintendo is making a good choice and what’s so bad about it being on the DS anyways? Yes I would like it to be made on the 3DS but that’s just not going to happen. PKMN B/W are amazing games and I could careless if the sequels are going to be on the DS because I know B/W 2 will be amazing! If you don’t like it well tough shit nobody cares go cry in a corner or something.

    1. If they made this for 3DS it would make lots of 3DS sales.

      BTW: Everyone here is complaining because they say DS has bad graphics. yesh they played with the DS saying good graphics.

      Anyway i think it’s disappointing. 3DS is way cheeper then the DSI at launch.

      Their both similar prices! only $30 more for 3DS!

      1. “If they made this for 3DS it would make lots of 3DS sales.”

        They’ll have Generation 6 for that. And it will boost sales for the 3DS even MORE if, not only is it the ‘first Pokémon game in 3D’, but also the first game of a new Generation of Pokémon.
        It’s just good marketing.

  38. Well, so long as it’s dealing with the 5th gen Pokemon series, then I’m cool with it being on DS. That gives them more time to think up the next batch of pokemon for the 6th gen and furthermore it gives the 3DS install user-base time to grow even more. So hopefully in 2-3 years we should get a 3DS main series Pokemon installment.

  39. It’s better that players have the option to play it on the 3DS, rather than that they absolutely have to play it on the 3DS. You obviously don’t have to play it on the 3DS, since the games will be for the DS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play them with the 3DS anyway.

    Well, either way, I feel a bit cheated by this news. I guess I don’t really care for sequels that much.

    And let’s be honest, folks: “Pokemon Gray” sounds REALLY STUPID. I mean, come on! Gray is like the most boring color in the world! And I should know, cuz I wear gray like all the fuckin time! It’s drab, dull, and not very “lifting” in a sense. So why everyone thinks these two new games are “Pokemon Gray” is way beyond even my infinite comprehension.

      1. I don’t think they went with the titles “Black 2” and “White 2” because they ran out of ideas for titles.
        I think they just want to emphasise that they’re sequels, rather than the expected Third Version remake.

    1. You’re feeling CHEATED by the fact that, instead of a third Version, they’re having a SEQUEL???

      But you didn’t feel cheated at all when they released ‘third versions’ which were pretty much the same game with a few minor changes just a year or so after the original’s release?
      I think this news is the opposite of being cheated; they’re actually putting a lot more effort into a sequel game.

    1. It’s on DS… or if you have a 3DS it will still work because the 3DS is compatible with all DS games.

      If you don’t have any of those consoles you should try the 3DS out

  40. Pingback: Pokemon Weiß und Schwarz 2 angekündigt

    1. These are *direct sequels*.
      Usually, each pair of Versions has been followed some time later by an enhanced Third Version. (Red/Blue was followed by Yellow, Gold/Silver was followed by Crystal, etc.)
      After 14 years of them sticking with this formula, they’ve opted out of it this time.
      Instead, Pokémon Black/White will be followed by *another* set of paired Versions; Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2.

      I hope everyone’s clear on that now.

      These two games are sequels to the original, and I am personally assuming for the moment that they will feature an entirely new plot which will carry on the one that was left open ended at the end of Black/White Versions.

  41. I am utterly disgusted with everyone’s stupidity on here, it’s bad even for this website. Let me try to explain things as well as I can. Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 are two different games and they are DIRECT sequels to B/W, meaning they will have a completely different story, in other words, it’s NOT just a remake. As for all of you complaining about it being on the DS, 3DS is backwards-compatible, so quit your bitching. “Oh, the grapchis will suck because it’s on the DS,” I’m sure they won’t. Did you see the graphics for the regular B/W? They were amazing! I’m sure they’ll be even better for these games too, every time a new game is made on it, they find a way to take advantage of the space they have for the DS. I honestly thought they topped it off with HG/SS, but B/W blew them right out of the water in terms of graphics. I’m sure even the in-battle animated sprites will look more professional and less pixelated. I think this is a smart move for Game Freak to do, and nothing is going to change my mind about getting at least one of these games. I can understand if you don’t like them when you actually play them, but don’t bash on them just because it’s on the DS.

  42. For those wondering (or complaining/fretting) about why these games are on the DS, and not the 3DS:

    GameFreak is most likely planning to have Generation 6 be the debut of Pokémon on the 3DS.
    The reason these games were developed for the DS is most likely because:
    1) It would give GameFreak *a lot* more development time, and opportunity to correct any gameplay flaws present in the original Black & White.
    2) Not everyone who owns a DS has made (or can afford to make) the upgrade to the 3DS. If it was on the 3DS, it would mean they’d lose that part of the market. However, everyone who owns a 3DS is perfectly capable of playing a DS game on that system. It just reaches more prospective players this way.
    3) Upgrading to the 3DS this soon would have the same issue that Diamond & Pearl Versions did. When they were released, they played just like a GBA Pokémon game, and until the release of HeartGold/SoulSilver, GameFreak was inexperienced with taking advantage of the secondary screen. As a result, Generation 4 was much closer to a “Generation 3.5”, and served as an ‘experimental gen’ for the DS’s capabilities. Black & White were GameFreak’s *true* DS Pokémon games, taking full advantage of the secondary screen and WiFi/wireless abilities. If they were to put Black 2 and White 2 on the 3DS, those two games would also lack proper development/trial and error time, and when Gen 6 comes out with all of its shiny new stuff for the 3DS, fans would ask “Why was this not in Black 2/White 2?”
    So which would you prefer? A brilliant Pokémon DS game OR a slack and rushed 3DS one?

    For those who have been paying attention, it comes as no real surprise that GameFreak was planning to have the main series of Generation V begin and end on the DS.

    For those who are fretting about their 3DS’s being a waste of money: you CAN play Black 2 and White 2 on your 3DS, and anyway, you will not have to wait very long for true Pokémon made for and on the 3DS. Calm down.
    I say to those who are complaining at the “for the Nintendo DS” part of this story, to simply IGNORE the release of these games if it’s that important and wait for Generation 6 on the 3DS.

    1. Sir, do you work for GameFreak or somthing? i see you defending the new game alot on your replays to other XD
      you are also providing some good and reasonable explanations for their strategy.
      *just saying*

      1. Yeah, I know XD
        I totally want to work for GameFreak if I could…

        But yeah, I’m just replying because people seem to be leaping to a lot of silly conclusions.

  43. I’d love to have a total reset of the series when they’ll finally pass to the 3DS plateform. It’s actually to easy to cheat on a pokemon game, using a linker and your save, you have a total acces to every single setting of the game.

    The actuel benefit of 3DS is that no linker can actually plya 3DS games, and action replay (if they exist, i don’t even know) are not as usual as linkers for the DS.

    They’re actually no real challenge on a pokemon game in DS, because everyone will hack it and get a full roster of dragon-über noob team.

    Please Gamefreak, if you make a 3DS pokemon game later, just skip the compatibility and let us breed our pokemon without cheating.

    1. I completed the Pokédex in White Version without a single hack or cheat. :-)
      Still, hacked Pokémon do annoy me; I am definitely looking forward to them cropping up less often come Pokémon-on-3DS time. :-)

  44. OH MY GOD!!! IT’S NOT FOR THE 3DS!!!! WHO GIVES A FREAKING PIECE OF CRAP????? i SURE DON’T!!!!!!! THE WORLD WILL end if this game doesn’t come out for the 3DS??? NO, it won’t so stop your complaining!!!!! I have White for my DSi and I enjoy it. Besides, for you people who have a 3DS, YOU CAN PLAY IT ON YOUR 3DS!!!!!! SO STOP YOUR WHINING!!!!!!

    Otherwise, I hope these come out in North America. If they don’t, oh well. I can live without it.

  45. Who likes Reshiram/Kyurem better?! Or who likes Zekrom/Kyurem?! I personally like Reshiram/Kyurem better. I like its awesome yet light appearance. Tell me who you guys like better!

  46. wwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss iiiiiiiiittttttttttttt ggggggggggoooooooonnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa cccooommmmmeee ooooooouuuuuutttttttt hhhhhhheeeeeerrrrrreeeeee read. i added extra letters even though it wasnt nesesary

  47. I thought we were passed the ds now, if they would release a Pokemon game worth playing for the 3ds, a lot more people would have a 3ds

    1. The Nintendo DS Lite and DSi are still in production, and still selling because of the price drop they have after the release of the 3DS.
      There’ll be time to promote the 3DS later on, Nintendo’s in no rush.
      Pokémon Black and White 2 will be Pokémon’s last hurrah on the DS, most likely.

  48. I am so excited but did they really have to do black2 and white2 I saw some video and this guy said there was a continuing but you have to start from the beggining like the first gym so that sucks.

  49. Cilan better be in EVERY Pokemon generation/series from this point on becuz I love him and if they take him out I will quit buying. I hope Cilan is a playable character in this new game :D

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