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Wii U Originally Had Analogue Sticks Rather Than 3DS Style Circle Pads

A forum member over at Neogaf has uncovered the original controller design for the Wii U. Whilst the original Wii U controller doesn’t look too different from the version Nintendo showed off at last years E3 event, you will notice that it features traditional analogue sticks rather than the Circle Pads you’re already familiar with on the Nintendo 3DS.

99 thoughts on “Wii U Originally Had Analogue Sticks Rather Than 3DS Style Circle Pads”

      1. Sure thats why the circle pad breaks in half=good quality cheap plastic and the precision fucking sucks you press right but mario moved downright wtf! Btw if any other company made dlc later within a years period there would be riots but when Nintendo does it with fire emblem and 2 pokemon ‘sequels’/dlc game the fans go apeshit WOW its not enough to have one version of grey which still might come out but now they’ve grown a set of brass balls and offer 2 dlc rehase for 80 bucks wow just like gold/silver but more fail as they wont add new 150 pokemon just minimal effort with 5 pokemon forms 4 80 bucks=smart move ninty. Speaking of creators lying to sale garbage metal gear 3d is fucking ugly IT HAS worst frame-rate issues than its ps3 version as aknowledge by classicgameroom utube reviews. NINTENDO lying as the fans to sell units smh. MY handheld offers free demos, not 4 but all tv show for the day free and has free porn videos I can watch. seems like you have to leave your brain, lie and be blind to be a NINTENDO FAN and enjoy clearly evident pixaleted,frame-rate issues and bad angle anti-alisis. AND PPL. COMPLAIN ABOUT ULTIMATE MVC3 atleast that was one compared to 2 same shit ‘sequel’/same pokemon new origion form and one new level/maybe rehased kanto region 4 4th freaking time.

        1. I own and Play Metal Gear 3D.
          There are NO framerate issues
          It is BEAUTIFUL.

          I’ve dropped my 3DS several times, and play the unit a lot – the circle pads ARE precise, and do not break.

          You obviously blow smoke out your ass, you obviously do not own a 3DS.

        2. The 2 games would actually be 70$ without tax because new 1st party DS games come out at 35$ not 40$ like 3DS games so do some research first. Also you seem to know alot about Pokemon for someone who doesnt like Nintendo.

          1. Are you asking a guy whose watching porn in his handheld to make a research? That guy got balls in the head instead of a brain…

            1. STFU U CRACKER FAG. okay 70 bucks excuse me still its a rip-off move that shitendo does but fantard white weeaboo weak race that kiss others ass and r a doormat dont notice. shitendo=crapcom. btw metal gear 3d has seriouse frame-rate issues:even the respected gameroominercom from utube aknowledge there frame-rate issues and with 3d its worst. btw i thought 3d games would be cheap to produce smh yet are priced more than ds. how the hell is a ps3 graphic,more content powerful game like umvc 3 vita cost 40 bucks just like 3ds underpower gamecube low content crap also 40 hmmm nintendo r greedy ripoff. the more ya talk the more i pirate and download their 3ds game roms into a cartridge sell them at school and buy used games=fuck em may they loss customer revenue.

                  1. Yeah they would have done better if they chose to use DVD discs instead of the mini discs they would have been able to store more data etc, but ah well Gamecube is one of my favorite systems.

  1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    At face value I prefer the concept of the controller featuring control sticks as opposed to circle pads, although I suppose given how I haven’t had a go on the controller yet I can’t judge which would be better yet.

    1. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

      The only problem with the control pads is that when you move forward (push the pad forward) your finger will slide off and you have to realign it. This kept happening to me on Resident Evil: Revelations.Whereas the analog stick has that angle and edge to keep your finger in place.

      1. are you being serious? i’ve never had that problem. and it is concave…and rubberized…i honestly don’t see how it’s possible for your thumb to slip off of it unless you have really sweaty thumbs or just really bad dexterity.

          1. exactly the same problem happens to me . something that could have been avoided it they added better grip or rings to the thumbpad

      2. I also never had that problem.
        I played through RE twice. (Normal and Hell modes)
        Also don’t have issues on MGS3D

        I believe it happens to you though, sorry about your luck on that.

        Do you have big hands? Sometimes that can cause controller issues.

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    1. I completely disagree

      It depends on how they work. The PSP had an analog stick, and I could barely used it, because was tiny and uncomfortable. I also found the PS3-PS2 analog sticks inaccurate, they are bigger than any others I have played, they suck, specially for shooters.

      1. I agree with you. I prefer the 3DS Style… the analogs were uncomfortable.

        the 3ds style has precision controls

      2. I loved the Gamecube controller though, I would be glad if they brought those analoge sticks (or whatever they’re called) to the Wii U.

        1. It’s very likely that they release a “hardcore controller”, especially for 4 player split-screen. (Let’s hope they don’t just stick to the classic controller pro.)

    1. Which is why it is a huge problem. For example, when I am at the home menu on my 3DS or the kartparts selection on Mario Kart 7, it recognizes the movement so well when I move it that it doesn’t do that I want it to do. If I move the circle pad up and very slightly to the right, it goes right and vice versa. It is too accurate which makes playing 2D games like Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition that uses diagonal moves very clumpsy. I really hope they change it for the final version of the controller.

      1. Maybe because the 3DS is a handheld and have not enough space to allow a better and wider circle pad. I think the Circle pad on WiiU will have a better and smooth precision, after all its a home console.

    2. Is this even a true or proven statement? Ive had no problem with analog sticks, but ive also had no problem with the circle pads when it comes to accuracy.

  3. I need clickable inputs in the joystick. I’ve grown so used to that. If they can do that with circle pads I’m on board. If not, still on board but less happy about it.

    And yes I called them joysticks. Don’t judge me. :)

    1. D-PAD = 8 directions (you can press two of four at a time)
      JOYSTICK = 16 directions (open one up, and you see like an 8-arrowed d-pad beneath)
      ANALOG/Circle-Pad = 360 directions

  4. I thought peeps were actually leaning more towards wanting the analog rather than the circle pads? I had heard a lot of remarks saying Nintendo should change to analog on the controller.

  5. Just because of the sheer size at the controller, i think the pads are going to be more comfortable. Think of a 3DS with an analog stick and ask yourself: Is this comfortable? The answer to both should be the same.

  6. I would MUCH rather have the analog sticks. I personally don’t like the 3DS circle pads. I feel like analog sticks are just much more comfortable. And maybe it’s just because I’m so used to using analog sticks, but I would much rather see the Wii U have analog sticks.

    1. You basically don’t like circle pads because you’re “not used to it”. That’s some fail logic if I ever seen one.

      1. That isn’t fail logic at all. Besides you rushed to a conclusion because you just disagreed with my opinion. Immature move. I said “maybe its just because im so used to analog sticks” I said “maybe”. Even though I said that, I still gave a valid reason why I don’t like the circle pads. I just much prefer joysticks.

    2. I’ve read that the Wii U circle pads are supposed to be better than the 3DS’s. I looked at some E3 photos, and the surface of the Circle Pad resembles the Nunchunk’s analog’s surface.

  7. I’m glad that Nintendo is thinking outside the box and making their own way of control. The 3DS Circle Pads feel really smooth and accurate to me- so why not let them blaze their own path rather than staying to what is “normal”- what we’re all used to?

    More more to ya, Nintendo.

  8. Not that I don’t like the circle pad on the 3DS, I really hope the Wii U controller has analog sticks instead. The circle pad seems like an obvious choice on a portable device, but the Wii U is a home console, and although it promotes portability, analog sticks are the right choice. Only issue I have had with the circle pad is that when playing games my thumb might start to slip away and it can interfere with the game.

  9. For me it depends, If they were going to be pushed out, like the PS3 Controllers, then Circle Pads all the way. If it were pushed inwards like 360 Controllers, then I’d be a little bit on the fence.

    1. On the other hand, you add 2 extra functions with analogue sticks, with the ability to click them in, where as the circle pads can’t do that.

  10. Given that they’re reportedly raised pads, giving more of a nunchuck feel, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this design choice. Plus, there might be some third party that develops a raised-stick solution one could attach to the pad if it was problematic for them.

  11. I wonder if the analog sticks got in the way or if they were uncomfortable to use, similar to the Vita, on the earlier built. Having used the circle pad on the 3DS, I prefer those because it give more precision while not sticking out the way analog sticks do. They’re also great for fighters.

    My only issue with them is that after constant use, the rubber on the circle pad starts to wear out, and when you play a lot and your thumb starts to sweat, it becomes rather slippery. I hope they find a workaround this.

    1. Actually, the image you’re talking about was streched, so the controller was actually only slightly smaller.

      Would’ve welcomed the grips though, even if they look horrible =|

      1. The original design reminds me of a Gamecube controller. I guess those early rumors about the controller being like the Gamecube’s were kind of right after all. I like the original design btw.

  12. I really don’t care about whether it has analog sticks or circle pads but what does disappoint me is they got rid of the contoured hand grips and just made the back of the controller flat.

  13. We need to actually hear someone who has used to controller whether the circle pads are more comfortable than analogue sticks. Also we need to see it in the contexto of an actual game, so we’ll have to wait for E3.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I just noticed “context of an actual game” after I posted. I forget if there were impressions of Ghost Recon Online on Wii U and if the analog came up, but that might be something to look for.

      2. I was talking about the final product we’ll see this year. We’ll have to wait until after E3 to see what the final product will look like.

  14. 3DS Style is way better then analog.

    3DS Style for ever. PSV uses analogs and are less comfortable and stick out

    1. Not to mention as a portable device those are more prone to breaking. I do want Vita to offer strong competition for Nintendo, in turn proving a dedicated handheld “market” is alive and well, but the launch sure isn’t making that easy. Still, the 3DS had one of the rockiest launches this side of the Saturn, so there may be hope for it yet.

      Looking forward to the Oddworld remakes, btw.

  15. I they added the circle pads to make the tablet controller as flat as possible. I would preffer analog sticks though.

  16. this is a bit dissapointing, the sliders (lol White Castle) just dont seem comfortable to play for extended periods of. but hey, dont knock it till you try it, right.

    (currently playing TotA)

  17. Aaaaand, everyone seems split down the middle.
    No matter what happens, some will be excited, and some disappointed. Nintendo can’t win because you can’t make everyone happy.

    We’re all going to bitch and moan about something, so let’s just hope it’s good enough that it sells well and feels “good enough” as it won’t be “perfect” for anyone.

  18. Fascinating LOL HATERS GONNA HATE. But seriously, circle pads are cool I guess but I still prefer the traditional analog stick. I find it too hard to keep my thumb on the circle pad sometimes and I have to press pretty hard to get a good grip. With regular analog it’s a lot easier to use because it requires less force/grip

  19. As much as I love the 3DS circle pad, I do NOT want them on the Wii U. Circle pads are horrible for fighting games (and presumably FPS games)

  20. I actually hope both the designs combine. I would personally like the slide pads, but the first design looks like it conformed to your hand better.

  21. i think the cube had the best analog ever sadly it was just 1. right now 360 has the best analogs out imo i have never been a fan of sonys analogs ever not on ps1 ps2 or ps3. wii also has a very nice analog stick i was hopin for 2 of them this time around but the 3ds pad is pretty nice also… so 2 sounds fine to me… i just wish nintendo to add analog stick buttons havin 2 buttons under the thumbs when playin a game works wonders! mostly if the game lets you use button mappin. i like left thumb analog for jumppin in FPS games. its owns.

  22. I’m still on board but I do hope they bring those analog sticks back. Other than that Wii U is shaping up to be a great console! :D

  23. Why did they change? Click-able analogue sticks would work great for shooters! Circle Pad is best for handhelds… Maybe they could bring back the Gamecube analogue stick. That thing was SOOO comfortable!

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  25. only way i would like the wiiu to have slide pads:

    -if its rubbery, the plastic feel makes my finger slip off, especially after hours of gaming.
    -if some how it has R3 or L3 (but a different name of course)

    slide pads are more of a handheld thing, there’s really no reason why to put slide pads on a home console. plus a majority of gamers would be let down even if it feels ‘conformable’. really hope Nintendo changes it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The problem with the wii u is that it can be viewed as a home console but also a portable device because you can play on the controller by itself without needing the tv. Circle pad makes sense on a portable like the 3ds because its easier to fit on a device that flips like a laptop to open and close. But again, it is also a home console and I think because of that it would be better to have analog, unless (i have read many places and see some others have read as well) the pads act more like analogs.

  26. I rally think it should have analog sticks as I think that circle pads are more suited to handhelds. Also playing games like smash bros with a circle pad just wouldnt feel right

  27. The circle pad is most amusing to me, since I have had my 3DS for almost an entire year now. It was worth getting too. If the Wii U has circle pads, then they SHOULD bring back the gamecude L/R buttons. also, the 3-D on the 3ds was so great, i even compared it to the movie theater glasses. in fact, i wore the 3d glasses and looked at the 3ds screen. it was colorful..a bit TOO colorful. if the PSVita were with 3d capabilities, i could have considered getting it. also, the PSVita came out on my dad’s 56th birthday. lol. plus, I hope the Wii U will support 3D, along with some DLC.

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  29. After getting the circle pad pro I am not a firm believer in circle pad control. I imagine holding the Wii U controller will be similar to holding a 3DS with the circle pad pro.

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