Tekken designer Katsuhiro Harada,has revealed to Nintendo Gamer that the forthcoming Tekken Wii U will run at a lightning fast 60fps, has impressive image latency, and will make use of the console’s touchscreen controller in lots of new and interesting ways.

“The speed of the image transmission feature from the screen to the controller is impressive.”

“The first time I saw Wii U, I thought, ‘isn’t the delay longer than one frame? If it is, it’s going to be difficult for fighting games.’ But when I heard that the latency actually isn’t more than 1/60th second I was really happy.”

“In reality most games offer a variable frame rate of no more than 20fps to 40fps. But one of our major objectives will be to fix the frame rate of our game at 60 so it becomes a match about movements and no longer a match about visuals.

“Of course, with a frame rate of 30 images per second, we still get very nice visuals, but you can’t compare our 60fps games with those that have low frame rates – we’re taking the fight into an entirely different dimension altogether.”

“I’ve often heard about or seen fighting-game players playing with a strategy guide open at their feet,” Harada said. “So it would be useful if we could, for example, distribute an enhanced digital version of the guide that the player could see while playing, and even touch to have a live preview on the main screen.”

“Another thing I would like to do is use the capacity to write on the screen,” he said. “I’d like to implement a feature such as being able to customise the character by drawing and painting on the screen.”



  1. Not really huge on tekken but all this sounds pretty good. Developers excited about the game and system. Innovative features. Can’t wait to see more. Hopefully the next soul calibur will have cool features like that.


  2. A game at 60 fps looks and moves a lot better than a low frame rate game. I hope all Wii U game have a constant high frame rate. Damn it! It’s still only fucking Febuary!

    Leave luck to heaven.


    • I’m saving money to my Wii U, in Brazil it will be very expensive, in Wii release the price was U$ 1250, five times the US price, the taxes are to high here and the reselling group was practicing an abusive price.


  3. Tekken 3DS has been completely slated in reviews. And you know something is wrong when Namco shove a 92 minute film on the cartridge to make up for the poor game.

    All Namco’s franchises, except Ridge Racer, have been rubbish since Bandai took over the company.

    Fuck Tekken!! Capcom are the masters of fighting games!


    • You never played Tekken haven’t you?

      Tekken is more similar to Dead Or Alive in gameplay terms, It’s in a 3D environment while Street fighter is Side fighting.


      • Ive played tekken 1, 2 & Tekken Tag…. And they got too samey to bother with after that.

        Id sooner play Darkstalkers, Blazblue or even Bloody Roar as at least they were original.

        Namco used to be one of my favourite companies in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
        But now they are getting worse than EA for releasing the same games year after year with no major improvements to franchises.


        • Wait, you are a fan of Capcom fighters but you hate that Tekken is too samey?

          XD XD XD

          Please enjoy your Super Hype Street Fighter IV Ultra Volt HD 3D Edition that costs $60 new and the newest feature are $5 pallet swap DLC.


          • I never liked Street Fighter, and never paid money for any of them.

            Marvel Vs. Capcom and Darkstalkers piss all over the Street Fighter series.

            So your assumption that i only like Capcom for Street Fighter is completely incorrect.


      • Never cared for it myself. Like the poster above, I was more into capcom or SNK fighting games. The only 3d fighting game I ever played and sorta enjoyed was Dead or alive on dreamcast lol.


  4. @ donzaloog

    The new Soul Calibur come to Wii U (here in the Netherlands are nothing up to date:(.

    The console is so powerful that a pc not can bypassing too.


  5. Though I’m a bit put off by their prejudiced approach toward a portable fighter where features are cut out for a 3D movie, I still take pleasure in this statement about Wii U. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear about its benefits after so much slamming from investment analysts (but who really cares what they have to say?) and others.


  6. I don’t think any fighting game fans would’ve taken this game seriously if it was less than 60fps (less is fine on a handheld, but you’d expect more on a console), so this is good.

    I’m still wondering whether this is Tekken Tag 2, the Tekken x Street Fighter they’re developing once Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken comes out, or something else entirely…


  7. Shows the muscle of the upcomming Wii-U when games are running this good early on. I have a feeling when all is said and done that the final specs of the system will fall anywhere between 3x-6x the capabilities of the current HD twins (I predict 3x to even 4x max) in order to release on a consumer friendly price. Which I am hoping or predicting to be somewhere between $299-$349 during it’s worldwide release. I have no doubt they were aiming higher seeing the speculated specs but the fall out from the 3DS price debacle might have made Nintendo rethink it’s price vs performance strategy.


  8. Every fighting game these days are wanted at 60FPS… yesh, Bloody roar on the Gamecube had amazing graphics and ran at 60FPS.

    Fighting fans wont really bother on a game lower then 60FPS.


  9. This is good news. I hope that more fighting games will take advantage of Wii U’s capabilities and go on Wii U. Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive,BlazBlue, Virtua Figher, etc. should really consider the Wii U.


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