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Dead Or Alive 5 May Feature More Virtua Fighter Characters

We heard earlier this week that Virtua Fighter 5’s Akira would be appearing as a playable character in Dead or Alive 5, but he may not be the only one. Team Ninja developer Yousuke Hayashi has told Famitsu that because the development team have gone to so much trouble to secure Akira in Dead or Alive 5, we should expect to see other characters from the beloved fighting franchise. Dead or Alive 5 is rumoured to be coming to Wii U.

26 thoughts on “Dead Or Alive 5 May Feature More Virtua Fighter Characters”

  1. I am definately getting this game. I am awaiting the good news that it’s confirmed for the wii u.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

      1. Wii U>PS4>PS3>Wii>Gamecube>PS2>N64>PS1>SNES>NES>Genisis>Atari2600>XBOX>360>720

        Just had to fix the order for you, and yes I know you’re trolling

        1. This is obviously wrong. Nice troll attempt, though. In what world is the N64 worse than the Gamecube? In what world is the PS3 so much greater than the 360? In what world is the PS1 greater than the SNES, NES and Genesis?

          1. You can’t be serious?

            You actually think the Xbox 360 is better than the PlayStation 3? For a start, there’s a good reason the PlayStation was selected to power a supercomputer, and it wasn’t because it makes a good paperweight!

            A better argument perhaps, is how you seem to suggest that the SNES, NES and Mega Drive (Genesis) are all better than the PlayStation/PSOne…

            You ARE joking, right?

  2. Doesnt DOA have enough tits and pussy, without having to include more from other fighting series?

    Dead Or Alive Series = Games for 13 year-old boys and older virgins who cant get sex or a real girlfriend.

    Buy this game if you like wanking. XD

    1. If you’ve seen any of the trailers for this game, you’d have noticed that they’re trying to change that. They toned down the T&A factor and upped the graphics big time. In fairness, the picture sickr uses in this post doesn’t exactly help illustrate this, but my point still stands…

      Stay up-to-date with the subject matter you complain about, bro.

      1. Personally I disagree – not only is all the “eye candy” a fantastic perve, but its a trademark of what Dead or Alive is – but Adnan is absolutely right… Not only does the most recent trailer clearly show that the eye candy has been watered down (in addition to Dead or Alive Dimensions), but Tecmo have publically stated point-blank that they will be toning it down in future games, and aiming for a less sexualized approach.

        Tecmo stated that there will still be some eye candy, but that the days of old are over and we shouldn’t expect to see as much eye candy as in previous games… Whilst they didn’t specifically state it, Tecmo hinted that we probably won’t see any more games in the spin-off “Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball”/”Dead or Alive Xtreme 2″/”Dead or Alive Paradise” series either.

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