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Two More Sonic Game Gear Games Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth have both been rated by the Australian Classifications Board to appear on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. We’ve already heard that Nintendo of America has confirmed Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Shinobi and Dragon Crystal for the Nintendo 3DS eShop on March 15th.

40 thoughts on “Two More Sonic Game Gear Games Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. siegfried von schroider

    on the fail ds?comon why not on 360 which it has beter graphics than that piece of junk

    1. Why yes, I’m sure the Xbox 360 will do a better job of displaying this old handheld system’s lower-resolution graphics.
      The 3DS has no problem with this. Try making a valid argument.

    2. Please, take a second. Go back and read what you typed. Really think about your comment until you realise just how stupid you are.

      Thank you.

    3. This will show better on the lower resolution than a HD console. Also more people will pick this up than on xbl.

      Get N or Get OUT!!!

    4. you wanted that shit on the 360? I love Sonic the Hedgehog, but Sonic Labrynith is extremely mediocre game, and Sonic Blast is simply trash. To be honest I don’t even want these games to come to the eShop. Giving Sega, Sonic, and Nintendo a bad name due to the low quality of the games. Smh

    5. You talking about the Failbox? Bitch you’re retarded If it goes on any system SAME graphics its a old game mothafucka. Now go run off COD boy. Dumbass if you’re no fucking Nintendo fan GET DA FAWK off MYNINTENDONEWS.

  2. can some1 please ban that troll above me (us)?also you mr segfred von shited you fail as trolling us because WII know that 360 is nothing but a thrush and 720 will be WEAKER than wii2.not 20% stronger.

    1. if microcock is a usless company that meens they make usless consoles.i have a good feeling that the 720 will fail more missereble than ps4 (ps4 will have at least something but 720 will have only shits)

      1. Thumps up for your comment. I LOL so much my boss called me in her office….lol

        Get N or get OUT!!!!

          1. Am saying i agree with your comment. That i laugh so hard that my manager called me in her office. “am at work”.

            Get N or get OUT!!!

    1. and it should be reality. 3D classics versions of the original Genesis series of Sonic Games would be masterful.

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  4. Great!

    Like i really paid £200 for a 3DS so i could buy 20 year-old Game Gear shit!

    Yet another way for Nintendo to scam more money off people! :(

    I can play this old shit on PC emulators for free, so why should i pay Nintendo for this old rubbish?

    1. It’s a classic and not all people are pirates. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple enough for you?

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  9. sonic labyrinth is pretty terrible, but sonic blast is good (and I think most of you have mouths the same as drunk truckers)

  10. FYI, the 3ds is awsome. I am using its online capabilities to post this. 360 is terrible but 720 might be good.

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