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Here’s A Look At BioShock Infinite’s New Heavy Hitting Enemies

2K Games Ken Levine, as well as art director Nate Wells and lead artist Shawn Robertson, feature in the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer to discuss the game’s heavy hitting enemies, the Motorized Patriot. We heard earlier this week from Nintendo Gamer magazine that Bioshock creator Ken Levine is working on a Wii U game, which they assume is Bioshock Infinite. We should hear more about the game at E3 in June.

18 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At BioShock Infinite’s New Heavy Hitting Enemies”

      1. Anyways is another FPS, they should make other games like platforms, RPG, Puzzle, or something new.
        Shigeru Miyamote is working on something new, im sure it wont be another FPS.

            1. There are plenty of RPGs as well. You’re completely missing the elements that set Bioshock apart from other FPSs. It has more gameplay elements than just run, point, and shoot. I doubt you’ve even played Bioshock. If you have, you’d know it’s not just another FPS.

              1. ^This. I hate FPS but LOVE the bioshock series cuz they use more elements than just point and shoot. Not only that but ther put YOU in the game and make YOU decide the future of the story based off what you wanna do with the girls. This game is indeed pure awesomeness

    1. You can say anything isn’t original. How about I say 3rd person games aren’t “original”?
      Do you expect them to make their own genre?

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  3. We can keep hoping it will come to the Wii U, but it is unlikely. I’m very interested to see what game he is working for Wii U.

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