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Kid Icarus: Uprising Introduction Trailer (Four Minutes Of Glorious Footage)

Nintendo of Japan has released a brand new Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer that poses as an introduction to the game. The footage is in Japanese, as you would expect, but it gives a great look at how the game plays. Kid Icarus: Uprising launches on March 23rd in North America and Europe, and comes bundled with a free Nintendo 3DS stand and six AR Cards.

25 thoughts on “Kid Icarus: Uprising Introduction Trailer (Four Minutes Of Glorious Footage)”

  1. Anyone doubting purchasing a 3DS just has to look at this little beauty,roll on the 23rd cant arrive soon enough.

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  3. I need this game. But I gotta wait a whole week after it release. Damn it sucks to live in Jamaica when you want the new games them. “sigh”

    Get N or get OUT!

  4. This game is going to move even more hardware for Nintendo. A definite system seller.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. I’m still trying to finish up the original on my NES :p I bought my 3DS on release day for this game, because way back when, it was reported as being a release game…but a year later isn’t so bad! :D Look’s even more fantastic than I thought.

  6. So, if you get eaten, you lose, huh? This game looks so good. That and the bath part are nice additions. This is one game where the journey looks epic, but it let’s you know you’re still playing a game.

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  8. …S-So…many…references…

    Confirmed multiple vehicles… All the bosses return… Words cannot express my happiness.

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