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Valve Isn’t Making A Steam Console To Rival Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox

Valve has shot down rumours that circulated earlier this week suggesting that they were planning to create a Steam console called the Steam Box. Kotaku’s Stephen Totillo spoke to Valve’s longtime spokesperson Doug Lombardi at GDC who confessed that Valve had been contracting some new hardware from partners, but they were solely doing this for the purposes of testing the upcoming Steam Big Picture Mode UI system.

53 thoughts on “Valve Isn’t Making A Steam Console To Rival Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox”

  1. YES! I was worried that there will be a new console… it would be the 80s all over again. Apple 2, Commidore, NES, Sega, endless list…. WTF SHOULD I BUY!

      1. oh man…This is gonna be tough. I’m definitively getting a WiiU but dunno which other console to get: The Steam Console or PS4. I am a loyal Nintendo and Sony fan, but I do like the Steam services as well…hm….

        PS: KONY2012!!!!

      1. How can you call the ps3 or Xbox crappy? Im a huge Nintendo fan like you but I’m also not too ignorant to realize that both Microsoft and Sony are achieving incredible things on their systems that just aren’t a plausibility with Nintendo, due to different market strategies of the time being. The wiiu and wii are entirely revolutionary, but the “sit down and play” gaming experience is just going away any time soon. Broaden your horizons, ignorance is not a satisfying appeal at all.

        1. Of course xbox and sony achieving a lot with ignorant people that prefers graphics over gameplay or a nice story.
          Thats why nintendo is better, they always try to make something new (motion controlers), something diferent (Pikmin), not always the same, like having the same controler for 3 generations

          1. @Brendan

            Your wrong about that, Nintendo will be on the same “playing field” as Sony and Microsoft, yes the PS4 and 720 will likely be more powerful but it will be like the 6th gen with PS2/GCN/Xbox where they where all so close in power.

            Personally I see next gen Nintendo and Microsoft facing each other more then Microsoft and Sony or Nintendo and Sony, but I only think that because the Wii U is coming out this year and the 720 will most likely come out next year in 2013 and the PS4 most likely releasing in 2014-2015, but all of them will still be facing each other still like before..

          2. Well, I am more a Nintendo fanboy but I still own an Xbox 360. I can say that the 360 has better things to offer than the Wii, which is more online services. If Wii U can get it right with doing all the stuff that PS3/360 can do right now (good online services, achievements, weekly deals and high-quality games such as the GTA series) and possibly even more than that, then it’s very tempting for people like me to select the Wii U rather than the next Xbox.

        2. honestly no nintendo did scrw up with the wii but if the wii was HD in the first place xbox and ps3 might have failed seriously

        1. I wouldn’t be so sure…
          I doubt Microsoft has done any -huge- upgrades to their system, meaning that if I’m correct, it’s going to be only slightly better than 360, which WiiU is supposed to beat specs wise.
          I have no idea about Sony though o:

    1. Current rumors beg to differ. Nextbox is supposedly only slightly more powerful than the Wii U. PS4 could be higher, but then could be too powerful if the Nextbox is closer to the Wii U – which could be bad… or good… for the PS4.

      1. I dont care about whos better in graphics, i mean ps3 has the better (games look like movies) graphics but sells less than xbox and wii.
        WiiU will have better graphics than ps3, even if ps4 and xbox 720 have better graphics, there wont be so much diference.

    2. Prepare to be disapointed the amount of money they will cost otherwise would be through the roof. Will they be more powerful? Probably. Will they be in the same playing field? Probably. Have you made up your mind about what system your gonna get? Likely… So why come to this site if you dont wanna wiiu?


        I still remember this article about AMD saying the next Xbox will have avatar graphics…. now i mean how is it possible?

        Movie’s do not need to be rendered and processed through time when it’s done… video games have to be processed. It will cost and be very difficult to make games for avatar graphic Xbox 720.

        AMD is false on this… very far future it could happen. but not 2013.

    3. Perhaps I should have said “in terms of hardware power.” Nintendo will continue to excel at what they do, which is creating unique gameplay experiences. Traditionally, they’ve not put as much emphasis on technical hardware power as Sony or Microsoft.

      I’m just saying Nintendo will be off doing their own thing, and they’ll probably do it very well.

      Also: holy shit calm down.

  2. Wii U is gonna kick all the competitors to their console throne in the ass and leave them in their trail gasping for air.

  3. Fuck you Valve for ignoring the game we have been waiting for since 2007, Half-Life 2: Episode Three. /:( it’s just……bullshit that we have to wait forever for them to even lay a virtual polygonal finger on the damn thing!

  4. i doubted that valve was gonna make a console. they rule the PC community, so why compete with MS,sony and nintendo? plus a lot of PC gamers would of bin upset with valve.

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  6. I was thinking that it was less of a console and more of a computer that can play your Steam games on the tv.

    That’s pretty much what it’s turned out to be, except it’s not for sale.

    I hope that Big Picture doesn’t require a powerful computer, because I would love to be able to play Skyrim on my large tv.

  7. I knew they weren’t making a console. I’m glad, because we don’t need a 4 console race. Now Nintendo could dominate the market easier (again).

    Leave uck to heaven.

  8. I personally feel that nintendo needs to partner up with valve to have any chance of providing a popular expierience again. Remember the only reason the WII sold so well is that it appealed to everybody with the motions and it was CHEEP. With everybody having a WII and minority of them not playing it anymore I really dont believe that they are going to sell a whole heck of a lot of consoles in the upcoming gen.

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