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Edge Magazine Awards Kid Icarus Uprising 8/10

Respected, but sometimes controversial, gaming publication Edge has awarded the forthcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising on Nintendo 3DS a solid 8/10. The magazine states that Kid Icarus: Uprising is a smart splicing of Star Fox and Zelda, which should please fans. Kid Icarus: Uprising is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and is due for release March 23rd.

Kid Icarus is back, then, and it turns out we did miss him. With Uprising, those internet petitioners finally have something they can be proud of.  The control scheme initially seems lopsided, but works wonderfully for the flying sections, while any slight clumsiness on foot is countered by a responsive dodge.  A worryingly compulsive weapon-fusing system thrown in, adding a chunk of the Pokemon gene to a game that already feels like a smart splicing of Star Fox and Zelda.


    1. Yahoo! This game turned out better than i expected it to be…it was one of the convincing reasons why I got my 3DS in the first place…the Original was, and still is my favourite NES game :P

  1. Not too bad i was expecting at least a 9 but it looks to be well worth the purchase by the sounds of it.

    1. If you were expecting a nine from Edge then you’re off your rocker. They review games properly – an average game is a 5/50%, not a 7/70-75% like in almost every other magazine. An eight from Edge is equal to something truly special, just missing out on greatness. That’s why they’ve rarely given out tens, as there aren’t many games that are as good as magazines/sites make out. Eight is a great mark and has me itching even more to get my hands on it!

    2. I’m so tired of people who think that games which are given a lower score than 9, flat out sucks. I’ve started to trust my own meanings more and more recently, instead of constantly listening to poor reviews. The score system nowadays is just…awful, it’s 100 % broken, and should not stand in the way of bying a video game. That’s all.

  2. The game looks nothing like Zelda it looks like a 3d smash bros. plus shooter in one. And I know its a better shooter than Halo and COD.

    1. I being a Neutral Fanboy have to say this,
      How could you judge a game’s superiority if you haven’t played it yet?
      For all we know, it may suck.
      And you’re relating to different games of different genres

  3. I see this game moving a lot of units for Nintendo. It looks action packed and fun.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. Wow, you haven’t played the game and somehow it “deserves at least a nine”. That’s extremely ignorant. What, will you not buy the game if the metacritic score is under 90? Score ratings are a huge problem with the industry right now. People like you don’t read reviews and only look at a meaningless number. Maybe you should try playing the game or at least reading the full review to get an actual opinion. You have never played this game, so why should it deserve a 9?

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