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Sony Admits PlayStation Move Has Been A Failure

Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara recently spoke to the official PlayStation magazine about Sony’s Wii Remote clone, the PlayStation Move. Gara admitted that Sony hadn’t done a good enough job supporting the hardware with quality titles, and suggested that the PlayStation Move hardware is best relegated to the causal market.

“What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move. As you’ve said, great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there’s a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what’s forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward. So we’re certainly not forgetting about it.”

170 thoughts on “Sony Admits PlayStation Move Has Been A Failure”

    1. Not going to happen because it obvioulsy was not a failure. Just because you don’t like it it doesn’t mean the rest of the world thinks the same way as you.
      It’s sad that your fanboyism doesn’t allow you to like more than just one single company, it really is sad.

        1. Yeah, because the 3DS’ sales of the first few months totally gave a good perspective on the situation later on.
          Think dude.

          1. The thing is, the 3DS is selling well now because of the price drop, the Vita can’t even sell more than a PSP, and since they already made the Vita cheaper, they can’t drop the price anymore, the 3DS already proved that no one wants to buy a 250$ console, so if Sony don’t drop the price again (which, by the way, will probably never happen) the Vita will be a failure, UNLESS they have MUST HAVE game, but that will rarely happen if it don’t sell well, and since it don’t sell, well, it’s a vicious cycle.

            1. I would like to inform you that in worldwide sales, vita is doing very well. It only trails 3ds by about 20k each week. This is mainly because vita is killing the 3ds in Europe.

            2. I’m not sure if I got you right but if I did, I’d like to tell you that the 3DS didn’t sell out the earlier DS versions at the beginning neither. And uh, I don’t think the Vita price dropped already. Not where I live, at least. And the 3DS didn’t prove that people don’t want to pay 250$ for a console, it prove that people don’t want to pay 250$ for a console which is not worth 250$. I’m not hating on Nintendo, not at all. I own a 3DS myself, I did buy it at day 1 and paid the full price. Eventhough it’s kinda a pain in the ass to have paid so much and to have to see it for a lower price everywhere, I do love my 3DS. But it is not worth 250$, that’s just the truth. The Vita on the other hand has better hardware and stuff. I bought a Vita on day 1 here in Europe as well and I think it was totally worth it.
              And it does sell very well here in Europe, as far as I know. So I think it will have some pretty awesome games, even heard of some already.

              1. Very well said. I agree, I was glad I waited to buy the 3DS to have a price drop. I can agree it is not worth $250. The vita on the other hand, I will wait to buy cause I want the assassin creed white vita bundle they announced at E3! So I will have my vita very soon :)

      1. i agree im planing on geting a vita when the big games come out Killzone LBP etc i still love my 3DS and will even when i get a vita

      2. i hope you realize that sickr was the only one that mentioned failure here. Gara was talking about how sony could’ve done a better job with the move as far as games go, which is also a clear and present problem with the vita. not having enough good games (among other reasons) is the reason the vita is STILL flopping in japan. don’t be so quick to accuse someone of fanboyism over a comment that contained none

        1. That’s because sickr is a fucking tool and nows how to get a rise out of his legion of trolls with his flamebait, fanboy bullshit reporting.

            1. Some ones gotta sift through this cesspool of lies and trolls to set the record straight. He’s a Gotdammit liar and you people blindly suck his asshole like an internet pornstar.

              1. “you people blindly suck his asshole” x( ewww what the fuck man why did you put that image in my head you bastard >:/

        2. Well, I guess you’re kinda right. But, he could also be referring to the title of the whole article which would make his comment contain fanboyism indeed. I guess it just depends on your interpretation of his comment.
          I think we can’t tell what he has meant, unless he tells us his intention of his comment.
          If he was talking about that what you just said, then I’m sorry for being so rash and accusing him for being something he actually is not. If he was talking about that what I thought he is, well, then I’m staying at my comment I guess.


    1. You’re a moron. Plain and simple. Relax. Sickr knows what he’s doing. He’s not here to wait on your every beck, whim, and frivolous desire. He’s not your personal news paper. The man needs to put news up, and this is, in fact, Nintendo news, as Move was clearly a rip-off of Wii. I for one, was interested to see what Sony had to say about it.

      1. I still think is not Nintendo related. The fact that it was a rip off of the Wii doesn’t mean Nintendo fans should care about Sony’s failure or success. Sony or any other company failing won’t benefit Nintendo fans directly. I know he is not my personal newspaper but I appreciate the effort he does. I complain because I want this site to remain good, as it always have been. In my honest opinion sickr should only post directly related Nintendo news. For example, a lot of Unreal Engine 4 news have been posted and this is not directly Nintendo related (yet). A lot of these news are possibilities and ‘maybes’. It’s not the same a post about GTAV releasing in autumn that a post about Rockstar confirming GTAV will be on the Wii U, you get what I’m trying to say? And don’t call me moron, you moron.

    2. It actually is relevant to Nintendo, seeing as how even Sony said in the beginning of move they were doing wii with HD with move.
      Take your ball and go home.

    3. Jesus, calm down! And this is relevant news to Nintendo fans because he’s telling us that Sony’s shitty knockoff of the Wii failed.

    4. Yeah, there’s been a lot about non-Nintendo stuff on here lately, but there’s a lot more news than just what Sickr’s put up. He’s chosen news that’s relevant either because it’s affecting Nintendo, or could do, or because it’s Nintendo’s rivals making big moves, or in this case, it’s about something that many people said was a rip off of Nintendo’s to begin with.

        1. Listen, sickr isn’t posting about Sony’s successes (unless they directly hurt Nintendo immediately). He’s posting Nintendo’s ups and downs, as well as some funny failures of Nintendo’s competitors so that us fanboys can sit in a corner and chortle at them with our index fingers extended! >:D

        2. Denying the fact Sony’s Playstation Move it’s not Nintendo related it’s like denying PSMove it’s a shameless copy of Wii’s Wiimote+Nunchuk. It’s that simple.
          I understand your point and in some context you’re right. However you have common sense to understand this is inevitably related to Nintendo’s Wii. You just can’t say it’s not.

    5. HEY! I’ve got an idea! Let’s be a dick about nothing :D!!!
      Oh wait, you beat me to it :( :( :(

      And lately there’s been a lot of news on games and engines, not specificly for Nintendo >>yet<<, but very likely to matter for the Wii U. There is a LOT of game news out there, and trust me; this is a very select collection, that other people than you, DO find interesting.

      P.s. I indeed do emphazise CERTAIN words by typing them in all-caps. :)

    1. Correct, that’s why the only quotation around failure was yours. But what was stated is exactly that move has failed as a result of their failure with it.

    2. youdon'tcareaboutmyname

      this is a nintendo page , we can insult sony whenever we want!!, if you’re a sony fanboy why are you here

            1. You can bash the Wii all you want. There are no rules denying you for doing so. Just make sure you’re prepared, because bashing Nintendo products on a NINTENDO forum, has its results, and not those positive results, if you know what I mean.

      1. “I love Nintendo… wait… what’s happening! I can’t love any other companies anymore! Not only that, but I hate those other companies with a fiery passion!”
        -What happened to most MNW commentators.

      2. every console has its good point, but.. i wouldn’t mind if sony, nintendo and microsoft teamed up, think about it, a great TV from sony, the knowledge/technology of microsoft and nintendo’s amazing creativity all in one, my life would be complete, but mmeh that would never happen ^^’

      3. Sad to see what we humans have become…
        Anyway, I really feel sorry for you, not being able to like more than one thing at the same time must be painful.

  2. They tried too hard to carve a niche in a marker where Nintendo had utterly dominated in.

    PS Move was just a show of how optimistic Sony thought they were to cut into the casual gamer base that Nintendo already had a firm grip on.

    Game over, Sony. Continue?

    1. In some areas? You want to follow that up, buddy? Move was quite honestly surperior than the wiimote in many different ways (flexibility and reaction time for instance), but didn’t manage to break into any new grounds. The technology had potential, but because of software lack and poor market advertisement, it never reached the heghts it was supposed to do.

  3. The main reason it failed was because there’s hardly any games that even use it. I personally will not buy one for that reason and because I just hate motion gaming.

    1. On the contrary; if it were up to supported games, the Move should have sold more copies than the Kinect. Killzone, MAG, SOCOM, etc. all supported the Move, to the point that in the span of 2 years Sony has more quality FPS shooters with Move support than the Wii itself.

      Wii has GoldenEye, Conduit 1/2, and the CoD titles.

      PS3 has GoldenEye and the titles I mentioned above, alongside the rest of their FPS lineup (be it on PSN or whatever).

      Of course, the same, massive audience that buys CoD and other shooters is the same one with an average age of 10 that thinks any game with motion control is for little kids.

    1. True but hardly any games supported it, the only main games that used it were Golden Eye and Kill Zone.

      1. On contraire, like I pointed out above it had more FPS’s supported than the Wii itself. And that’s more than half the Playstation crowd (and most of the XBOX one).

        1. More FPS’s supported?

          Now im going to prove the Wii had more FPS’ because of your comment.

          Wii FPS’S

          Metroid Prime 3

          Metroid Prime trilogy (1,2 & 3)

          Golden Eye (2009 version)

          Call of duty series starting from CoD 3

          Conduit 2 and 1

          Red Steel 2

          Brothers in arms

          The Grinder

          I don’t want to say anymore as thats more FPS’s then the PS Move has already.

          1. Red Steel=/=FPS
            The Grinder=Coming to all systems
            CoD=Don’t even bring that up, even without Move PS version was still better.
            Goldeneye=There’s an improved, HD version on the PS3
            Brothers in Arms=Now you’re just bringing up any FPS, regardless of quality.
            And don’t bring up Metroid, we all knew what I meant when I said “FPS” and Metroid isn’t it.

            Sony has SOCOM, Killzone, MAG (all exclusives) AND third party support.

            1. Metroid Prime 3 is an FPS’

              The Metroid Prime Trilogy and Hunters were all FPS”s.

              Metroid other M is an TPS.

    2. Still quite a failure

      Dude the sales are not the point. People buy things because they are “new” or suppose to be improvements. The term failure comes in play when the people that bought the set up don’t buy the games and just let it sit there. Which is what happened with move and kinect after the first day or two of use.

      1. By that definition the Wii is failure as well, because most people buy only 3-5 games with the Wii on average, which means some people buy 20+ games while others buy none. That fits your definition of failure, right?

        And no, I don’t think the Wii was a failure. It was a runaway success. But it’s foolish to call the Move either; it was simply a sold investment for Sony, one that sold well for them (more than any exclusive game has, that’s for sure).

  4. It failed because whereas the Wii could really be geared towards a more casual gamer marketbase, the Move only applied to PS3 owners. If the move was cheaper, and maybe not almost as expensive as the sytem itself, then maybe it could have succeeded. But to have to buy the Move, then a PS3, THEN a game for it… it was possibly the STUPIDEST decision by Sony, since deciding to copy MS’s achievements and impliment Trophies.

    Sony needs to come to the conclusion that blatantly ripping off other companies (even is the hardware you are improving upon is now better) will fail in the end. I mean hell, at least the Kinect wasn’t a DIRECT rip-off. Sony’s Move even looked almost identical with the controller. Congratulations Sony, maybe this time you’ll learn?

    Probably not. I’m waiting for the PS4… the rip-off of the Wii U.

    1. How were the trophies a fail? XBOX developers are implementing “rip-offs” of Platinum and Gold trophies, because it shows off how many games you finished 100%. That’s how well Sony implemented Trophies; the original source is now inferior and is copying the “copy.”

      That’s how all innovations work; when Nintendo came out with the NES (better controller + cheap + powerful), everyone tried to imitate them; and failed, except for SEGA.

  5. Did it have any games? I bought one cus they were promising some pretty nifty looking games (That spellbound one for starters) but….it just never got them. In the end the only games I own which supported it was Resident Evil 5 (a re-release version 2 years later) and Heavy Rain (a re-release version 1 year later) oh sorry. there was Little Big Planet 2 which stated it worked on the box and then just…..didn’t get it until 9 months down the line.

    So yeah. In my eyes it was a flop. Still waiting for them to release some games for it.

  6. that’s what happens when you play follow the leader, you’re only a lackey. though I’ll admit playing resident evil 5 with the move is delightful.

  7. Nintendo is casual succes, it fails at the real multiplatform games. WiiMotionplus is a failure as well. I had to buy this for one game lol.
    3DS? I bought it @ launch very overpriced and got some crap games instead. Then they realized something was missing… Let’s get the circle pad!

    Sony and Microsoft will catch up with Nintendo.

    Nintendo should shut up and do some action.

  8. The problem was the lack of titles and the price

    The Wii was Cheaper and obviously a neccessary part of the system

    by copying the design soo many years later and a higher price too sony was asking to fail with this

    I wanted one but the game i was waiting for (Sorcery) took soo damn long to come out i completely forgot about the hardware

    MIcrosoft did a better job with Kinect but only because they rammed it down everyones throat
    they put all thier time into kinect games and filled thier system with multiplats leaving no room for exsclusive games

    it worked for them but most people who bought Kinect tend only to play it for a few months then leave it gather dust

    MS aggresivly made Kinect a essential add on the the 360 through marketing although really it wasnt anything more than a over priced Camera

    the only lesson to learn here is that When Nintendo inovates dont bother immitating it specially several years after when it already has the market

  9. That’s because in direct comparison to a standard controller all motion controllers fall. (there is a reason the wii U is having a tablet controller for its main controller, the hard core gamers don’t like motion gaming, and that’s a market Nintendo barely has a foothold in)

    But take the move for example. The move has very few casual games, but has a lot of hardcore games. The casuals don’t want to play hardcore games, they want to play casual games. So in that aspect Sony is at a loss.

    Then the hardcore gamers look at the move as a handicap. Most move games have boosts put in so that the people using move have a chance at competing with the DS3 user (look up socom 4 move and you’ll understand) you can’t simulate recoil on the move controller and seeing as most move games are shooter, it leads to an advantage that the hardcore deem as cheap.

    While the move does perform better at motion gaming (take MLB 12 as an example. When you pitch, YOU PITCH. Everything from the windup to the follow through, the controller judges Velocity, accuracy, etc.) that’s why one of the main slogans was “do you have what it takes to finish a 120 pitch game?”

    But when It comes to an actual market, sony is HORRIBLE. I mean I could sell lemonade better then they can ship the move. It’s really bad management. I mean Sony sucked really big On this one.

    But hey it’s still rated better than kinect. So I have something to hold on to.

  10. I enjoy playing Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 with PSMove… They don’t have many other games worth it but it’s still a good piece of equipment. I wish Battlefield 3 for PS3 was Move compatible…

  11. Not reading any of the comments below, I’m sure the song and dance is already done because this article used the word “clone.” People have brought up Sony’s work on such a device, the first public display being in 2000. Then there’s the Power Glove, a Mattel accessory taking it out of both Nintendo and Sony’s hands, only to be predated by Le Stick.

    Yes, Sickr should’ve chosen that word a bit more carefully, but the argument over the issue is equally futal. It’s the console fanbase equivilent of someone posting “first” on a YouTube video.

    As for Move not doing well, it doesn’t surprise me that a device that didn’t launch with the system that was sold piece-by-piece at a premium wouldn’t succeed. Too, no Move-exclusive game really drove people to go out and buy it. The device itself is well designed, just not well marketed.

  12. I remember in 2010 when someone that worked at Sony was getting interviewed about the PS Move and the guy interviewing him kept calling it PlayStation Wii, it was funny and the guy getting interviewed looked annoyed.

  13. Sick of the ignorance here.
    Nintendo is, has always been, and will always be the best in gaming. Regardless of how many machines or games the companies sell that kids are led to believe are good because they know nothing of how to look for real gameplay.
    Not that Nintendo aren’t falling off on gameplay these days. Long live the N64!

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  15. The problem was that nearly everyone either a) already owned a wii, which had better title support, b) previously insulted the Wii’s motion controls, and thus felt like buying it would make them look stupid, c) was another person who thinks only one company is awesome and thus repeatedly insulted Sony, and didn’t own the console and refused to buy a Sony product, or d) haven’t insulted either Nintendo or Sony, but weren’t interested in the Wii in the first place, and thus weren’t interested in the Move.

    This kind of thing is common when in comes to one company trying to copy another company’s design, which is the main reason why they (usually) don’t sell as well as original ideas.

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  17. I wish they didnt waste their time on it. Mostly because I wish Quantic Dream finished the DLC. I would have gotten all the episodes for Heavy Rain.

  18. It’s good to see people like Gara and Iwata admit and point out what they did wrong and how they could have improved it. I like seeing honest businessmen. Wish politicians and Pachter were like that.

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