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Epic Vice President Says “I’d Be Shocked If Wii U Doesn’t Do Well” And “E3 Will Be A Big Eye Opener”

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein is confident that the Wii U will be a huge hit with consumers when it launches sometime later this year. Speaking to Eurogamer Rein stated that he believes parents are now ready to upgrade their kids existing Wii systems.

“I like the Wii U. I think E3 will be a big eye-opener for people.”

“I played Batman: Arkham City on the Wii U and they are doing some really cool stuff with the controller.

“Do you remember the Zelda demo they had on it? Would you not buy a Wii U just to play that? Of course you would. That’s what Nintendo is all about. Their hardware is the software delivery service for their great content. That Zelda demo was gorgeous and we can do even more than that with Unreal Engine 3. I think it will do great.”

“It’s a great brand that a lot of parents really trust and they’re probably ready to buy their kids an HD Wii that does that much more than just being an HD Wii.

“I’d love it if they’d done it last year, but I’m excited for them to do it this year. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t do well.

“Did you play that Battle Mii game? Two players would play with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk and one would play with the Wii U controller?

“I would buy a Wii U to play that game in a heartbeat. And I hope people make those kind of games with our technology. I think we’ve yet to really see what the Wii U can do and I think at E3 this year they’re going to shock us.”

129 thoughts on “Epic Vice President Says “I’d Be Shocked If Wii U Doesn’t Do Well” And “E3 Will Be A Big Eye Opener””

    1. One day Imma do the first thing just to see what the hype is about. I mean, I get first all the time but what’s the big deal about it?

  1. I mean, come on. We all kow WiiU will dominate this generation to start. Hell, I’d be shocked too if it failed. I’d still buy it anyway, though

    1. [NOT A REPLY]
      Dude Mark Rein is always bashing BigN ,, I dont know what did he eat but he complimented WiiU , WTF

    2. Zelda demo was MAGNIFICENT.
      Unreal engine 3 will be better (???)
      Unreal engine 4 will be better than ”3”, and might run on Wii U.

      Mother of God :O :O :O

  2. This would be the perfect console for games like Baten Kaitos to come back on.
    Legend of Legaia could also come back and instead of inputting left and right we could draw the attacks out like with the ds. This should be interesting to say the least. I’m putting my money on the Wii U as well.

      1. it’s gonna be epic! This year we will not only know everything about wiiU at E3, we will also experience that, in our homes! buying on day 1!

        and yes, I would buy it just to play Zelda in HD! :D

      1. Eh he’s just always come across as a bit of a tool. Like going out of his way to exaggerate and be overly negative about things, when a bit more professionalism would have improved his rep.

        Sure people can change their minds but that doesn’t mean it isn’t surprising when they do.

  3. Hmmm, do we listen to this guy who has used the Wii U and worked with it, or do we listen to Pachter who has no experience with it? Tough choice.

  4. Yea in all honest Nintendo looks like it’s gearing up to kick some ass this generation, no fanboyism…..o_o

  5. Nintendo will blow everyone out of the water aat E3 this year. It’s gonna be so good: You will shit in your father’s mouth when you see it. I’m serious!

    You are gonna kill, fuck and eat 4 retarded Mexican babies when you see that shit.

    You’re just gonna rip out your asshole and throw it on the wall, and it’s gonna stick there, then you gonna dive through it into another dimension when you see what the Wii U is capable of.

    All credit for that joke goes to Louis C.K. and his stand up special “Hilarious”

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Dude, I thought you said you were Greek? Anyway, it’s just a joke. You should check out Louis C.K’s stand up special “Hilarious”. to get the full context of the joke.

        If you like comedy, you won’t regret it.

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                1. don’t listen to him, i came from another dimension where i am the good guy this guy up her is the imposer.

    1. “You are gonna kill, fuck and eat 4 retarded Mexican babies when you see that shit. ” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EPIC quote!

  6. I like how companis are openly praising the Wii U. Usually before a console release, especially Nintendo’s, there’s very little heard. I know we’re not getting exact details of what the companies are doing but at the same time, they don’t seem to be acting like they’ve got NDAs, even though they probably do have them.

  7. From my perspective, I’d buy the Wii U and experience it in a very huge way. Unreal Engine 4, Frostbite 2.0, CryEngine3… my body is MORE than ready!

      1. From what I understand, a lot has to do with the developers. But yeah, having a great console will help. So far, it’s been said that the tablet controller keeps up remarkably well, even if you switch gameplay to that screen (I believe the article is on this site)

  8. hey Sickr, you should have an app for android and apple where we can see your knows it would be great

  9. Nintendo better deliver with this one after last year was such a snooze fest. only 2 unannounced games were announced (LM2 and SSB4) and the rest of the show was “HEY LOOK AT THIS COOL CONTROLLER”

  10. Finally, a man that makes sense (hint hint wink wink, damn you Pachter and your incorrect and obvious statements). Anyway, who wouldn’t be surprised? The thing’ll be selling for a bargain IMO!

  11. “That Zelda demo was gorgeous and we can do even more than that with Unreal Engine 3”, would Nintendo ever let them do the graphics? Cause it would be AWESOME 0_0

    1. I think the Zelda demo was indeed powered by Unreal Engine 3. The last time I’ve seen the Zelda game with the best graphics was the GameCube.

        1. I had the same gut instinct about that rumor. I assume that Epic had developed the graphics demo for the Wii U. But I have a feeling it’s Nintendo using the Unreal Engine 3.

  12. The wait for E3 is impossibru!!!! Mark’s comments do make me really excited for Wii U. Hopefully Unreal Engine 4 will run on it.

    1. As long as Nintendo of Japan are tweaking out on the Wii U’s hardware (CPU and GPU-wise), I’m sure there will be a higher (or highest) possibility that the 8th generation console will be the first gaming console to have games powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

      1. That would make the Wildman very happy!
        I love the technology guts of computers.
        I do believe that EPIC will show off Wii U running unreal Engine 4 in real time during Nintendo’s E3 conference.

  13. Wasn’t the wii u not able to play wii games in hd?? Then How are the parents going to be ready to buy a wii hd ? :|??

    1. he not saying wii games. He saying that parents will think that the console is a wii hd meaning wii with hd nothing more but when they buy it they find out it does a whole lot more than just HD.

  14. If Wii U does ULTRA WELL!! THIRD PARTIES are gonna jump board then 720 comes a get lots of support leaving Sony with nothing to comeback with.

  15. omfg. why are they torturing me like this? i was already sold when they showed that the controller had a touch screen and they keep on telling me this stuff that just keeps making it better and better :(

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      1. did he just posted the same comment twice? oh boy.. trollism is finally going to the next level! I’m so scared :[

      1. Troll face… The next XBox and PS4 won’t be at E3 this year. It’s Wii U’s turn to shine and there’s not a freaking thing you can do about it. You have zero proof, zero predictions, and you’re sucking Pachter’s wood. GTFO, Roy’s boyfriend!

      2. Aww, go ask Patcher if you may cry on hi shoulder. Poor thing waiting for a new xbox so he can play same Call of Duty games just with better visuals. Sorry if this news had to upset you.

  17. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

    Am I the only one that got excited when he mentioned Arkham City and the “cool stuff” they’re doing for the controller?

  18. the wii u is going to be epic it will probably run on unreal engine 4 and is 6x more powerful than the xbox 360 and ps3 it is going to kick ass thank you nentendo I think I am going to die if it does not release soon and they said it will be 300-200 dollars that is really cheep for a system so powerful THANK YOU NINTENDO YOU HAVE WON ME OVER EASY and I have played a ps3 before and I think Nintendo is going to kick Sony’s copy cat ASS!!!!!!!

  19. If Rein have given Rocksteady Games (for WB Games) the Unreal Engine 4 to use it on the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City and blow both PS3 and X360 versions out of the water, imagine how loud the audience will cheer and scream three months from now.

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